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Nov 10, 2010, 01:34 PM

Making a high wing a low wing

I picked up this global stick from hobbypeople & while laying out the parts I couldnt help but notice how nice it looked as a low wing plane.So now Im wondering if it would be possible to make it one.

I dont know anything about wing airfoils so I would like to know if the wing on this plane would fly well as a low wing aircraft,thankyou
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Nov 10, 2010, 03:04 PM
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The wing will fly fine, either on top of the fuselage or on the bottom. It looks to me that you could turn the fuselage upside down, so that the curve of the top of the wing would fit the saddle in the fuselage. But that would also require moving the vertical fin from the top to the bottom of the fuselage. It might also be necessary to change downthrust and sidethrust angles, if there are any.

But there is not much good reason to make the change to a low-wing setup, other than the cool factor. I've changed two airplanes over from high wing to low wing configuration, but it required new fuselages to get what I wanted.

Are you an experienced pilot? Any experience modifying a model?

Jim R.
Nov 10, 2010, 03:20 PM
Thanks jim,yes Im a experienced pilot but no I have no modeling experience.I was thinking of just tracing the outline of the wings root to the fuse & cutting it out.Then applying some plywood reinforcement where necessary but if it means building a new fuse than I wouldnt do it
Nov 11, 2010, 07:53 AM
Buildbuildbuild, Flyflyfly...
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Once again, Mr. Woodward to the rescue Dereck did a severe kitbash of an Ultra Stick right here: It´s definately worth a read...
Nov 12, 2010, 05:00 AM
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Did I really write that? Must have been the pills post tonsilectomy...

Dreamer - chances are, your new toy's wing incidence is close to zero. If it has a symmetrical wing section, do like I did and just flip the fuselage. Looks to have a two piece wing from your photo - join with 2 degrees of dihedral each side, that'll be near enough for the configuration.

You will have to figure out putting the vertical stab on the 'new topside'. The one I 'bashed' had the tailfeathers bolted in, so that caused few issues. Checking that the tailplane incidedence comes out at zero is the tricky bit.

At risk of starting a squabble, a low wing configuration is way better than a high winged one - though there is some mileage in leaving the wing on the top and adding some anhedral, odd though this may sound. One contributor to my thread above remarked on a modeller who'd done just that. It would be quicker than my route.

I still have my modified 'Sweet'n'Lo' BARFStik, though one wing panel has 'acquired' a slight warp. To be expected with an open frame wing of that nature that's been stored in odd places too long.

If the wing is truly symmetrical in section, it will work both ways up just fine. One thing you need to check on is if there's any positive incidence angle to the wing as designed. If there is, and you flip the fuselage to put the present wing aperture on the bottom, it will become negative incidence, which ain't good.

Good luck with your project if you decide to 'bash' it. Mine flew far better after I'd reworked it.



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