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Nov 15, 2010, 09:50 AM
Limbo with 30,000V...
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Originally Posted by flyingj
With so many decisions being made and so much input right now, I suggest we try and keep some order. I propose we elect a Chair that can make the final decision for official events and activities.

It seems like ideas and plans are spiraling and we have to keep voting. Input is great, but how can we make a final decision without someone to give the final say. There are some good people in this thread who have contributed much to the growth of DLG and we are super grateful and I don't want to hurt any feelings. I myself have disagreed with multiple people on multiple points, but that will always be. I need to suck it up if the group decides differently than I do, and always need to realize that we need to benefit the entire group and the growth of the sport. We are lucky to be growing as we are at this time and to receive so much recognition from our neighboring states. We really have a good chance of making this take off.

I think this person should have the most DLG experience and love for this sport. Someone who studies it incessantly and is dedicated 100%. Frankly, I can only think of one person who should be leading the group: MIKE (like.2.Fly). He has seemed to forsake every aspect of RC for DLG not to mention his real planes. He has also started each and every thread and recruited and encouraged so many.

Success in thermal flight requires careful thought and sensitivity to how the plane moves and reacts to the air around it... So should we be careful to each and every decision to the growth and success of our group. The wrong turn could easily take us out of that thermal and right back to the ground. Sounds like a lot of hot air, huh?... Lets help this group take flight and elect a chair.

In saying this I would like to nominate Mike as our Utah DLG Chair.

What say ye? Does anyone second the nomination?
I second the nomination.
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Nov 15, 2010, 10:37 AM
Full disclosure, not sponsored
Mike is the man!!!!! If I get a vote its for him. Thats a 3rd vote for those keeping score @ home. If my criminal history make me in eligible to vote then so be it. And yes you need a lead. What I have learned from doing the Uncivil WARS is that input is great but ultimately you just do the major things and let others know. It may sound a bit harsh but otherwise you will be stuck in committee till 2015!!!!!

So great work Mike and lets see what you can put together.

Also just to get the ball rolling I will offer to help where I can.
Nov 15, 2010, 10:47 AM
Jeremy D Stott
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Originally Posted by redgiki
I'd love to see a site:
1. In Salt Lake County for close proximity to civilization and the airport for those who fly in.
2. Camping allowed on-site.
3. Restrooms not necessarily available, but no objection from the owner if we put a restroom there for a weekend or two a year.
4. As large as possible.
5. Far from houses and other buildings if possible (though 1 or two big buildings would be just fine, we can slope off 'em when the wind is right)
6. Within a twenty-minute drive of lodging and restaurants.
7. Within a 60-minute drive of Salt Lake Airport.
8. Plenty of grass (goes without saying), though we'll only be using perhaps the size of a football field for a landing zone.
9. Parking area, just some dirt off the road that isn't cultivated but right next to the grassy area (we don't want to park on the grass)

I think that's it, thanks Jon!
I think these are all good recommendations! We all should start looking at shooting pics wherever we are and comparing the sites as I agree with DJensen that this spot should be "The Spot". So lets make the best selection possible the first time.

Mike has a good idea as well to try and "show-off" our beautiful landscape... Of course CO, NM, and AZ have a lot to offer as well - all four corners are known for their landscapes, geology, etc.
Nov 15, 2010, 11:04 AM
Jeremy D Stott
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From the other Utah DLG thread:

Originally Posted by 6Killer
Everything surrounding the north end of the Vernon Sod Farm is sagebrush and brown dirt; nice for generating thermals. Also you may notice that there is a drop-off to the west there. It is not really high or precipitous but you can expect some lift, thermals and a breeze from the north west in the afternoons. In the mornings you often get 2m/sec drainage winds from the south; at least on the Dugway side we did.

Just a fun memory - when I used to live at Dugway I used to fly 2m with my son Ben. Once we had a range fire in the area that left the ground black and chard. You could see dust devils all over the place. We took a 2m Spirit and hand tossed it into a thermal. It was like it was on an elevator. We had a hard time getting it down. From then on I started putting spoilers on all my planes.

On Dugway Proving Ground there is a really nice sand dune area where I used to fly with my son. We could lawn dart land our plans with out a scratch.

The Rush Valley lake bed could be used for camping and off hour flying.

It is not as desirable for landing as the sod farm, but it is less than a half an hour drive from the lake bed to the Vernon sod farm; could be used for camping purposes and off hour thermaling.

Just follow the Pony Express road to the south in the google map provided above and go west. You will run into Faust (locals pronounce it Foss). Go past the tracks to the little community of Faust and from Faust it is just a little ways to the sod farm going south on 36.

Vernon is the only place that I am aware of that has a gas station, food mart and a Cafe (Silver Sage) in that area. Other than that, who ever camps out there is in the wilderness.

I like to take my grand kids out there on a summer evening and set up a telescope. We pick up Pizza in Lehi on the way out. I just mention that because we might want to pick up some Pizza and eat with any who plan on camping out there or something like that to make it more hospital.
Vernon or someplace out there near Eagle Mountain was something I've been strongly thinking about as well and would really like to have it out there. Some things we need to consider are:

1. This is a long drive west even after turning off the freeway.

2. As I'm sure the out of state die hards would come no matter where it is, should we try and accommodate the majority of the group considering even border area flyers even Nevada and Idaho and St. George guys. If more of the guys are up north should we have it there or should we just go for somewhere dead center in the State?

3. Are we hashing this too much and should we just chill and pick a spot?

Antelope Island is a cool place, is grassy and has camping. It is a state park surrounded by lake and has a ton of area. They have the kite festival there in Spring and I'm sure would love to have an event like this attracting people out there. I fly out there all the time and the landscape isn't too threatening. We could take pics of the terrain.

anyone want to dlg with me next weekend when the weather might be nice.

Problems to work around there would be:
1. Wind - usually spring
2. Gnats - AKA Gnat Season...

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Nov 15, 2010, 11:13 AM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily
Originally Posted by flyingj
...Nevada and Idaho and St. George guys. If more of the guys are up north should we have it there or should we just go for somewhere dead center in the State?
I think we settled this earlier in the thread: Wasatch Front, as 80% of Utah's population lives within around two hours of Salt Lake City.

Antelope Island is a cool place, is grassy and has camping.
You know, you have a good point. Antelope Island is a really unique site! It's not going to be overrun by development as it's one great, big park, and I believe there's plenty of camping. Biggest downside: it's not very convenient from Salt Lake City. Just a few miles away as the crow flies, but a long drive. However, it's only like 20 minutes from the Clearfield/Layton area. Do they have a large, flat, grassy area on the island that we could use for our LZ? How much does usage cost per day per vehicle?

The lake may have interesting effects on thermals. I believe that the hill's peak on the island is a 360-degree slope-soaring site, too...
Nov 15, 2010, 11:31 AM
Limbo with 30,000V...
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I live minutes from Antelope Is. and IMHO I would not hold the DLG event there. The bugs are terrible unless the wind is blowing 20+mph. Mosquitos I can deal with, but there is no spray that I know of to keep the gnats, brine shrimp flys, etc off. There are several nice LZ's out there.
Nov 15, 2010, 11:36 AM
Jeremy D Stott
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Bug spray works for me and I've only had problems during Gnat season.


The second paragraph of that page describes May and beginning of June as Gnat season and that is the only time I have had issues. The brine flies by the lake and other bugs are harmless and not an issue. Mosquitos are everywhere in utah in the mornings and evenings but bug spray works for that and even for the Gnats IMO. I mountain bike there multiple times every year and it is only during Gnat season that I worry about bringing bug spray.

Jim, we should check it out in the next couple of weeks during some good weather.
Nov 15, 2010, 11:37 AM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily
Looked up fees online: $9 per vehicle, $13 camping per day. I'll call to find out if they do group rates. That's considerably more expensive than camping out at a free sod farm if we can find one

Plus side: enormous white sand beaches to throw from if we want to. A few tall grassy areas, but no real "maintained" grass that I know of (but locals who live closer to it would know better). A very unique, special place that visitors from out-of-state would remember forever.

Minus side: ridiculous quantities of mosquitoes on the beach likely to eat your face off if you don't smear on a pound of insect repellent, and flies thick enough to cover you head to toe.

Then again, you deal with the latter problem lots of places.

EDIT: You gotta admit, this would be an extremely memorable location. The wind almost never blows from the east here, so we wouldn't have to worry about downwind going over the lake. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/15114454. This spot is literally next door to the north campground.
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Nov 15, 2010, 11:46 AM
Jeremy D Stott
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I like Mike's Balloon Festival Spot up in Eden as well. (no Gnats) Beautiful valley and tourist town. Also 20 minutes from Ogden where there are plenty of affordable hotels, camping etc. There is also a Trendwest/Worldmark resort that could accommodate a lot of people and is .2 miles from the site. I bet we could get permission to use it and camp there as well.
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Nov 15, 2010, 11:52 AM
Full disclosure, not sponsored
Originally Posted by redgiki
A very unique, special place that visitors from out-of-state would remember forever..
I would say no the Antelope Island. The real possibility of "Something for visitors to remember forever" could be in the form of the nasty bugs, the smell, and the wind.

Maybe I am just un lucky, but I have never enjoyed a visit to Antelope Island.

Would Park City be a good site? There are a TON of sports fields up there, ALOT that my company has built, and they are mostly run by Basin Recreation who handles public as well as school fields. Kind of a wierd setup, but it works well in Park City as they can afford it and keep all the fields in great shape.

Anyways I have a very good contact I know very well @ Basin Rec who could help us get something reserved.

Downside=I am sure it would cost $$$$ and probably a descent amount of money to schedule fields. Also lodging in PC is not cheap, but Heber & SL are close but that kindof defeats the purpose as if you have to drive somewhere for lodging, why not just hold the event closer to lodging.

Anyone familiar with Quins Rec Center???? That might be a great spot????

But really having an event in the garden of Eden dont sound so bad either!!!!!!!!!
Nov 15, 2010, 11:55 AM
Mike M.
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Here's another good shot of the Antelope Island site. It certainly would be unique! There is a park entrance fee, something like $9 per vehicle. Being surrounded on all sides by water for miles, I'm not sure what effect that would have on thermal activity. The island itself is pretty big and should generate its own lift, depending on wind direction. The flying site is on the very north end, so anything but a south wind may spell doom for thermals. Bugs are an issue whenever you are around the Great Salt Lake, but aren't they fairly seasonal? What are they like in mid September?
Nov 15, 2010, 11:57 AM
Spins With Gliders
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I kinda like the looks of the Eden location!
Nov 15, 2010, 12:00 PM
Jeremy D Stott
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Park City is beautiful and probably more affordable nearer the Heber area.
Nov 15, 2010, 12:05 PM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily
Originally Posted by like.2.fly
Bugs are an issue whenever you are around the Great Salt Lake, but aren't they fairly seasonal? What are they like in mid September?
If my experience at other flying sites around the lake is any guide:

* Midges/no-see-ums: May/June/July.
* Mosquitos: start in April, peak in August, by September they're mostly dead. They tend to leave you alone except around dusk and dark if you don't walk through the grass or weeds to stir them up.
* Biting flies: peak late august through late September.

The original reason for the "tour" of local events starting in January was to try out some of these flying sites. Having a good selection doesn't hurt

The Eden site will probably be under a lot of snow come January in time for our freeze fly, while the lower-lying Antelope Island site (or others near the Salt Lake) might still be free of snow. That said, I can bring a shovel!
Nov 15, 2010, 01:33 PM
Jeremy D Stott
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Originally Posted by JONBOYLEMON
I would say no the Antelope Island. The real possibility of "Something for visitors to remember forever" could be in the form of the nasty bugs, the smell, and the wind.
I've never been bothered by the bugs, etc. but then again we northerners are tougher than the Utah County guys... Is it really a problem though when they hold balloon festivals, kit festivals, etc. out there?

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