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Nov 08, 2010, 06:37 AM
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Difference between heli and areo versions of txrx

Hi all,

I'm looking to build my own quadcopter from scratch and have come across two potential transmitter and receivers that I think may be suitable for my needs.

Firstly, I'm interested to know whether or not I need some form of license for operating a radio controlled quadcopter for use outdoors? I'm from the UK and from what i've seen everything is fine as long as I use something in the 2.4ghz range but I'm not entirely sure on this.

The two lots i've found so far are RadioLink txrx in both a aeroplane and helicopter version. I'm a little confused as to why there are different versions, is there any major difference between the two? From what i've gathered so far, the only difference in the manuals is the setup of the servos. Does this have any impact on by build for a quadcopter? Which would be more preferable for such a project?

Finally, I see that the two use differing types of modulation. I intend to interface the receiver with an Arduino to intercept and mix the signals to allow for autonomous flight as well as controlled flight using the transmitter. The two differing types are FM(PPM) and FHSS. Does anyone know if these have any impact upon the processing of such signals or are they relatively similar?

I've started a thread on the Arduino forums which you can read here for further clarification but thought it best to ask here too. If anyone can shed some light on this form me, I would be most grateful.

Thanks for reading!
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Nov 08, 2010, 08:32 AM
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I think you should be getting advice from people who know about quadcopters and the like as to which radios would be suitable. The Multi Rotor Helis forum will give you much more useful information.

That said, there are some obvious answers to some of your questions.
  • Regular radio control systems do not require a license (in most countries of North America and Europe, anyway) but must meet the appropriate standards (FCC, EU, etc.).
  • The Radiolink system looks like a basic cheap helicopter radio. It may do what you need but you should check carefully. My impression is that it is not a particularly attractive buy, compared for example to the Turnigy 9x, available from Hobby King.
  • For regular programmable radios (Spektrum, Futaba, etc.), there is very little difference between heli and plane versions (some switch locations and smooth friction throttle) because both have both kinds of programming. Some of the cheap transmitters do only one type.
  • FM operates on 35, 40, 72 Mhz, while FFHS is a type of modulation used on on 2.4 GHz.
  • Systems on 2.4 are generally not mutually compatible. You can only use a receiver made by the same manufacturer as the transmitter.
  • I understand that there are special requirements for some quadcopters as far as receiver output is concerned and that most 2.4 radios don't have the necessary PPM output. There has been some discussion of this on the FrSky thread. For example:

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