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Oct 07, 2001, 01:12 PM
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TERRY comments after 50 flights ...

after reaching the 50'th flight in 3 months time here's some
of what has been learned : elev 5300 feet 18 oz
6.3x3 400/6 JE110 4RP Rx
1. it flies well on 6x500AR avg flite time 4.5 to 5 min.
by nursing the gas an 8+03 min has been the longest
6x600AE give avg 3-3.5 min flites. most often it is flown
at less than full throttle by a little.
2. mostly do racetrack and figure 8's in airspace the size
of a soccer field. it's kept about 50 feet up , higher as
it gets to cut-off time. sometimes it will be lined up for
a landing before the ESC's cut-off kicks in. all you gotta
do is listen to the motor rev's noise to know when it's
running down.

3. it flies fast. takes 99% plus concentration. not for
the beginner. I tell others who want to watch to
keep 50 feet away and to be quiet.
4. the calmer the air the better. here the SE breezes are the
steadiest. those fron the N and W are too much
and the plane flies squirrely. not fun.
dead air is best , and with no one else around. so you
can hear the motor go off when the ESC stops it.
5. it's rare to land it within 25' . all others are overshoots
as it goes forever on a landing glide.
6. landings are on grass. with a fast landing the wing stays
level and nothing gets torn up.
7. observe CG religiously. a nose heavy plane on 6 cells
wont get past stall speed well enough to be flying
stable. this caused the worst crash
8. the launch position for elev is 0-0. i.e. level with the
stab. the mfg plans call for bending the metal wire
at each end for connenting it. I put a clevis on the
elev end to add some easy adjustment ability.
also re-routed the elev wire for PULL-for -UP
instead of the PUSH-up as shown in the plans.
9. when you crash it nose first the foam compresses and
does not spring back to original shape. result is the
motor no longer has the same down thrust and may well
be angled to the side as well. the original plane has about
5 deg' of down thrust and no left or right. possibly a bit
of right thrust. not sure. the motor space is a taper not
a cylinder and when the motor is pressed in it may not
truly match the cavity outline.
10. a 2'd wing is being modified to flatten it and add ailerons.
then more sporty acrobatic flying will be attempted.
11. overall I've learned to be choosy about when I fly.
the air has to be near or at calm and few others around
at the park.
12. pre-flight check includes making sure the RUD and ELEV
trim tabs are in the center position.

all for now
Fire Fox
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Oct 07, 2001, 01:59 PM
Most Exalted Windbag
Fire Fox said:

3. it flies fast. takes 99% plus concentration. not for
the beginner.
5. it's rare to land it within 25' . all others are overshoots
as it goes forever on a landing glide.

Thanks for the post.
I have about 9 flights on mine and thought I was an incompetent old coot. Before the Terry I hadn't flown anything successfully but a Bleriot III. Lately I've been flying a Tiger Moth and the B III. I put the Terry on hold. It just requires too much from me and I was "working" rather than having fun. I'll try it again sometime after I have more experience.

I also have a Crazy Sparrow that I haven't built yet. I wonder how that would compare to the Terry. One thing about the Terry is that even if you cut back on the power to fly slow, once the nose goes down it picks up speed again like a rocket.

I put ailerons on my Terry without taking out any dihedral. I'm sure it would be better if I had, but they seem to work "ok." I had fun playing with the flaperons. I tried a roll too close to the ground and landed hard. Luckily I pulled up enough and it landed flat and only popped the canopy.

Oct 07, 2001, 02:26 PM
Flyin' Ryan
I also have 9 flights on my terry, in stock form. It will slow down, but you have to hold a lot of up elevator in. This takes a bit transition time, because if you chop the throttle and yank back, it will stall, but if you slowly bleed of the speed, it will slow down nicely. It does require a lot more control input. I usally just cuise around about 1/2 thottle, and enjoy the flight. I would like to add ailerons, but may sove that for another plane. The terry's wing doesnt look like a great aerobatic 'foil. The washout and dihedral do not like extended inverted flight.
Oct 07, 2001, 08:26 PM
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KAMarks's Avatar
Flew my Terry for the first time today. This is my second plane. It is configured with a Maxx Products Cobalt 400 14T, 6x3 folder & 8 600AE's (also 7 cell pack). It was moderately windy but did fine, Seems fairly fast. It weighs in at 20.5 # with the cobalt and eight cell pack. Flights were a little over 4 mins. Did not seem to want to slow down much for landings. Loop easily from level flight.
Oct 08, 2001, 02:24 AM
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eberkers's Avatar
Terry still my favourite at the moment at 100+ flights with it. I built three of them, the first crashed when the wing snapped in two on flight no. three when I tried a roll, this was before I knew how to make it stronger. The second one lasted a lot longer, and hit a fast Bandit after three months of fun. The Bandit guy was lucky to keep the damage within reasonable limits.

I fly mostly with 7 cells 600AE, this is with a Speed 400 7.2 Volt. Longest flying time has been 16 minutes (with 7 minute half throttle) on calm conditions. This when the birds start to check out the plane to see if wants to play... I haven't had it in thermal
yet, because I stay relatively low.

It is possible to let the Terry fly very slow with some up trim (not too much of course to prevent it from stalling). Landings are OK, careful for how long it can continue to glide before it touches down. Never had lots of damage during landings, only two times a small crack in the wing mounts but easy repairable.

What about the aileron modification? I thought about doing that, maybe someone can comment on the results, does it turn a lot better? If it is worth trying I order a Hacker B20 18L as well for unlimited performance.

BTW, has anyone experience using the Twicell 1600 NiMH cells in the Terry?

Oct 08, 2001, 09:42 AM
Registered User
tekochip's Avatar
I've got about 10 flights in the Terry, and I'm glad to hear that everybody else is overshooting the runway

On NiMh cells, the current draw is pretty hefty, and I had the BEC in my controller drop out too early on 6 cells, especially when we had a frost. I bumped it up to 7 cells to overcome the higher internal resistance and now it flies great. The pack is two pairs of three cells in series, with the spare cell sitting on top.
Oct 08, 2001, 10:21 AM
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SJ's Avatar
I had mine for 3 days

I flew mine off a small slope. (first time i was on a slope)
First day a had 7 flights. All went well until my Terry went into a spin from about 20 meters height. I broke off the nose. But it was a clean break, and I glued it together again.

Next day I had to add some lead in the tail to get the right CG. After 5 flights, again, my terry went into a spin from about 50 meters height. landed Right on the nose. But I was lucky. It landed in some verry soft Mud/dirt, so only the canopy retainer broke, and the nose got compressed about 5-7mm. I flew another 5 times that day.

Third day again after 4 flights, my terry went into a spin. But this time I was lucky enough to get it out of it. I have no idea how I did it, I was just lucky. Later that day I made a steep dive, and gave it a little elevator to level out. SNAP, and the wing gave in. With only one wing-half still on the fuse, it was comming down in a 90 degrees angle......... Never flown faster :-)

Itīs a great slope soarīr, but the wing mut be re-inforced somehow.
And I have absolutely no idea why my Terry wantīs to go into a spin. Once it goes into a spin, the controls just dont work.....

Ahh well, this destroyed my Terry. I wont be getting another one.
The tail from the wing bolts and back is still like new, and I have glued the wing back together again. But the nose is completely demolished. I think Ill try to cut a new one and try it out.

My story.....3 days...damn :-)

Oct 08, 2001, 12:39 PM
Most Exalted Windbag

Here's a good thread on ailerons. Do a search for "terry" under "headings only" in "foamies" for more. I didn't reply to your question because I have only a few flights on mine since adding the ailerons and am not that good at flying it anyway.


Here's what mine look like:


Oct 08, 2001, 03:07 PM
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eberkers's Avatar
Thanks RB for the links on ailerons and showing the modifications you did (looks professional!). Since I have one spare wing, it wouldn't hurt to try. I am only a bit worried about using 4 servo's on the Rondo that came with the speed 400, or can I fly ailerons without rudder just to try it out?

If I need another ESC, then I will probably go for a small brushless as well (Kontronic or Hacker B20) in combination with 7 cell Twicell NiMH (you're right tekochip, 7 is better for the BEC). That will be a lot of fun, but maybe it is pushing it a bit. My latest built plane is a Graupner Acrofly with a Jeti brushless and is probably for pure aerobatics a better choice (but not as practical as the Terry). I will give it another thought after having more experience with the Acrofly.

SJ, about your spin, I must say I have never experienced anything like that, also not after colliding the wing with a Bandit (went upside down, but no spin). Only thing I know is that it does not like too much wind on its tail, it gets a lot less responsive on rudder. Not sure what happens if you would stall it that condition on a wing tip. Maybe someone can give his/hers thoughts about that ...

Oct 08, 2001, 04:12 PM
Most Exalted Windbag

It flies fine with ailerons and no rudder. That's the way I flew mine since I wasn't coordinated enough to try using both. I could have mixed them on my TX, but it wasn't necessary. IMO flying with ailerons looks noticeably more like a real airplane in the air.

Oct 09, 2001, 02:19 PM
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Jurgen Heilig's Avatar
@SJ: Provided you use the recommended control throws, the Terry will only spin with full rudder, full up elevator and motor on. As far as the wing breaking on day three - I bet it suffered some damage during the first two days.

@Erwin: For extreme duration I use 6 Twicells. I achieved motor run times (partial throttle) of over 30 minutes.

As far as overshoots during landing are concerned: You can slow the Terry down by gently applying up elevator until the model starts to sink like a Hotliner with ailerons up. It won`t tip stall unless you apply lots of rudder. Most people try to use down elevator which only makes the Terry glide faster and further. Jürgen
Oct 10, 2001, 10:36 AM
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SJ's Avatar

I guess your right about the control throws. I was flying mine at a slope, and added some ekstra movemant for better controle. The wing did have damage from the other two days. This was caused by the canopy being pushed backwards making two slits in the wing. But, it did not break at these places. It broke about 2 cm to the right of center, then continuing through the atatchment bolt/screw hole.

Im not complaining about the Terry. I was flying it way out of specs :-) Itīs not ment for a windy slope, so I knew I was pushing it. But it will fly just fine at the slope, as long as you dont do high G manuovers. Just fly gentle.

I just made a high altitude dive without thinking about it. Suddanly it was flying at lightspeed towards the ground, and then I thougt, "gee....what to do now" so I gave it verry little elevator. But the speed was just too much. Couldnīt do much. Maybe I should have throttled up i bit so the prop blades would have folded out and use them as a speed brake.