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Nov 08, 2010, 07:33 PM
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Well, I may have let the cat out of the bag and it has run amok in the shop!!!!

I hadn't realized there would be such interest in the prototypes I used to carry the EyePod, but it has evolved in the last couple of days... both for the Gee Bee as well as the OV-10! I now have two gentlemen committed to working on "beta builds" for both...

Not taking names for any lists yet! lol! If all goes well, Build threads should be appearing right after the first of the year on both... SO MUCH going on behind the scenes at the moment!

That's all for now... Had a little emergency today that kind of shot the list of tasks I was hoping to accomplish... Getting back into the studio in moments to see what I can salvage...

More tomorrow!

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Nov 08, 2010, 07:56 PM
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I'd be in for a jarel design kit myself Richard! I'll be watching with interest!
Nov 10, 2010, 02:59 PM
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"Other" kit designs, future plans and getting on with this build... kind of! ;)

rchawk... I have been openly discussing with a few members over in the OV-10 video thread in the war birds forum about the goals for the next few kits... you might be interested? foam vrs wood, built up vrs sheet foam vrs hot wired foam wings vrs price vrs building vrs ARF... SUPER CONSTRUCTIVE input by members over there... really helped me a lit to get a clearer focus on what I want my next RC aircraft kits to be like...

I have been swamped lately and well, my morning is quickly slipping away from me… (actually just a few minutes left of it! seems like I got nothing done and yet I’m looking at my daily “to do list” and half of it has been highlighted Yellow (completed)… I was hoping to get back on this build in a big way… My goal is to complete the wings, shaped, joined to each other and to the twin boom and have the tail feathers attached, four servos in place on the wing and control rods installed…

May seem like a lot and maybe it is… (I rarely get my daily to do list done… I set it up that way just in case some tasks get completed in a shorter time than expected… it provides me a focal point on re-directing my attention…) So the level of completion I ljust listed, will allow me to move on to the fuselage… (It will make more sense when we get there… I can always make the fuselage longer or shorter to compensate for the tail weight of the wing aft of the CG along with everything else past that… with the above components assembled, I can calculate pretty closely just how long the fuselage needs to be (all components taped on a profile dummy fuselage to approximate weight and location in the fuselage. Then when it’s built, a simple shifting of radio, batter, ESC can compensate for tail heavy or nose heavy…

So at the very least… (hope to get back tonight), here’s the flexible sanding pad I mentioned… I learned this from a guy who worked with me and then went on to work on the movie Armageddon and then after that, worked for the styling department of Honda America, building clay and composite prototypes of the full size cars… he came back to me after a few weeks and showed me this new way to sane slightly curved parts… Casting sheets of urethane rubber in various harnesses and thickness, provides a way to create a sanding block that had various degrees of flexibility…

In these photos, I took a sheet of white foam rubber (available at a crafts or fabric store), cut it to the size I wanted and then stuck some sticky-back sandpaper on it… when it was done, it provided a flexible sanding block that would not put straight sanding scars on the wing, yet disperse the pressure using our fingers would create… gently passing this over the sharp edge between the virgin foam sheet and where we sanded our wings with the hard sanding block, this tool will provide a way to soften, blend and gently transition the flat surface of the foam sheet wing into the areas we wanted to sand away…

Hope this makes sense?

I’ll be back with more on the build as soon as I can get to it! Tongith or tomorrow morning…


Nov 11, 2010, 09:07 PM
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Huge post! Tons of photos!

Really tired here folks… I’ve got five to six threads going all at the same time and they're all pretty active and I’m paying attention to all of them plus gearing up for EyePod camera mount production, keeping track of orders, writing up the EyePod building instructions with patterns and templates and photos and…and well… I think that’s enough for a Thursday night…

I did want to post these though so you can get an idea of how the wing is turning out… I didn’t do anything special (By “special, I mean I could totally go nuts and really sand this foam sheet wing into a true high performance DLG airfoil, but I’m not… I had intended that it be simple, so I’m keeping it simple… I’m approaching this the way I fly my kit planes in public… I fly them stock exactly how I built them in the thread… that way, anyone watching it perform will not be let down when they build there’s only to find out I had a $100 motor and a $90 speed controller in a $39 plane! L

So, I’m going to share what I accomplished today on the EyePlane with numbered photographs and brief descriptions. (kind of like I have the build thread going for the EyePod Camera Mount.) I’ll keep the popcorn eaters to a minimum! Lol!

#1: Apply gap filling foam safe CA into the grooves created for the wood dowel wing spars and place them inside making sure the glue gets everywhere… I hold sections down while lightly spraying foam safe kicker on the dowel. Make sure you hold the wing down flat on a flat surface!

#2: Tape the foam LE strip to the wing so that the forward part of both foam surfaces are flush to the table when held upright at a 90 degree angle.

#3: Close up view of the edges of both pieces of foam lining up flush to the table when upright.

#4: Once you are certain that both edges are flush (look ahead to see what it looks like completed to make sure.) Then tape the rear part of the LE strip of foam to the bottom part of the wing. This will serve, as a temporary hinge to allow the insides to be exposed for gluing, yet will line up correctly when you quickly close it up. Notice the small section of card stock and the extras at the ready… After a generous amount of thick gap filling foam safe CA is applied onto the LE foam strip (not the wing), the card stock will be used as a squeegee to QUICKLY spread the glue over the entire surface… try to make sure that no dry spots are left.

#5: This is what it looks like after the glue dries.

#6: Here’s another view of the glued pieces… Not that there’s an overlap of the foam strip… Make sure that the foam strip extends beyond the edges of the foam wing… we will cut this off later, but having these foam strips shorter than the root or tip of the wing will be unacceptable.

#7: Cutting the LE strip flush with the root.

#8: Cutting the LE strip flush with the tip.

#9: Applying foam safe gap filling CA to the LE groove.

#10: After applying the CA in the LE groove, insert the LE dowel and hold it in place (use pins or the tip of your Xacto blade), as you lightly spray kicker. After the glue has dried, cut off the tips of the dowel so they are flush with the foam wing.

#11: Use a hard sanding board and 80grit paper to rough shape the LE… I shaped the top of the bottom of the foam pretty close… The top part of the LE, I sanded at a hard angle before proceeding to shape the remainder of the wing with the foam-sanding pad. All sanding is done at 45 degree angles strokes relative to the LE… don’t slide your sanding block or foam pad perpendicular or parallel with the LE… I learned this from Burt Rutan working on full size Long Easy home build planes… keep the Leading edge truer in shape along the LE.

#12: This is the hard angle I sanded into the top part of the foam… Although I did touch the wood dowel, try not to sand any of it away… Use it as an audio alrm that you have reached the point of stopping.

#13: This is what the Root looks like after the sanding is complete… You can see that I could have hollowed out the bottom of the wing a little more… I’m choosing to only go this far just to see how the performance turns out for minimal amount of work… (My intent is to create a great wing, but only through a limited amount of work… so we’ll stop the sanding and shaping here. My fine sanding was done with220grit paper… most of the shaping was achieved with 150 grit.

#14: This is what the Tip looks like when it’s completed… You can really notice the washout when you compare the tip to the root… the root still has camber in it towards the trailing edge… the tip does not.

Ok… that’s it for tonight… cooking dinner and then spending the evening with the family… “It’s kind of felt like a Sunday here… dark and dreary, Tresa and Kyla both had the day off and we’re all in the mood to cook dinner together and then watch a movie together… I LOVE this family! J

See you next time… Probably tomorrow! Lol!

Please let me know if all of this is making sense? I tend to use a lot of photos in my builds... might seem a little too much, but I want someone choosing to follow this build to be able to be successful without too many questions or figuring out what happened between photos...

take care!

Nov 12, 2010, 07:00 AM
No dear, That isn't New!
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Nice! Could have used this on the Ryan! Luckily I had some Lil people that have seen your work! Next!
Nov 12, 2010, 10:26 AM
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Hi Jim!

THIS is why I didn't want to release the Ryan before it was completely ready! I don't know how many other people go to this extreme with their build threads, but after working in advertising and film work for years, then dealing with prototyping all sorts of items for so many companies, I've learned to ask questions I think my client might ask and then answer them before they do...

This is what happens when I apply that history to my build threads... As it is, it seems the Ryan thread turned out all right especially with all of you contributing so much in the way of questions and some GREAT solutions!

The really funny thing is, all the detail in this build is pretty close to how I perform my prototype development work for clients... documenting everything so that if something goes wrong, I can back track and find out where, what, when and how... In this case, the biggest question about the EyePlane, is the wing and it's airfoil... and this is something that will not be totally answered until I test fly it on her maiden!

Doing this in "Plain Sight" is kind of a mix of less stress because I'm saying I don't know up front, and high anxiety, because I carry this false belief system that says "I'm supposed to know"! lol!

Tresa and I talk about this a lot... so many of my maiden test flights perform perfectly right off the drawing board with only a few clicks of trim... That gets hard to accept after a while and when a prototype plane doesn't perform the way I want, it "feels" like a devastating blow to the Ego... Something I'm working on letting go of...

Ok... a lot to do today, but completing the wing, booms, tail feathers and hooking up the control system (All four servos (2 for the ailerons, 1 for rudder and 1 for elevator), mounted on the wing as part of another cool idea I have engineered into a much larger AP plane... Not sure if I'll get it done, but that's my intent... especially if I stop coming back here so frequently! ha!

Take care!


"Next!"... ??? Next-what?
Nov 12, 2010, 06:22 PM
No dear, That isn't New!
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Ya I know, Its a shame how some people have no patience at all!
I'm jumping from thread to thread, and having trouble keeping up! Trying Learn your methodology, With out loosing my sanity! And "Next", Is just my way of saying, It's your turn to jab me back.
Nov 12, 2010, 07:28 PM
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Ok, so this is where some stuff can go right over my head as far as my being "gullible"...

Do you mean patience as in I'm going too fast, or not fast enough or something altogether not having to do with anything I might be thinking of!?!?!? =D

So YOU'RE the one who's responsible for all these "hits"... and here I thought there might be a lot of people reading this... turns out to be you and a few others eh? How did you get mixed up with all these "nice" people???? Did you pay them?

Ok... guess that covers the
next" eh?

Damn... and I was going to try and be "good"! too late?

Yeah, I do have a lot going on ... A few older threads are resurfacing.. and I have even more on my plate on the home front......

I feel the burn as in possible getting burnt out, but at the same time, I think this is what I've always done... especiall if it's something I'm really excited about!

And I am EXCITED about the EyePlane! I did finally get some work done on it and had some GREAT MISTAKES!

These are things I can teach from... right tool vs. wrong tool, right material vs wrong material and then the right shape of that material... I'll share more when I put the post(s) together... LOTS of photos! Kind taking photos every few minutes...

Hey... let's put together a flip book and turn this thread into an animated film! lol!

Thanks for showing up and supporting... l enjoy our banter knowing it's light hearted...

Ok... back to building... just now fitting the CF booms to the center panel of the wing... ailerons cut, enforced and hinged... Once the boom are fitted to the center panel, I can move onto the horizontal stab which now has to be re-calibrated... (15% of the old wing will be less than what I want here... also a MAJOR TLAR decision... Toil moment. I'm shooting for super stable which means not pitch sensitive which means a long tail moment which means a lot of weight aft... decisions, decisions...

That will come later...

Ok... back to catching up on emails...

Oh did I tell you? I'm averaging about 50 to 75 per day! from thread post notices, to orders to questions to client connections...

Ok... still about 9 more to answer before I get back to work.

Nov 12, 2010, 08:20 PM
No dear, That isn't New!
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Hi Jim!

"THIS is why I didn't want to release the Ryan before it was completely ready!"

My "some people have no patience at all!" I was referring to ME! Badgering you to hurry your scheduled release of the Ryan. Jim
Nov 12, 2010, 10:27 PM
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Like I said... I am SO gullible and many times. just "don't get it"! lol!

Not you, me... maybe tired, maybe too obsessed with ... um... how many projects? lol!

Tresa just got home and I have Carbon fiber dust itchies all over my arms... the twin boom for the EyePlane are done! Fitted to the center main wing panel, routered out to accept twin verticals and horizontal stab... Tried to figure out a non-tool way to do it, but when it comes to Carbon Fiber, you just have to have some power tools!

At least a cheap Craftsman/sears dremel.... its the only way I know to cut Carbon Fiber...

Ok... enough planes... just came on to see what was up... don't know how many new EyePlane photos I have now but very close to enough to definitely do a flip book animated film...

Ok... time out...

Tomorrow I'll build some more and hopefully complete the wing/booms/tail/servos and control rods/surfaces ready for the fusealge.

Also going to share a peek at a totally new plane! (I wasn't happy with the performance but the design is brilliant (by my own standards), and will adapt to the EyePlane wing and... has a built in EyePod mechanism and easy to adjust CG with no weights needed!!

Tomorrow in the EyePlane thread...


just scrolled up...

...we...we're not in an other thread!

We're in this thread!

We're already here!


Ok then, tomorrow... right HERE!!!

Totally laughing at myself!

It's time for some rest...

YES, I've become obsessed with this plane! I can already see it flying and I already have some special AP missions to fly! (Don't know if I'll do it, but flying through the local two story mall sure would be fun!) Can they arrest you for that? LOL!

Any other "strange/impossible" AP missions other planes might not even consider?



Do you know how much trouble we'd be in if you lived next door?!?!?!
Nov 12, 2010, 11:10 PM
No dear, That isn't New!
pattypilot's Avatar
Ya we would be having a blast, and the LAW called out every couple of days. I can see the officers now, Ah, it's just them crazy big kid's again! And they'd be right!!

Turning in, take care. I hope you can get into sleep mode! Later. Jim
Nov 13, 2010, 01:06 PM
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Good Morning! ...Here's the "REAL MAGIC"!

Good Morning all...

From the beginning of this thread, I shared that I would be developing this plane in "Plain Sight", sharing with you all the mistakes, and the changes of direction... everything that goes along with the nature of what I do...

In the case of mistakes in materials and wrong tools, I'll share that as part of the progressive build thread later (not hiding anything, it's just stored somewhere in my cameras flash card as part of the build...) Instead, I want to share with you the "other part" of my approach to "Plain Sight" development:

The "MAGIC"...!!!

Through out this build, the intent was to develop A super stable DEDICATED AP airframe designed around the EyePod camera mount...!

Don't worry... we're still headed in that direction...

There's been a new development though that I can only consider "MAGIC"...

It's been sitting there if plain sight, staring me in the face for months... in fact it was in the photos of my "stuff" here in the studio...!

The ORIGINAL EyePod camera mount! the reason I developed it in the first place and this goes back to the summer of 2009!!!! I had just begun to play with micro gear and just discovered the 808 key chain camera... I thought this was a perfect match! I also wanted to develop a scale plane and a war bird all in the same package (Talk about marketing! lol!

So what I came up with was a semi-scale military UAV... This was actually a micro version of my larger pro, twin boom UAV (still in development)... That bird had a really cool feature: a sliding wing saddle that was capable of adjusting the CG on the plane without weights... the "weight" in this case would be a change in cameras... a modular camera installation that could be accompanied (in the field) by sliding the wing saddle along the top of the fusealge to accommodate a field change in cameras...

When I decided to build a micro UAV, I thought this would be a perfect project to test my sliding wing design... all servos would be mounted in the wing (ailerons, elevator and rudders), the only thing that would be altered would be the location of the wing on the fusealge...

Now... all I needed wa s micro camera mount... THAT's when I designed the EyePod pan and tilt system! I needed something that would accommodate the key chain camera and be capable of being able to pan or tilt the camera in a micro moment... just grab and move it to the desired angle and launch again!

I was very disappointing with the performance of the prototype... I think it took less than a few days to build (after producing the plastic parts)... the plane was way underpowered and the camber (as seen in the photos ) was just too great... My mind was set at that time to use only stock PZ micro gear and the camera was the only fixed weight parameter... then a client project came along and the micro UAV began to gather dust...

I have a lot of projects that are gathering dust... they are not forgotten... just sitting waiting for their next phase of development... in the case of the Alien helicopter, I ran into problems developing a nearly indestructible set of sprung landing gear... the idea was to develop a sub frame that would screw right onto the main frame and support three carbon fiber legs... this sub frame would be a cast piece in a really hard indestructible rubber that would give enough to act as a shock absorber yet stiff enough to hold fast... I couldn't develop the chemical combination I needed back then so it gathered dust... (The solution has since been found and now it's just waiting it's turn in line with all the other projects...)

OK... back to the EyePod:

I didn't even have the key chain camera back then so I created an accurate scale foam dummy with internal lead to act as my "subject" until China shipped the two I ordered...

That's when I developed the cool pan/tilt turret ball...

Because flight performance didn't meet my expectations, it too collected dust... but it kept staring me in the face and I wanted some in flight videos of my new kits... so... I developed the Eye...Pod... a unit that would support the mechanics of the original camera turret ball, yet be flexible enough to be mounted anywhere... that lead to the Standard, then the aerodynamic versions and later, the concave aerodynamic and the helicopter versions... (Both the later are still being developed)

Then members here began to ask me about an EyPod dedicated plane to use their EyePods... Having already heavily testing twin boom pusher AP platform (Pushed by reading many threads where AP pilots were asking for both forward and side mountings as well as straight down camera angles), I came up with the idea of the EyePlane... all foam, easy to build from scratch with all the perofrmance parameters I've mentioned before...

Then I began wondering if this would be a good platform to develop another pre-molded easy to build kit?

And then I looked at the old micro, scale UAV... Hmmm... I could design one just like that! the fusealge was a perfect design... it was only the wing and power system that didn't match...


I wonder....

Coud this original fit this new EyePod plane?

Pulled it out, removed the wings and fitted it to the wing I have been building..

WOW! With the exception of length, it was a PERFECT match... not scale military but PERFECT low cross section, low drag... it just needed to be longer!

So... after I've built and test flown the EyePod plane as it will be built in this thread, I will alter the old micro UAV fusealge and adapt it to this wing...

It will be perfect as the servos on this EyePod are all mounted in the wing with only the servo wires going into the fusealge... The wing can slide forward and back depending on the batteries being used and the fusealge will contain the EyePod camera ball turret system!

I haven't figured out a price yet, but I'm looking at $25 for the top and bottom fusealge shells, the internal foam and the EyePod camera ball turret...

Let me know if any of this interests you...

(Basically... build this one and play with it... if you want to upgrade to a more aerodynamic fusealge, this one will become available later on..

Here's a few pics

Then I go back to work.

Nov 13, 2010, 01:08 PM
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Sliding Wing

Here are a couple of photos showing the sliding wing system.

The wing gets mounted permanently onto a sliding wing saddle... a lip in front and back are held in place on the fusaleg using rubber bands (screw could also be used)

Nov 13, 2010, 01:12 PM
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Original scale UAV with "EyePod" camera mount

This is the original micro UAV designed and flown during the summer of 2009

You can see how tiny it was...

Also, some photos of the scale UAV 2-cylinder engine that served as the cowl to hide the real electric motor inside...

ok... now that the cat is out of the bag...

back to work!

would LOVE to learn what you think about this idea!

Nov 13, 2010, 04:11 PM
Team30 Micro EDF
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