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Jul 13, 2003, 09:04 AM
Motors beat engines!

50 minute maiden, Li question.

Well, a new motor maiden anyway.

Put a new motor in my ips C after the first one died at 19 hours running again on 3 etec 700's and a 10x8 in my pico F with ailerons, 9 oz AUW.

Batt voltage at start was 12.51, batt voltage at end when plane would no longer stay up was 9.53.

I'm curious is theres a way to figure out capacity used based on voltage, ie a linear voltage/capacity scale? Hoping for something like " 3.6 volts/cell = 50% capacity and so on.

Heres all I really know:

Do not exceed 4.2 volts high or 2.8 volts low, but better for long life to use 3.0 as low. The bright side here is it seems I won't be able to hurt my cells by flying too far into the pak, the plane just won't stay up past about 3.2 volts/cell.

Thanks for any help,

Dean in Milwaukee
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