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Nov 16, 2010, 11:10 AM
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I'll definitely look into the flat rate for the next batch... Boxes have already been ordered and I've already begun packing the single and double EyePod boxes here.

Pedaling as fast as I can here with a LOT on my plate... Not sure if you've visited my websites...


There are quite a few airplane kits that are constantly in production, new kits in development and then there are the corporate client prototype projects... I'm averaging 18 to 20 hour work days and staying close to a partner and child...


I will definitely be sending notices out before the end of the week.

Also, since the news about being able to ship two EyePods for the price of one, I've receieved a lot of emails with changes in orders (mostly from one to two kits)... don't worry about changing your order... "final orders" will be acknowledged with your reply to the "ready notices" that will be sent out... you can change your mind as many times as you want until then.

Thanks guys!

Ok... started work at 4am... still a lot to do today.

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Nov 16, 2010, 12:53 PM
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what did the mounts cost ?
i forgott
thx patrick
Nov 16, 2010, 02:01 PM
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I should have included that with my shipping info...

Each mount is $9.95 (A full size set of patterns has been added to the items in the kit... Something not included in previous photos.)

Nov 19, 2010, 02:50 PM
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Aerodynamic, Flat back Build Thread:

Ok... I'm looking at two 8 foot long tables in the living room filled with EyePod parts! (so are Tresa & Kyla!

I have yet to write the email notice, but may get to it today... So please do not send any funds yet!

Also, I did check into the flat rate boxes at the Post Office... missed the size by 1/8" in one direction and 1/4" in the other... Definitely going to keep my eyes on thos boxes though... never know what new project may be designed to fit in the box (You may be shoked or laugh, but many client products I design are designed around those huge shipping containers! How many cases can fit into one with the least amount of wasted air space? how may products can fit into a case that a distributor/retail outlet would purchase at one time... Ok, then how many boxes can fit on a shelf (You did notice that most of the shelves in any given area of a stor are all the same size, right?) Then how many can fit deep into the one shelf exposing the largest flat surface to grab your attention... ever notic that when you pull a large box off the shelf, it's "flat"... lots of other products behind it?

So yes, Some items I can design around a given shipping box and will keep the Flat rate boxes in mind... just a little trivia...

Ok.. lets see if I can up load the build thread for the aerodynamic, flat back EyePod while I'm having lunch... Here's the first post:

Trimming The Outer Shells:

Just like the Standard EyePod kit and the turret ball shells, the rest of the parts of your EyePod are molded to be trimmed using the same trim tool in the same manner that we trimmed the turret balls… Take your time and remember… Gently! Lightly! And Backwards!

#1: After scoring the plastic using the blade backwards, the trim tool can be moved forward to help the process.

#1: Trimmed Plastic Parts

#2: Using a regular Xacto blade, cut out the ball turret opening (This photos is of the Aerodynamic EyePod, but they are both relatively the same piece and process.)

#3: Ball turret opening trimmed.
Nov 19, 2010, 02:58 PM
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EyePod Inner Structure:

EyePod Inner Structure:

#4: Full size pattern and templates for the foam sheet inner structure. Cut them out from the foam sheet supplied with your EyePod kit.

#5: Using FOAM SAFE CA and Kicker, assemble the inner structure as shown in the photos. Make sure your sides butt up against the bottom of the “Top” ball turret frame. Height is fairly critical here.

#6: Trim the sides either before you glue them to the main plate or after they are glued.

# 7: When your Frame is completed, it should look like this (kind of!), I pressed down too far and the space between the bottom of the ball and the insert step in the outer shell base is a hair too small. You can see how I pressed the top foam sheet frame so hard that the outer sides are slanted in… This is what NOT to do… (Standard EyePod used for this photo as seen from front.)

#8: DRY FIT your inner frame structure and test attaching the top shell. We’ll be gluing the inner structure in place in the next post.
Nov 19, 2010, 03:14 PM
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Final Assembly:

#9: Use scissors to cut out a 3/4” to 7/8” diameter disk from the black foam rubber sheet included in your EyePod kit.

#10: Use gap filling CA to glue the foam rubber disk to the raised section in the middle of the EyePod Base shell.

#11: Set the top shell of your EyePod into place (DO NOT GLUE YET!) and drop the camera ball turret in place. Use the ball to line up the loose inner structure so that the ball does not touch the outer shell. Once achieved, keep the inner structure in place by holding the ball down and gently slide off the outer shell.

#11: Glue the inner structure in place being careful not to let it slip out of place. (A trimmed but unassembled turret ball shell half is being used here, but the assembled ball can be used as well.)

#12: Once you have securely glued the inner structure in place, you may glue the outer top shell into the bottom shell per photo.

#12: You will also notice that the two wood dowels (supplied in your EyePod kit), have been installed. To do so, use a drill or a pointed round file to create the holes to allow the dowels to fit in as desired.

#13: Drill a hole in the center of the black foam pad. Feed the prepared elastic line into the hole.

#14: Pull the black elastic out the back. (A standard EyePod was used for this photo)

#15: Glue a trimmed piece of plastic tubing onto the elastic up against the back shell, pulling hard on the elastic so the fit is tight. Glue in place and hold until set. Trim any excess that sticks out beyond the back.

#12: Install dowels and you are ready to shoot!

Ok... please check me on this one! I've been up working since 2:30 AM m my eyes are burning, I feel like I have jet lag plus and I could have missed something... i wanted this to 'stand alone", but in reality, the building of this aerodynamic styled EyePod is just like the Standard one...

I'll try to get the email notice written up to send out, and i will post the notice and the announcement that I have sent them ONLY after doing so,, so don't be waiting for an email if you haven't read it here... if you read it here that i sent them and you didn't receive one... THEN, let me know! lol! I need a nap!

Ok... that's it for now! Thanks!

Nov 20, 2010, 06:44 PM
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Official eyepod "ready" notices sent today!

Hi Guys!

Well, it's finally happened! I could not have done this without Tresa's help! I still have no idea how she accumulated so many mail addresses and sent each of you the notice ...!!!

I'm cutting and pasting the notice into the end of this post just to make sure that everyone who signed up (and those who haven't yet), receive the information. (I've received a few "Failure to deliver email" notices already and there are jut way too many of you to hunt each one down and find out what might be the problem. So if you think you were supposed to receive one and didn't, don't worry. It's here and you're still in! With the arrival of the latest shipment of boxes, I'm pretty confident we can handle any one who wants one.

On a side note, I just received two more client prototype development projects and both start on Monday which means I'm going to be really tight on time for a few weeks. So, I'm using this weekend to produce more kits and Tresa is helping by prepping and bagging parts, folding boxes and packing single/box orders.

I'm asking anyone who wants an EyePod mount to order before Wednesday so that Tresa and I can then pack up the double orders over Thanksgiving and get them out ASAP (I'm not sure if the Post Office is open on Friday or Saturday which is why I put Monday the 29th as the "confirmed" shipping date. If we can get them out sooner, we will.

If you find this after Wednesday, please email me at our website:


and let us know which style and/or how many EyePods you want... but don't send money! Tresa will put you on a list and compare the orders to what we have on hand. IF we can ship out, she'll email you. If we run out, we will save your name and put it on a second list so that I can get to it if I get a break or, when these projects are finished. Shouldn't be later than Christmas.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support!


Here's the notice as it appears in the emails Tresa just sent out:

Thank you for your request for our EyePod camera mount.

All orders that are paid for by midnight (Pacific Standard Time), on Tuesday, November 23rd, will be shipped by Monday, November 29th.

(The delay is not only due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but also because we have received an unexpectedly large number of orders and many of you are changing your orders from one to two EyePod mounts as a result of discovering that shipping fees for two are the same as for one. Because of this, we cannot complete packing until we have received confirmed (paid) orders in order to pack two EyePods in those boxes destined for those of you who are ordering two of one style.)

If you did not hear that we can fit two EyePods into one box and that the shipping fees are the same for one or two EyePods in the same box, here are the details:

We can fit TWO OF THE SAME STYLE (Two Standard OR two Aerodynamic), EyePods into the same box! Shipping fees are not affected by the slight weight gain, which means that you can PURCHASE TWO EyePods (of the same style), and PAY SHIPPING FOR ONLY ONE! This applies to both domestic as well as foreign orders.

Again: The only condition: THE “SHIP TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE EYEPOD DEAL” APPLIES ONLY TO SHIPPING TWO OF THE SAME STYLE EYEPODS IN THE SAME BOX! (Example: 2ea “Standard” EyePods OR 2ea “Aerodynamic” EyePods) I CANNOT FIT ONE OF EACH STYLE INTO THE SAME BOX! Note: This deal is not a two-for-one “purchase price” only the shipping rate is affected.

Shipping Fees: Continental US (excluding Alaska & Hawaii): $8.50 (Priority Insured)

Shipping for all foreign countries (Including Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan): Shipping fees are: $5.00 UN-INSURED! (IMPROTANT NOTE: “Uninsured” means that your EyePod will be sent at your own risk with no recourse if lost or damaged during shipping. Priority shipping with Insurance is available, but the fee for that shipping service is $28.00. (If you want this more expensive service, please contact me directly.)

We accept Payment through Paypal at: richard@jareldesign.com


Example: 1-Standard (rectangular) EyePod / 2-Standard EyePods
Example: 1-Aerdynamic (oval shaped) EyePod / 2-Aerodynamic EyePods

We are only shipping these two styles at the moment. We will be releasing the concave backed Aerodynamic and Helicopter EyePod mounts at the beginning of the year.
Nov 20, 2010, 08:06 PM
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One slight detail...

So I'm getting all kinds of pay pal notices (thank you!)

And then I get an email from a gentleman asking how much does the EyePod cost...

My first thought is: I JUST sent you ALL the information! Can't you read?

Then I notice that my email to him (and you) below his reply and I scroll down looking for the price so I can just hguilight it adn sent it back...

So I'm scrolling.... and scrolling....

back up...

back down...


Wait a minute!

Where's the price????

No price! (Way embarrassed! at least I only "thought" about sticking my foot in my mouth! (It's been a looooong day!)

So... after being so certain of myself! HA!

The price for the EyePod is $9.95 ...and both styles are the same price

Thank you!

Nov 20, 2010, 09:22 PM
AMA 937634
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You mentioned the price up above on post #78.

Nov 20, 2010, 09:34 PM
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Thanks Stone,

I'm sure there's guys like me that skim through, look at all the photos then see that something is available and have to have it but don't remember the details...

Yeah, I can be like that... a LOT... like never reading instructions??? Ha!

How about the time I rebuilt my pivoting oscillating drum sander thinking too much dust had gotten into the switch... took it all apart only to realize it wasn;t plugged in! (I pulled the wrong plug out of the wall socket thinking i was unplugging the machine! LOL!)

So many funny things in life!

Nov 21, 2010, 02:28 PM
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geekmedic's Avatar

A couple of questions;
Is assembly required?

I also noticed on some of the pictures of either the standard and the Aerodynamic mount the pins for attaching the rubber bands is configured differently in some of the shots. Is this changeable at the field, or on the bench?
Nov 21, 2010, 03:08 PM
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jarel design's Avatar
Good one!

At first, I just glued the rubber band dowels in place...

I recieved one email from a guy who wanted both mount options for his standard version... I talked him out of buying tow and just mounting additional rubber band dowels in place... The long ones )parallel to the length of the EyePod),would be low and against the flat base... cross dowels could be mounted just above the long ones and slightly back... THis would allow you to mount it any way you wanted in the field...

I suppose, if you really wanted to be elaborate, you could install styrene receiver tubes for both and then just insert the dowels you choose to use...

I am a TOTAL fan of modifying any of my kits... Somewhere out there is going to be a guy who comes up with an idea that none of us (including your truly), never thought of! The anti-vibration rubber pads were a great contribution...

Please share anything you come across with the rest of us.. This has happened in many of my build threads where builders see something the rest of us didn't and share it and it becomes the standard, either in design, engineering and/or technique/method of building...

Hope this helps?

Kind of on the same subject... One builder emailed me and asked me (besides the obvious looks), what the differences were between the standard and the Aerodynamic versions...

both are really aerodynamic... The standard EyePod, was my first version with the aerodynamic version inspired by my background with sailplanes... thinking the later might produce less drag.

I tried to make the aerodynamic one smaller. The aerodynamic EyePod turned out to be 1 1/4" longer and only 1/8" narrower... The aerodynamic version is also 5 grams lighter than the Standard...

My "personal thoughts" (opinion?) is that the standard EyePod might be better suited for larger planes, and/or rectangular fusealges...

The aerodynamic EyePod might be better suited for smaller park fliers and sailplanes with an ability to be mounted easier on a rounded fusealge.

Here are some measurements (plastic only) I hope will helps:


5-3/4" long
2-1/2" wide

4-7/16" long
2-5/8" wide

Hope this helps!

Always here for questions!

Nov 22, 2010, 11:06 AM
Jerk of all trades
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(crap, wrong thread)

Okay, pods and hardware ordered.

The rest of the plans are coming, right? Just a rough sketch and meas of -

Boom length, fuse rough dimensions, tail feather dimensions and we'll be off to the races.

All the best, Don
Last edited by dawjr; Nov 22, 2010 at 11:08 AM. Reason: wrong thread
Nov 22, 2010, 11:45 AM
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*smiling here*

Hi Don,

It's ok... I took a break the other day to have lunch... created a quick, but great tasting Thai inspired bowl of food, heated it up in the microwave, filled a tall glass with ice, pulled out my meal from the microwave and sat it on my desk in front of the computer (planning to work while I eat), grabbed a diet soda, popped open the can...

and then proceeded to pour my drink into my bowl of lunch! LOL!

Yes... TONS more information coming on the EyePlane build... just sat down to put together some more posts before I get going on these client projcets... Should have more later today.

The info I plan to share includes full size plans for the fusealge, templates for the formers specs on the booms... patterns for the tail feathers including control surfaces... should be everything to eliminate any guess work...

Nov 24, 2010, 04:06 PM
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Shipping Status and update: A few EyePods left...


First off: EVERYONE who paid for their EyePod is set... A few more to vacuum form and pack, but the living room is thigh high in boxes!

We have 8 standard EyePods left if anyone is interested and pays by tomorrow night. (Tresa and Kyla have taken over packing and labeling and their schedule is as tight as mine.

I just receieved several client prototype development projects (Way more than I had hoped for or planned, but grateful for the work), so I will not be producing any more (for right now),other than those needed to get all paid orders filled.

My "time crunch" deadline is December 6th, so I'll produce a few dozen more at that time to keep in stock.

The kits that are packed and ready to go will go out Monday morning.

I want to thank all of you for your enthusiastic response to this design! Really inspired me to continue... After the 6th, I will create the production tooling for the concave aerodynamic EyePod and I'll post the build thread and availability status at that time.

There's been quite a similar response to the EyePlane with a LOT of energy encouraging me to produce the plastic fusealge with built in EyePod mount. I will be working on that as well after the 6th.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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