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Nov 12, 2010, 02:30 PM
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Well, now that you have pointed out the very obvious fact (that I had simply not thought of) that the standard EyePod can be mounted in two different directions, I am going to need two standard kits instead of one. Good business move.

One thing that you did not show here is exactly how the ball itself is assembled. I assume that the foam disk spans the joint between the two halves so they can be glued to it rather than just to each other, and that the two halves do not overlap. That white disk that spreads the pull of the cord over the foam inside the ball was cut from a corner that was trimmed from one of the halves of the ball (4th photo in post #54)? It will likely be quite obvious when I have the pieces in my hands, but any secrets, pointers or stupid things not to do will be helpful.

I am also following the EyePlane build and will be building one as soon as you have it finalized. I want to thank you for the tour of what is behind the curtain. Fascinating! It is like being in a very exclusive course in model building. Your posts will save me a heck of a lot of time and mistakes. And at 67, I don't really want to waste any more time than I have to.

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Nov 12, 2010, 02:46 PM
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How Many Planes Can You Mount an EyePod onto??? Part #2 !!!

Well, there are more of these photos... When I visited my local hobby shop (Als" hobby & Cycle in Medford, Oregon ...GREAT PEOPLE!), the offered me all the planes they had hanging to conduct photo shoots with the EyePod...

We were all amzed at how many planes and in how many ways, these mounts fit!

Some of them look so "at home" on these popular planes that we laughed thinking that when someone see's these photos, they're going to look through their bow wondering where their "EyePod" camera mount is?!?!?!"...

So, here you go... Part 2 of How many planes can you mount an EyePod mount onto???

(Learning the answer is almost as large as the the universe! After a few hours of pulling down planes (including some home built kits that were up for sale), It doesn't take much imagination to figure out where to stick these guys!

Let me share one thing regarding CG and balance with an EyePod...

The smaller the plane, the greater the effect of carrying an EyePod mount... small park flyers like the ICON could easily carry an EyePod just off center of the fusealge without any compensation. My Gee Bee prototype (also a small parkflyer could carry the EyePod mount on the nose and it flew without any tail weight... I could feel the effect as pulling out of a dive took longer and landings were smoother with the EyePod mounted than off...

A video I have yet to edit is the super light Eflight Fokker biplane "Slow-flier"... No problems carrying it and balance was not effected by mounting it under the cockpit (several inches aft of the CG), but I took no chances with th wing tip mounts and mounted one on each tip...

I bring up this last item because several of you are ordering pairs of EyePods so many so, that I'm beginning to see that you may have figured out that mounting one identical on each wing tip would be safer and make flying easier with two...

The OV-10 fusealge shots were created using two EyePod mounts on the wing tips of that model (There are some stills in the video and in the previous post)...

I never thought of people ordering two when I measured for and ordered the boxes... I am going to check this weekend to see if I can fit two into one box... If so, there will be a financial gain on your end as it should cost the same to ship two as it does for one... I'll find out this weekend of they fit... then on Monday, take samples of one and two per box and see if there's any difference in shipping... even if it's minor, I'll cover the difference as it will be saving me the cost of a second box...

So here you go... more photos with one of them (The new "Switch") showing twin EyePods mounted on the plane's wingtips.

Nov 12, 2010, 03:09 PM
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Huge smile here Gord!

Thanks for you post... You have the ball assembly right on target... Each ball shell molding slips onto the foam ball plate 1/2 the thickness per the photo... The other ball shell then slips over the remaining foam sheet and butts up against the other ball shell... Correct: No over lap. Dripping some gap filing CA into the camera opening and the tensioner slot then rotating the ball to allow the glue to drip along the joint between foam and shell completes the assembly... (Only one drip per side per time! otherwise you have a mess! lol!)

As for a business move regarding the two different ways for mounting the standard EyePod? Not one to refuse extra sales, but that was not my intent... actually never thought about it like that... Now you have me wondering if there is a way to mount the dowels in both directions? Maybe the longitudinal dowel mounted low up against the backing plate then mounting the perpendicular dowels slightly inboard just far enough that they rest on top of the longitudinal ones?

The same thing goes for the aerodynamic EyePod mount... I have some that have the dowels protruding from the side for wing type mounting and then longitudinal dowels mounted on EyePods designed for fusealge mounting... The whole idea for this system was to create a mount that is as universally used as possible... Also experimenting with strap-on systems... lengths of thin straps (the type found in Day packs? with rings and Velcro...

There are a few sailor friends that want to get their hands on some so they can hoist them up their masts while racing... camera faces down and towards the cockpit to video tape crew members while racing.... Looking at nylon straps with "D" rings... The ends of the EyePod get slit before joining and the nylon strap gets glued inside so that it comes out the two longitudinal ends.. One "D" ring is connected to a halyard for hoisting and the other has a second line attached and secured below so the entire unit doesn't go flapping in the wind...

Other non-RC applications include hunting dog back pack style mounts... Hunters want to see what their dogs are doing when they take off... Also mounting on the tops of skis... That one looks lik sticky-back Velcro... then the skier can pivot the camera ball to capture whatever they want... forward, back, up...

Kind of cool when you start thinking outside the box... The EyePod can really be used in so many ways!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your post... I LOVE questions never knowing (especially in a build thread) if I've left anything out... something I become so familiar with that I forget that at one point I had to figure it out and others will too on their first time with the build.



PS: read my previous post regarding ordering two at a time.. it may just be that the second one gets shipped for free! More info this weekend and on Monday when I take them to the post office.
Nov 12, 2010, 03:22 PM
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News flash !!!!

I just couldn't wait... My curiosity sometimes gets me into trouble...

This time it didn't...

The boxes I have will fit TWO of the standard EyePods without any problem.

Two of the Aerodynamic EyePods can be "squeezed" in and should work... I can't imagine and damage occurring during shipping unless they step on the box! lol!

So to all who have or are considering ordering two EyePods, Shipping will be the same as for one (Unless the USPS tells me there is a drastic difference due to weight... I just can't imagine that though... the raw materials (untrimmed) weigh only 27 grams (The Completed EyePod weighs only 15grams), so two would still be just under 2 ounces (not including the box)...

For those of you who think like me and wondered if one Standard and one Aerodynamic EyePod will fit in the same box together... Sorry they won't.

Ok... So Monday I'll take these in and get some shipping costs (I figure out my shipping by averaging the cost to send to New York, Florida, San Diego and Seattle......

Ok... back to work on the EyePlane... seems lik everything else around here keeps pulling me away! lol!

Nov 14, 2010, 07:54 AM
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i wand one and maybe even 2 if it fit,s the box
Nov 14, 2010, 09:33 AM
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Thanks for the reminder! I TOTALLY forgot about going to the post office Monday!

(I have been so wrapped up with the "EyePlane"... completed every thing but the fusealge pod last night (photos posted in the build thread)... confident of a test flight this afternoon (weather permitting) that I put all the batteries on charge this AM... the only thing slowing me down is photo-documenting every step to complete the build... over 75 photos still not posted from where I left off, to where I am at the moment.

Ok... I'll mark "Post Office/EyePod on my scheduling board/weekly planner right now!

Thanks Patrick!

Nov 14, 2010, 10:04 AM
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when do you think they be ready for shipping ??
i post some of your pictures on another forum , and there are people who like to have one too
i like the idea , no more taping or velcro on the plane
Nov 14, 2010, 10:16 AM
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I am in need of three of these.
Nov 15, 2010, 11:04 AM
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EyePlane Maiden flight with Standard EyePod Mount! VIDEO!

Don't know if you've been following the EyePlane AP build, but it was completed yesterday morning and test flown. 2 clicks on elevator a and few on aileron and the rest was just a joy!

Ordered more boxes as the requests for this mount continue to pile up (thanks!)

Completing the build for the aerodynamic EyePod and will begin posting that in a day or two.

Also have some more in-fight videos to edit using multiple EyePods on a single plane to get some creative shots... Those will be coming soon as well..

Just about done with tooling so production should begin some time this week with notices going out by the end of the week if all goes well...

Until then, here's a video of what happened at yesterday's EyePlane maiden flight:



EyePlane, Maiden Flight.mpg (1 min 21 sec)
Nov 15, 2010, 01:18 PM
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can,t whait to gett my hands on the aerodynamic EyePod mount
i emailed you before on your website , do i gett a mail when they are ready for ordering ??
thx , and keep up the great work
Nov 15, 2010, 01:32 PM
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EyePod Status report: Production, Shipping, multipl orders and notices

Hi Patrck...

My apologies to you and/or anyone else I failed to reply regarding your EyePod request... The number of emails I have been receiving has just taken over my life! lol! Never expected this kind of positive response...

Tooling is just about complete... casting a set of High temp vacuum form bucks today and will know by tomorrow as to how they turned out...

I have replied to what I thought was everyone who emailed me requesting to be on the list or asking how they can get these guys...

I will be sending out an email to everyone I have on my waiting list sometime around the end of this week... I will also post here letting everyone know that notices have been sent... If you were expecting one and didn't get one, just email me and I'll send you one. The notice will provide PayPal payment information/account as well as shipping fees and details. (Going to the post office today to not only get overseas shipping fees, but to confirm US shipping fees as well.) Time frame for shipping for confirmed PayPal payments is weithin 3 days (Need a little time to complete packing, creating labels and filling out PO forms... All EyePods will be sent priority Insured...

Again, if You emailed me and I haven't responded, don't worry... if you read that I've sent out the notices here in this thread and you didn't recieve on, please email me again...

Overseas orders (including Canada and Mexico), please email me your complete address and I'll get an acurate shipping fee quote for you... wait to send payment until I've replied with your particular foreigh shipping fee amount...


I hope that covers everything!

If you have any questions, please post them here, not by email... If any one person has a question, I'm sure there are many others with the same question.... this way, one answer, answers all... I am just swamped guys and burning the candle at both ends



PS: I will be posting here again later today with the results of comparing shipping one EyPod per box vs two...

Unfortunately, I can't mix the two different designs in one box... they just won't fit! So if you're wanting one of each, they have to be shipped out separately. Hopefully, buying tow of the same kid will save you one of the sipping fees depending on what I learn today at the post office!
Nov 15, 2010, 09:02 PM
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Shipping rates & results from the Post office

I Just returned from the Post Office… (What an “odd” system at best!) I brought in the final production versions of each EyePod and each one packed as a double order in one box (four boxes)

This is what I found out:

Many of you have asked to purchase two EyePods (hence fitting two in one box and getting a shipping fee quote).

For both domestic and overseas shipping, the cost of shipping two EyePods is the same price for shipping one EyePod…! This means that you can PURCHASE TWO EyePods and PAY SHIPPING FOR ONLY ONE!


Sorry, two of each style just will not physically fit in the box. When I chose and purchased the boxes to fit a single EyePod I tried to set it up so that the cost of the box would be low and the shipping costs would be as minimal as possible. I checked into the cost of using a larger box to accommodate two different styles, but the box is not only more expensive, but so is the shipping, so there was no advantage to this strategy.

Shipping Fees: Continental US (excluding Alaska & Hawaii): $8.50 (Priority Insured)

Shipping for all foreign countries: $5.00 UN-INSURED! (IMPORTANT NOTE: “Uninsured” means that your EyePod will be sent at your own risk with no recourse if lost or damaged during shipping! Priority shipping with Insurance is available, but the fee turned out to be $28.00! Which shipping method to use must totally be your choice... a conscious, informed decision on your part.

I sure hope this information helps.

SO far, production bucks look good… I’ll find out tomorrow when I open up the molds… If they turn out good, I should be sending “ready to ship” notices later this week!

We are going to have to do things differently however. Because I cannot confirm how many of you want to purchase two EyePods shipped in the same box, I will have to wait until payment arrives before packing and shipping (should only be 2 to 3 days)…

Ok… I hope this helps…

If you have any questions, PLEASE POST THEM HERE! It will save me time and I’ve learned that if one person has a question, there will be many others with the same question so your question and my answer will help many…

Until next time,
Nov 15, 2010, 09:15 PM
Fly 3D Mon!
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You can order free boxes from USPS. There are many to choose from. There are flat rate and non-flat rate ones available. Best of all they are free.
Cool stuff you've got going on here.
Nov 15, 2010, 09:40 PM
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jarel design's Avatar
I'll check into that one again, but I was told that I could not get them insured.

Always learning more though!

Nov 15, 2010, 11:36 PM
War Eagle!
sneasle's Avatar
Pretty sure you can. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get the parts to fit in the small priority flat rate box.

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