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Nov 03, 2010, 06:39 PM
RC Adddict
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RCDeskpilot Add-on Planes In Post #1 UPDATED MARCH 7 2011

Well nobody seems to have a solution for this so here we go hopefully new planes can be posted here and i can add to the first link . For now i'll start adding links to all the previous planes started on page 23 of original RCDP thread when the editor was first released .

Most add-on aircraft come in the form of a .zip package containing a single folder with the new aircraft. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the folder "My Documents\RC Desk Pilot\Aircraft" which has been created during installation. Restart the sim and the new aircraft should be in the list! To make models with 2 zip files work both zip files must be merged. Once first is unzipped, you need to put second file in first folder folder.

RCDeskpilot thread Download sim from Here

Ggunners RCDP Page

FrankyFly RCDP Page

Eves Blog full of models

____Ggunners PZ T28_______
__ Ggunners PZ P51-D Brushless______Ggunners Ascent__________Gunners Super Decathlon_______Eves Mullicoupe
Name: GunnersT28.jpg
Views: 771
Size: 9.2 KB
Description: _Name: Gunners P51.jpg
Views: 715
Size: 7.8 KB
Description: _Name: Gunners Ascent.jpg
Views: 512
Size: 6.7 KB
Description: _Name: Gunners Decathlon.jpg
Views: 656
Size: 9.9 KB
Description: _Name: Eves mullicouple.png
Views: 460
Size: 52.6 KB

Name: Gunners yardbird.jpg
Views: 627
Size: 10.2 KB
Description: _Name: Eves JW60.jpg
Views: 315
Size: 13.4 KB
Description: _Name: Eves Dwing.png
Views: 320
Size: 44.1 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Delta.png
Views: 264
Size: 28.0 KB
Description: Name: Franky FD-4.png
Views: 261
Size: 33.1 KB
_____Ggunners Yardbird______________Eves JW60____________________Eves X1_______________FrankyFly Duplex__________DeltaFrankyFly FD-4

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________Build log

Name: Franky payen.png
Views: 239
Size: 27.6 KB
Description: _Name: Franky GPW.png
Views: 349
Size: 23.7 KB
Description: _Name: Franky F-22.png
Views: 404
Size: 39.2 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Kolibri.png
Views: 491
Size: 30.6 KB
Description: _Name: Frank GPW Sport Stealth.png
Views: 220
Size: 29.6 KB
____FrankyFly Payen 22________FrankyFly GPW Albatross__________FrankyFly F-22_____________Frankyfly Kolibri__________FrankyFly GPW Sport Stealth

Name: ggunners p-40.jpg
Views: 313
Size: 6.8 KB
Description: _Name: ggunners F4U.jpg
Views: 492
Size: 7.2 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Zagi.png
Views: 660
Size: 27.5 KB
Description: _Name: Franky.png
Views: 288
Size: 15.4 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Slowstang.png
Views: 277
Size: 31.7 KB
___Ggunners Profile P-40______Ggunners Parkzone F4U Corsair______Frankfly Zagi Wing __________FrankyFly Alula_____________FrankyFly SlowStang

Name: Franky twin Boom.png
Views: 265
Size: 24.2 KB
Description: _Name: Franky dart p40.png
Views: 184
Size: 40.8 KB
Description: _Name: Franky p-40 v2.png
Views: 174
Size: 79.0 KB
Description: _Name: franky skyray v2.png
Views: 208
Size: 29.5 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Chara TBC v2.png
Views: 197
Size: 72.7 KB

Frankyfly CHARA twinBoom Cutie____FrankyFly Dart P-40_________Frankyfly Dart P-40 v.2________Frankyfly SkyRay v.2__________Frankyfly Chara v.2

Shawn595's version of frankyfly's Alula

Name: Franky simple delta.png
Views: 209
Size: 5.9 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Guppy sailor.png
Views: 307
Size: 31.4 KB
Description: _Name: franky dart cub.png
Views: 261
Size: 59.6 KB
Description: _Name: franky tony 65x55.png
Views: 228
Size: 45.4 KB
Description: _Name: franky voyager.png
Views: 236
Size: 55.0 KB

__Frankyfly Simple Delta__________Frankyfly Guppy sailer_______FrankyFly DART Cub___________FrankyFly Hurricane________FrankyFly The Rutan Voyager

Name: franky  blu ray.png
Views: 277
Size: 46.8 KB
Description: _Name: franky chara mig.png
Views: 252
Size: 56.5 KB
Description: _Name: franky firefly delta.png
Views: 252
Size: 68.2 KB
Description: _Name: Franky fokker.png
Views: 318
Size: 69.7 KB
Description: _Name: Franky revert.png
Views: 178
Size: 38.4 KB

_FrankyFly Blue Ray hotliner___FrankyFly CHARA baby MIG -15__FrankyFly The FIREFLY like delta__FrankyFly GPW Simple Fokker_____FrankyFly Revert

Name: Ggunners Hawk Sky Brushless.jpg
Views: 935
Size: 9.2 KB
Description: _Name: franky trainer1.png
Views: 233
Size: 48.5 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Hopper.png
Views: 181
Size: 58.3 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Mosca.png
Views: 284
Size: 54.4 KB
Description: _Name: Franky ultimate.png
Views: 278
Size: 57.5 KB

Ggunners Hawk Sky Brushless___FrankyFly GPW Trainer ONE_____FrankyFly The HOPPER_______FrankyFly The MOSCA fighter____Frankyfly the Ultimate Bipe

Name: Franky Discus.png
Views: 238
Size: 81.0 KB
Description: _Name: Franky tandem bipe.png
Views: 204
Size: 69.0 KB
Description: _Name: Franky desert hawk.jpg
Views: 232
Size: 10.3 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Bipe.png
Views: 219
Size: 51.1 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Shinden.png
Views: 224
Size: 49.2 KB

FrankyFly Tymbrewolf Discus_____FrankyFly Tandem Bipe________FrankyFly Desert Hawk________Frankyfly Chara Bipe__________FrankyFly GWP Shinden

______Build log

Name: Franky mudduck.png
Views: 208
Size: 61.1 KB
Description: _Name: Franky holytymbr.png
Views: 163
Size: 61.9 KB
Description: _Name: Franky bullseye.png
Views: 196
Size: 74.9 KB
Description: _Name: Eves x2.png
Views: 214
Size: 55.9 KB
Description: _Name: Franky switch.png
Views: 388
Size: 44.6 KB

____FrankyFly Mud duck________FrankyFly The "HOLY" Tymbr____FrankyFly GPW BULLS'EYE_______Eves X2-Swift_______FrankyFly The Northorp SWITCHBLADE jet

Tymbr updated Par file

Name: Franky Polaris.png
Views: 289
Size: 57.7 KB
Description: _Name: Franky cherry.png
Views: 198
Size: 27.7 KB
Description: _Name: Franky F7U.png
Views: 157
Size: 47.6 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Rookie.png
Views: 134
Size: 37.0 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Vultee.jpg
Views: 213
Size: 10.0 KB

FrankyFly POLARIS seaplane____FrankyFly The CHERRY Jet___FrankkyFly The Cutlass Vought F7U__FrankyFly The Rookie Toy____FrankyFly The Vultee XP-54

_____Build log

Name: Franky profile p51.jpg
Views: 204
Size: 20.1 KB
Description: __Name: Franky Bird.jpg
Views: 173
Size: 19.4 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Bee.jpg
Views: 281
Size: 16.8 KB
Description: _Name: Franky B moth.jpg
Views: 165
Size: 21.8 KB
Description: _Name: Franky xtra 300.jpg
Views: 274
Size: 19.9 KB

FrankyFly Printed profile P-51 Mustang__FrankyFly The Dirty Birdy____FrankyFly Staggered Bee_____FrankyFly Baby Moth RBRR_____FrankyFly Extra 300

Name: franky Guff.jpg
Views: 247
Size: 19.3 KB
Description: _Name: Franky And.jpg
Views: 205
Size: 20.9 KB
Description: _Name: Franky F-4e.png
Views: 262
Size: 28.6 KB
Description: _Name: Eves Orca.png
Views: 229
Size: 85.4 KB
Description: _Name: tboyflyar p82.png
Views: 222
Size: 6.3 KB

FrankyFly The Guff file1___FrankyFly And Now indoor / parkflyer__Elam Serber F-4E Phantom II Zip 1__Eves ORCA Pitcheron__tboyflyar P-82 Twin Mustang
________The Guff File 2____________________________________________F-4E Zip 2

Name: franky sheet.jpg
Views: 209
Size: 20.8 KB
Description: ____no picture____Name: ggunners f4f.jpg
Views: 355
Size: 10.6 KB
Description: _Name: mario apprentice.png
Views: 266
Size: 21.8 KB
Description: _Name: eves radian.png
Views: 245
Size: 64.0 KB

FrankFly Sheet Metal Susie__Kepa Avro Vulcan__Ggunners ParkZone F4F Wildcat__mariopilot808 E-Flite Apprentice 15e__Eves & Metman Radian for RCDP version 0.1.3

Tymbrewolf Sept 8, 2010 Tweaked par file Extra 2

j3tman extra 2 zip edited par

Name: franky harpy.jpg
Views: 258
Size: 14.5 KB
Description: _Name: Kepa jackal.png
Views: 144
Size: 10.1 KB
Description: _Name: Franky bubble.png
Views: 264
Size: 99.6 KB
Description: _Name: Franky blind.jpg
Views: 217
Size: 8.1 KB
Description: _Name: Kepa drake.jpg
Views: 600
Size: 8.9 KB

FrankyFly CHARA Harpy-Cat_Kepa WMD's Jackal Twin parkflyer_Frankyfly Bubble Dancer electric_FrankFly Venetian Blind wing_Kepa Ken Willard's Drake II seaplane

Name: eves rcdp.png
Views: 166
Size: 38.5 KB
Description: _Name: GeeBee 3R Texaco.jpg
Views: 592
Size: 15.8 KB
Description: _Name: frankyF15.jpg
Views: 876
Size: 27.2 KB
Description: _Name: Franky Jacko.jpg
Views: 290
Size: 15.7 KB
Description: Name: franky Onex.jpg
Views: 309
Size: 10.7 KB

Eves RCDP Logo Plane______FrankyFly GeeBee 3R Texaco Zip 1______FrankyFly F15__________FrankFly Jack O'Depron________FrankyFly Onex-Sonex
__________________________________GeeBee ZIP 2

servohobby E-Flite Magister

Name: franky manta.png
Views: 209
Size: 82.7 KB
Description: _Name: frank pawny.jpg
Views: 219
Size: 12.0 KB
Description: _Name: franky  pou.png
Views: 223
Size: 80.4 KB
Description: _Name: franky aquarius.jpg
Views: 214
Size: 17.9 KB
Description: _Name: Franky pepsi.png
Views: 197
Size: 59.2 KB
____Frankyfly Manta Racer_________Frankyfly Pawnee_____________Frankyfly Pou du Ciel___________Frankyfly Aquarius_____Frankyfly HydroPepsi

__Name: ggunners su-26.png
Views: 198
Size: 47.5 KB
Description: ____________________Name: ggunners champ.png
Views: 232
Size: 39.1 KB
Description: _____Name: Stratos.jpg
Views: 232
Size: 16.8 KB

ggunners Parkzone Micro Sukhoi SU-26xp___ggunners HobbyZone Micro Champ____Frankyfly Stratos

Last edited by Wilfor; Jun 01, 2011 at 12:24 AM. Reason: Planes continued in post 7
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Nov 03, 2010, 07:43 PM
Your user title is suggestive,
Xptical's Avatar
I'm doing some DLGs for RealFlight. If anyone is interested in doing conversions, I can send them my .blend files.
Nov 03, 2010, 07:58 PM ..
j3tman's Avatar
I this will make it easier for people to find planes, thank you for starting this thread.

Nov 03, 2010, 09:15 PM
Registered User
Need EDF jets!!
Nov 03, 2010, 10:12 PM
Landin' On The Canopy BAD
F-86FLIER4LIFE's Avatar
subscribed EDF'S IN THE HOUSE MAN!!!
Nov 03, 2010, 11:09 PM
Registered User
You got a lot of planes to add. I have at least 60 planes in my deskpilot hanger!
Nov 04, 2010, 12:35 AM
RC Adddict
Wilfor's Avatar

Planes Continued from post 1

Continued from post #1
Name: collage_bmi.jpg
Views: 306
Size: 84.3 KB
Description: BMI Website

__Name: B2.png
Views: 255
Size: 186.6 KB
Description: __Name: hooter3.jpg
Views: 143
Size: 43.4 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-airplanes.jpg
Views: 127
Size: 4.0 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-XP-39 iso.png
Views: 125
Size: 8.1 KB
Description: _Name: thumb-BluCUB2a.jpg
Views: 129
Size: 3.8 KB
Description: _

_______Frankyly B-2_________________Frankyfly Hooter____________Frankyfly Pipe Dream____________Frankyfly XP39____________Frankyfly BluCub 2

__Name: geobat.gif
Views: 139
Size: 129.2 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-J-Bug RCDP.jpg
Views: 129
Size: 3.8 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-RIP.gif
Views: 118
Size: 20.4 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-1600701.jpg
Views: 189
Size: 3.5 KB
Description: __Name: dlg.gif
Views: 172
Size: 187.3 KB

________Frankyfly Geobat_____________Dz1sfb J-bug____________Frankyfly RipMax WOT-4___________Frankyfly Dyke delta____________Frankyfly DL Glider

__Name: yakduff.gif
Views: 235
Size: 94.9 KB
Description: __Name: thumb-Wedgy1.jpg
Views: 153
Size: 3.6 KB
Description: __Name: theclam.gif
Views: 149
Size: 117.4 KB
Description: __Name: SpinningWingGYRO.gif
Views: 246
Size: 95.0 KB
Description: __Name: pz-micro-t28-icon.png
Views: 206
Size: 108.8 KB

________Frankyfly Homer Yak__________Eves Wedgy________________Frankyfly the Clam__________Frankyfly AutoGyro____________gguners Micro T28

__Name: pz-bf-109g-icon.png
Views: 219
Size: 85.2 KB
Description: __Name: GWSPico-StickGWS.gif
Views: 281
Size: 101.6 KB

_______ggunners Bf-109G_________Frankyfly GWS pico Stick___
Last edited by Wilfor; Jun 01, 2011 at 12:22 AM. Reason: up to page 92
Nov 04, 2010, 04:36 PM
Up Up and Away!
lightspeeddud's Avatar
you forgot one or a few
Nov 04, 2010, 05:18 PM
RC Adddict
Wilfor's Avatar
not done yet but working on it . Im going post by post from the original thread so that there in order of release . I might add release date to them aswell
Nov 04, 2010, 07:14 PM
Up Up and Away!
lightspeeddud's Avatar
sounds good, great work btw
Nov 06, 2010, 05:10 PM
Registered User
frankyfly's Avatar
Originally Posted by Xptical
I'm doing some DLGs for RealFlight. If anyone is interested in doing conversions, I can send them my .blend files.
Hi Xpt, you need to save/export the model as a directx file.

If you want post a model so we can play with it, and see if we can import/mod for the RCDP sim.

Nov 08, 2010, 11:00 AM
I ain't afraid of no highs
pilottube's Avatar
Last edited by pilottube; Nov 10, 2010 at 10:41 AM. Reason: ok, you didn't forget the radians
Nov 08, 2010, 11:31 AM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
If anyone could do a sim model of this it would be terrific...

Make my training much easier.
Nov 09, 2010, 08:50 PM
RC Adddict
Wilfor's Avatar
All the planes added up to today i think atleast . Let me know if anyone see's one ive missed

I'll add dates to the rest of them when i get a little more time
Nov 10, 2010, 07:28 PM
RC Adddict
Wilfor's Avatar
Updated tonight

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