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Nov 01, 2010, 09:26 PM
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Dynam Sky Trainer 4CH RTF

Ok, so I just purchased it from NitroPlanes Yesterday. Hoping that my experience from Microsoft Flight Simulator (Landing Boeing 747 and ETC.) and from a 2ch Boeing 737 (God, Had NO control). I would crash with that 737 because the Radio was horrible and would just die when flying plus since the turning ability was horrible I crashed straight into a Pine Tree, but it didn't even crack.

I think i can handle this one because it seems like it can fly at a low throttle to save battery. I watched it in 20+ MPH winds (Here:
Dynam 4ch Sky Trainer Brushless RTF Plane Review (5 min 17 sec)
). I think this seems like and ideal flier because of how smooth of a flight it had. The landing seemed ok, but if I can bring down to a such speed, a landing in tall grass shouldn't be a problem. I like how the wheel are higher so I don't grind the rudders on a bad landing. Before I even fly this I am going to test my ability with a RC Flight Sim. If anyone knows where I can get one for Windows 7 that would be great.

Only $109.00
Very Realistic
Slow and fast
Good in wind
15+ Flight Time

It says Crash Resistance, but theres some cause none are.
No Free Flight Sim

Thoughts? I will add to list! Thanks
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Nov 01, 2010, 09:34 PM
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Also If anyone Knows of any fields in Northern New Jersey PLEASE tell me! Thanks!
Nov 01, 2010, 10:15 PM
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The lack of wing area and virtually no dihedral in the wing makes me wonder how good a trainer this would really be.

Maybe as a 2nd plane or a first aileron ship, but it looks twitchy and it doesn't look like it has the self-rightening characteristics you'd want in a trainer.

It sure does look good tho.

I'd recommend the Hobbyzone Supercub or the Multiplex Easystar as a trainer. From there, sky's the limit.
Nov 14, 2010, 10:58 PM
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i started back in may with one of these, but first practiced with FMS (sim) for a week. it helped alot , that is to say i could keep it high enough to not crash it.

after a bit of bad landings i put it on a shelf and got a hawksky , its a very good beginner plane and easy to land

then i went back to the dynam sky trainer for learning to land. its stable if you know what your doing.

recently ive gotten the sapac t-34 mentor and its the only one ive had so far that hasnt been crashed, few rough landings yes but no 5 minute epoxy needed so far.

its a progression of skills

all foamies are crash resistant but 5 minute epoxy is your friend along with toothpicks , popcycle sticks and wooden dowls

a month ago my sky trainer had a 50ft vertical crash, split the wing back to front 3/4 of the way across, crumpled the nose like a beer can, broke the elevator, sheered the spot where the wing attaches at the leading edge off and tore the nose gear clean off.

heres yestedays flight
modified Dynam Sky Trainer (5 min 36 sec)
Nov 16, 2010, 08:29 PM
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Seems like it flies great, but landings must be pretty fast. I will probably fly it and if I have trouble I will buy a small 3 ch. I just cant spend more then $70. So now I am out of luck =/

Nice flight
Nov 16, 2010, 10:11 PM
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My 2 cents, being new to this.

I had to crunch it back to imperial units. I'm not a metric guy. I understand them, I can convert them, I just don't like to think in them, since I make my money in imperial, and I'm stubborn.

So as a fairly newbie, I've found that there is a certain wing loading that makes things crappy, especially when landing. About 1lb per square foot of wing area. That brings you in a little faster than you want. More than that sucks, a bit less than that seems to make it a lot easier, by being able to go slower.

That plane is about 10oz per sqft. Chunking the #s through webocalc, you should be around a 15mph stall, which should give you a decent landing speed of around 15 mph. At first that may seem like you are doing warp 9, but with practice, it will seem very slow, and much slower than I started with.

I don't get the freak out with a 4 channel plane... Ailerons, they're scary. Odds are in flight, you aren't even going to use the rudder most of the time, so essentially a 4 channel plane is a 3 channel plane. Bank it, yank it, same as with a rudder/elevator plane.

FMS is FREE, I didn't like it much and was blown away trying Clearview at $40. Either way, they both taught me the basics, orientations and all that good stuff.

Play with the simulator for a week or so, go out and toss the plane, crash it once or twice or thrice, and go back to the simulator.

If you have half a brain in your head, and have been thinking about how a plane flies, your second trip out with that plane will be mildly successful. You may break a few props, (order some more now, you'll need 'em).

My biggest problem, panic and dumb thumbs. I panic and make wild corrections and I end up drilling into the ground. Small moves.

Actually, the hardest at the get go, was trim, getting that pig to fly steady and straight. Get it up (not the TSA style get it up, where they are rubbing your nuts), but get the plane up, slow and easy on the sticks, grandma like. You should have the rudder already centered visually. Throttle her back to maybe 5/8 throttle or so, and trim your ailerons to keep her level.

You should be high enough that you are uncomfortable with the height, scared of the height, a football field high, you're safer there, let the sticks go, trim your ailerons, so its not rolling. Then trim out your elevator so its flying level. I didn't do that, I just crashed, I was afraid of altitude. Put that sucker to the moon, and then granny stick it, tiny tiny little movements on the sticks.

Remember, throttle controls altitude, not elevator. When you need to get back down, just ease back on the throttle, that was very hard for me.

I still suck, but I'm getting much much better. I don't think you will have to revert to a 3 channel. Practice on the sim, be easy on the sticks, don't be afraid of altitude. Don't fly full throttle, don't be afraid to trim. Real air movement will knock that thing around like no simulator could, just let it ride, you aren't going to correct it, you're just going to crash it, it may need a small granny stick correction, not full stick anywhere.

Good luck, but if you are planning on staying in a budget, you're screwed, you are going to want to make mods and buy new planes and all kinds of good stuff. I think I would be better off taking up full size airplanes, at least one of those fills a hangar.
Nov 17, 2010, 11:27 PM
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this plane will land slow, get the CG correct and you shouldnt have any problems. on your first few flights just try to keep it in the air. and like the other guy said fly high and "small movements" on the sticks.

i used to get alot of glitchs with the stock radio that comes with it. be sure you disconnect the servos wires to the reciever and twist them a bit and then replug them back in. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twisted_pair

ive never had a glitch since i started doing that
Nov 18, 2010, 05:37 PM
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Flew it today, went for a nose dive because of radio issue. So the Shaft of the Motor snapped. What should I do?
Nov 18, 2010, 08:44 PM
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buy a new motor.....

what was the radio issue?
Nov 18, 2010, 09:01 PM
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Me of course (I didn't pull up antenna) took off, about 20 ft in air, got stuck nose up (Hovering) and stalled, spun and nose dived. There goes $20 in 3 minutes.... Any motor recommendations that I can use the same battery and ESC? People said the original stock motor on here isn't to great anyway and the shaft was not strong (Broke on somebody else).

I think i'm just going to get a Hobbyzone Champ, FMS, Practice and then fly this
Nov 18, 2010, 09:45 PM
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at the moment id go with a stock motor, its not that powerful for a reason
and is up to the job atm.

each flight youll make mistakes, and not repeat em in the next, hence youll get better and better, myself i dont start to modify any untill i begin to get bored of it, thats when it really gets interesting

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