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Jul 12, 2003, 01:15 PM
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What did you fly before dlg ??

Ive been considering a couple of dlg's; enigma,gladiator,taboo,xp3. these seem to be 250.0-- 400 dollars ,thats a lot of $ ,,im thinking what were the hottest javalin gliders from 2-4 yrs ago; feather,flamingo,??? WHAT WERE YOU GUYS FLYING BEFORE DLG GOT STARTED??? THANKS LEE
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Jul 12, 2003, 02:24 PM
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The Spinner, for $125 shipped is tough to beat for entry-level DLG! (Others will have to answer about the javelin-launch ships.)


Jul 12, 2003, 02:43 PM
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From a few years ago I can remember the the Wizard, Raptor (I think this model did eventually become a dlg), Omega, Carbon D-Lite, Logic, Simply The Best, Feather, Merlin, Lil Bird and Chrysalis - not all of these were top competition ships - they're just what I can remember at the moment.

Jul 12, 2003, 06:22 PM
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I flew an Omega HLG for over a year, including some truly spectaular flights, but the moment I got a DLG, the Omega went into the closet. Never going back. Flown two versions of Ed Berg's Bolo DLG since, and have an XP-3 on order (reminds me, I need to check on the status of that).

Jul 12, 2003, 08:25 PM
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omega vs bolo

Iam; OK,launches higher....what else? at a contest that 15-30 is important....why else???? lee
Jul 12, 2003, 11:34 PM
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compare logic,raptor,feather

Greg; You mentioned a bunch of gliders ive heard about but have never seen, how do they compare? was the feather ever made discus? LEE
Jul 13, 2003, 09:45 AM
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If you're talking about javalin HLG's you have to mention the Monarch. It was the plane to fly for several years.
Jul 13, 2003, 10:02 AM
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Build 'The Bug' from plans. You can extend the wing and add a peg and be into HLG with a $6 set of plans and $15 worth of materials. It's as cheap as it gets.

Warning though - HLG/DLG is very addictive, you'll be flying a $400 composite ship within a year
Jul 13, 2003, 12:23 PM
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Re: omega vs bolo

Originally posted by capt soap
Ian; OK,launches higher....what else? at a contest that 15-30 is important....why else???? lee
I've never flown a contest..
Best javelin launch with the Omega, I got maybe 30-35 second flights. Best DL with the Bolo 75 seconds. The Bolo is 14-14.5 oz so is a lead sled compared to most any other DLG. It doesn't launch as high, or fly as long, but it's strong, and fast, and makes an excellent light air sloper (although I've flown it successfully from a flat field many times). Something like the Taboo or XP-3 will launch higher, and see dead air times of 2+ minutes.

I find that javelin throws are brutal on my shoulder and arm. I know someone here who damaged his shoulder doing Javelin throws in competition and can no longer throw overhand at all. Other than my torso getting a bit sore (from the twisting motion) and finger tips a little raw (because I've got a heavy DLG), I can DL for hours without a problem.

So here's the real puzzle.. Since I fly my HLs off slopes anyway, why do I need DL? Because any inland, thermal laden slope, generally makes for "marginal" slope lift on a light day, and the best time to launch into a thermal is when the slope lift stops complete (thermal block from a thermal somewhere upwind). So the wind shifts off angle, or stops completely, and that's when I hurl the thing up 80-90 feet, and range out toward the expected location of the thermal. A guy we fly with has only a javelin launch glider, and he spends a lot of time waiting, while we spend a lot of time flying. He's got a bad knee so is leary to try DL.

There are other factors.. One location we fly is from a road across a 45 degree, 1000 foot high slope. Sounds great, except that it's primarily a thermal site, so when we launch the last thing we want to do is end up climbing down that slope over rocks, slippery dry grass and rattlesnakes to get the glider. Starting 90 feet overhead sometimes makes all the difference between catching the thermal, and climbing.

Lastly.. Base flying. Because we fly slope a lot, we find ourselves hiking a lot. A DLG lets you avoid some of it, by walking up to the base of a slope (or only part way up), launching high and then flying back to the slope above and catching the better lift up higher. Ed and I do this all the time at Green Mountain flying from a spot about 1/3rd of the way up. I also do it against treelines or buildings when flat field flying. If you've watched Endless Lift, you'll recall he flew buildings, bushes, bridges etc, but had a hard time getting it high enough to catch lift off the Kitty Hawk Memorial or Washington Monument. Imagine if he'd had a DLG. Of course it'd make the accomplishment of javelin launching out over the ocean to catch lift off a broken bridge a little less amazing, but he'd have found more interesting things to fly I'm sure.

Ok.. I lied.. there is one more last thing..
Strength. Javelin launch gliders were all about being lightweight. At their pinnacle they were down around 6-7oz and built about as strong as a feather. DLGs need to be stronger to take the stress of the launch, and heavier to carry some momentum from the launch which means what you get is a higher performance glider that is a lot more durable. Hard to ask for more than that.

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