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Oct 30, 2010, 03:50 AM
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Fox EPO Glider 2.32M (91.4in) Plug-n-Fly

Received my new Fox 2.3m elec glider... oh... what a disaster... here was my original review on HK

engine mount bad, req'd re-drill. ailerons bad throw, req'd rebuild. rudder bad, req'd rebuild plus replace servo and longer arm for ele and rudd. elevator insufficient throw, rebuilt with replacement of new hxt900 and longer servo arm. elevator dug out (for horn and wire) insufficient. dig it out some more to prevent dragging. after lots of re-work, she's now ready to fly. will add another reply when i fly her this weekend. cheers PNB

Someone then asked for help, so i've copied my email to him below for anyone else interested.. After 852354 hours of rebuild/redesign and a lot of swearing.. its finally ready to fly..

Hi, happy to help

wow man, i have had so many problems with this bird!!! i have never bought a new plane with this many problems!!

i just spent 6 hours re-doing the ailerons. i ended up forgetting about the hidden tube / wire aileron set up and put in my own. basically cutting a hole in the wing and throwing in a 9g hxt into the wing and running a wire back to the fuse (cut a channel in the foam to keep it flush). the hinge/horn that is already embedded in the aileron is absolutely terrible. it just didn't have enough throw to be even safe to fly, let alone move it around with ease and direction. anyway i am finally ready to test flight, but the wife is away and i have all 3 kids, so i cant fly tomorrow!!

now enough about my problems.. onto yours.. my engine was not mounted at all. they stuffed it into the hole, gave me the wrong screws to mount it and the motor mount back plate had holes for screw that were not aligned to the holes in the firewall.

to mount it i basically enlarged the holes on the back plate that attaches to the engine. to get your engine out (assuming HK have actually put it in), you unscrew the back plate with two side screws - that align to the tiny holes in the front of the fuse (on the side of the fuse nose) with a small Philips head driver. once you undo those screws the engine just pulls out. then you can unscrew the back plate from the firewall.

i haven't reinforced the engine mount or firewall yet. i'll just wait for first crash and then redo then.

both the rudder and elevator need longer servo arms. i replaced the servos with hxt 9g servo's (they never let me down) and chose the longest arm. the ezy coneect screw will brush up against the canopy when connected so you need to care a little foam away from the canopy. the horn where the elevator moves is to big for the hole, so you need to dig some foam out of the channel inside the reaer of the fuse, so it runs freely.

i'll try post this on rcgroups and then look at adding photo's. haven't posted before, so hang in there while i try. i'll drop the link onto the product comments

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Oct 30, 2010, 03:57 AM
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by the way, my box was an FMS box... thats the second FMS i have had a lot of troubles with. if i'd known it was fms, i probably wouldnt have bought it!
Oct 30, 2010, 04:41 AM
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she's not nearly as pretty, but at least the surfaces are moving better and she's ready to fly... wish i hadn't waited 2 months for this thing! i should have bought one of the other proven elec gliders they sell.
Oct 31, 2010, 11:41 PM
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Hey Pete
Have to agree with what you have said, this thing is full of problems. I had planned the same aileron fix as you, but I figured I would have to replace the rudder control system. There is so much slop in the installed system I didn't think it could be made to work. Did you have to do anthing more to the rudder other than increasing the throw (new servo and long arm)? Flight report when you can :-) I'm hoping she will thermal. I had hoped to throw this thing up the next day but now it will be next spring (too dammed cold here already anyway)
Cheers: Kerry
Nov 02, 2010, 02:00 AM
I do this for fun!
I would love to hear a flight report!

I agree the problems shouldn't be there, but for the price I'd be happy to fix them so long as the plane flies well afterward

Nov 03, 2010, 04:19 AM
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Hi Kerry, I haven't done anything with the rudder yet, but the throw is terrible. I'll have to replace it somehow, but just haven't decided. plus... and i know its slack... but after 6billion hours of rebuild i just want to get her up for a fly. she maidens this weekend... finally!! i could have maidened her on Sunday, but wife was away, so i had the kids.. Anticipation is killing me! Hey BTW, don't know how cold it is in Canada, but have you seen those transmitter gloves? they look hilarious, but if it gets you out there... No need for transmitter bag here... Sun is getting brighter every day ;-) Good luck with your mods.
Nov 03, 2010, 04:22 AM
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H Ken, i'll definitely report on flight. either sat or Sunday, Sydney time!

I'm hoping i feel the same way after she fly's. One thing is for sure, she is very good looking and there is even enough room for fpv... my next purchase!
Nov 03, 2010, 08:54 PM
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I have been trying to get a good light behind this thing to see whats inside. I would like to try to put a standard horn and control rod on the rudder.(without opening the fuse.) Also I have a set of air brakes purchased for my (h.k.)DG1000 but never installed, might put them in this just to play with. It's a winter project now, you guys will be ahead of me finding all the problems/fix's :-) Of course i appreciate it.
Transmitter mitts are not for me Pete, I don't do cold well so it's simulator and maybe a little indoor. My passion is 3D heli so the simulator is my best friend. The gliders are calming and a welcome break. I had a couple flights this summer that where climbing by my eye, so I hooked up the eagletree and gps and tried again. I had an 800' climb over 7 min's and it wasn't a glider > i'm hooked.
Now for the fun part, I have Friday booked off to attend the International Hobby Show. I can feel my wallet getting thinner already. :-) Maybe a smaller glider ;-)
Nov 04, 2010, 06:03 PM
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Had a go at pulling out the aileron lever things, no problem. It took nearly an hour to pull servo wire through where the control rod was, I CA"ed the control rod and tube to the wire and it worked. Should make a nice clean install. Pulled the motor, funny looking thing I'm wonering how it will perform. I have an H.K. 2836 1000KV if it's not good, I dont like the mount with the side screws.
Nov 05, 2010, 06:39 PM
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OK... First flights are done!! here's some notes..
Overall she flies quite well. it seems too nose heavy with a 22003s, so i'm going to get myself some 13003s and see what that's like. my mods probably added about 30grams (ish), so with light mods it might be better. one thing for sure is i am sooo glad i didnt go with stock throws, cause it would not have flown very well at all. the glide ration is a little short on what i would like, but again, i think with a smaller battery and probably pushed back to the rear of the battery slot i will get a better balance leading to longer glide ratio.
she aileron rolls quite well, but i expected that, because with my mods the ailerons have 100% movement up and down.
rudder (unmodified) was pretty useless under glide, not so bad under power.
elevator was great (full movement by minor mod)
Nov 05, 2010, 06:49 PM
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engine works a treat. i replaced the original blades (which i broke accidentally) with 12*6 blades and this thing all but pulls vertical. in fact she climbs unusually steeply when on full power. you can trim this out but then you need to re-trim for glide, so i just climbed with a little down on the elevator stick. so i think the power system is on the money. after 4 flights with a 3s, 2200 i still had each cell reading at 3.8, so there was oodles of battery life left.
i get the feeling this one will slope fly really well.
Thermals? well it was a pretty horrible weather day this morning. it was raining on and off and the clouds were very thick so i couldnt get any thermal action. i think it will thermal well, but i'll need to lighten the load a bit first and make a minor cg adjustment.
all in all I am very happy with the flight characteristics BUT, be warned, if you dont do the mods, this thing will fly like a wheel barrow and will not respond to surfaces sufficiently.

Kerry, i've seen those airbrakes at HK and i think they would make a great mod. they are very light weight and you can service sufficiently with a 5g or 9g servo.

She comes in fairly gently on approach, but because the glide ratio was short, i didnt use the flaps i had set up. she lands like an absolute dream and the front and rear wheels are just perfect.

So thats the good news !!

The even better news is the forecast for tomorrow looks good. the sun will be out, hopefully the wind will stay decent and fingers crossed i can find a little thermal action!

At least i now know that the mods are worth it!!

Nov 05, 2010, 08:01 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
I SEE what you mean re the throws issues !

I just got my box open and the canopy OFF.

I'll be adding my 2 cents as I get into it also !

But as with my Multiplex gliders, I will most likely be adding Colored packing tape in places !

NO DECALS FOR THE WINGS ??? at least no on mine :-(

That too will be corrected !
Nov 06, 2010, 01:50 AM
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Nice work Pete, all previous questions answered and a good report. THANK YOU
Nice suprise with the motor too.
Nov 06, 2010, 03:10 AM
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yes, Kerry, i must admit, i was surprised with the motor too. i thought she'd last 5 minutes.. but she has been good so far! the real question is, how far will she last..

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