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Oct 27, 2010, 06:04 PM
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Learning to fly CP helis: My progress log... Update#4

Its been a while since my last entry, yep, gotta admit I have been a bit lazy. I have been working hard on my progress though and I'm moving along nicely. Its been four and a half months since my first flight and quite honestly I'm surprised at how far I have come; success did not come easy though, or cheap LOL... Once I started to get into the relm of aerobatic flight I started to push myself and had a few fun mishaps along the way.

Well, this was classic... and funny. Labor day weekend, I had a nice crash free streak going and I was all set up for the long weekend, nice weather, clear sky's and no wind... What could be better? So, I wake up that Saturday (I was actually sleeping on the boat at the marina) and step outside to get my blood pumping, no wind so I got my heli and off I went to the lawn. The first mistake was I didn't have my coffee and I was up on the 'pad' less then 15 minutes after getting up... Yep, recipe for disaster.

Here I am on my second pack, all warmed up and have a small crowd gathered behind me watching (our neighbors at the marina love it! don't worry, I made it very clear how dangerous these things are, they respect that and stay back), so I'm flying fast, roller coaster like vertical stall turns going to nose bleed heights of over 150ft and fast smooth exits. Some loops and rolls, really basic stuff but looks cool! Then I transition into practicing some flips, here's where I dumb thumb it. A few flips and I don't know what happened, I basically plowed it in to the ground 20ft in front of me, gave it fill positive pitch while inverted. OOPS, smack! and a bunch of ohhs and ouch's from behind me, I laughed, picked cleaned up my yard sail and headed in... So much for my flying filled labor day weekend. Oh BTW, it was cursed because it was my 100th flight and I wrecked...

This one was much more exciting! The interval between this one and my previous crash was too short, not even 10 flights! oh man Igor, what the hell were you thinking? I don't know... So here's what happened.

The high school which I usually fly at had kids on the field so I went to my alternate location which is usually empty. Its a baseball field of a local elementary school that is surrounded by trees on all sides and has a building and tall fence that I almost plowed into once. So here I am on my third pack, practicing circuits and figure 8's (towards me) and decided to do a piro in the middle of each straight section, ok no problem, now 2 piros in a row, now 3... That was all fine but then I decide to do 4, I quickly learned that anything more then 3 requires the ability to actually correct in the middle of the piro and not just whip the tail around.

I did 4 and 1/4 piros, got wobbly and obviously came out sideways. If I were at the high school I would have had plenty of room to recover but not this time, this time my 450 met a tree at full speed. I hit TH but still, BANG! leaves go flying, twigs and branches drop from the tree quickly followed by my helicopter. OUCH! Shattered boom and supports, the torque tube a pretzel, bent pretty much every shaft in the heli; you know, the usual suspects...

'CRASH' #5
Well, not a crash really, not in my book anyway so... I had just gotten my Scorpion 2221-8 and was testing it out with a 15T pinion. Normal mode = 2950rpm Idle 1 = 3100 rpm and Idle 2 = 3200rpm. Well, I didn't let the loc-tite cure and on my 4th flight my pinion let go, took me by surprise and I 'autoed' to a hard landing that cost me a set of LG. Not a real crash in my book cuz it was controlled but I do need to practice autos, not easy with a 450 size heli.

So what did I learn? well the obvious really...
Don't fly immediately after waking up, have breakfast or coffee or whatever... Let your brain fully wake up.

Don't get cocky and try maneuvers to which you have yet to meet the prerequisite, such as multiple successive piros during FFF before you learn piro flight. One or 2 are ok though, just make sure to level out before initiating the piro, just as you would with a snap-roll.

Now the progress...

-I have perfected nose in to the point where I can hover in front of me comfortably and low to the deck for as long as I please.
-I have been doing A LOT of slow and low precise flying, 'air taxi' type stuff, very important and easy to skip over once you feel comfortable with flying around.
-Approaches, this plays in to slow and low flight. Once I felt comfortable flying around I would still have a funky non precision approach when it was time to land. Often I would be going to fast and by the time I slowed would bring it in tail in and land. Not anymore, every take off and landing is as close to scale as I can handle.
-Loops; big ones, small ones, fast and from a stop, any way I could. Still not absolutely perfect when there is wind but if its calm I got them down pretty good.
-Stall turns with full, half and quarter rolls and 540's. Stall flips, easy maneuver and does not require any negative pitch but just so fun and graceful when done right. A few tail slides mixed in also...
-Flips, still having trouble doing multiple flips without losing altitude but I'm getting it... Really helps me with rolls too.
-Cuban 8's and Cuban rolls, Immelman's, Split S's, vertical square circuits (basically stall turns, Immelman's and split S's done together without stalling obviously)

The Sim...
Here I'm practicing inverted hover and reverse flight for at least 30 minutes a day. Gonna get these perfect before I try with the real thing...

Well, not much more to say really, basically just practicing a lot and logging hours. Got 2 more batteries so now I get a minimum of 20 minutes a session.

Here's a video my buddy took of my last flight (last Sunday), the weather has been crappy since and I have not gotten a chance to fly.

Flight 158 (5 min 21 sec)

Well, till next time.

Total stick time: 14:00
Total flights: 159
Total crashes:4.5
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Nov 07, 2010, 06:10 AM
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Very good Igor, keep up with the writing. I enjoyed reading all of your posts. Maladets! (I don't know to write Russian very well, buy I can speak a few words ).
Nov 08, 2010, 11:34 AM
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WOW A READER! So it wasn’t all for nothing!
Cool, thanx for reading and spasebo!
I will keep it up for those reading, I for one would love to read a log put together by other users… It’s interesting to see how people progress and how the progression works in different ways for different people.

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