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Feb 13, 2011, 05:38 PM
I feel the need for speed!
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Some pics..........

Good wind were really movin'

Had to throw the last one in of Stringfly.........lost his servo
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Feb 13, 2011, 06:24 PM
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Great day today.

First chance to get Vela out in 13-15 mph winds. With regular gust a little stronger.

Water Intrusion appears resolved under the water line. Greasing the keel and rudder have stopped any chance of it being a source. Had some minor water inside the hull today and the sponge I placed inside absorbed most of it. With the seas we had today, I am sure some came in around the hatch's, or may have came thru the rigging mounts on the deck. Not really sure how effectively the factory waterproofed the hardware when manufactured.

Rigging - I only had two failures from the Standing Rigging today. First one was the Traveler came undone on the starboard side. Easy fix once I got her back to shore.

Second failure was the spreader on one side came out releasing the inner mast stay line. I am sure that was due to the wind loosening the stay lines. All rigging remained upright. Simple re insertion and tensioning of the rigging and back to sailing. I told myself to keep an eye on all the rigging lines since this was the first time out in heavy wind. Was just having to much enjoyment to want to stop and assess the boat. So I'll blame this one on my failure to follow my advice to assess the standing rigging often.

Sail Winch Servo - Im still running the boat on 4 AA's (4.8 v). Changed my sheets to double haul on the sail servo. In the type of winds we had today, the sail overpowered the Servo with this setup. Wing to Wing it couldnt trim it in at all. Once you made the mark and transitioned to a Reach ot windward tack, it would have enough strength to bring them in. The servo on 6 volt with the factory sheet/rigging setup may be okay, but Im doubtful of that. I may have to go ahead and buy a Hitec 815 Sail Servo and not worry about it anymore.

I may have to acquire a Seawind Rigging/Sail setup for my "B" Rig.

She is still a great boat for the money and effort it takes anyone to get her in the water.
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Feb 13, 2011, 08:15 PM
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Good sailing today....but wind finally got the waves rough. Some shots of the Vela, Seawind and tiny little Micro Magic. My Chinese Team winch servo just died on me.

Stringfly <>++++++
Feb 13, 2011, 11:48 PM
I feel the need for speed!
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Had to post the last pic String..................remember the one you posted of me diving for my sunken boat?...............
Feb 14, 2011, 07:25 AM
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I had some good times with my sailboat this weekend as well. Adjusted some of the rigging and the boat was sailing very good but the servo didn't have enough power at all... at times had to let the sail luff for the servo to catch up...

JDcrow how are you planning on putting the Hitec 815 in the boat? Will it fit? It will be quite a bit bigger than the current one.

One another note will buy some mylar today in order to build me some sails (first time attempting this but lets see...)
Feb 14, 2011, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by scorpion1
Had to post the last pic String..................remember the one you posted of me diving for my sunken boat?...............
No problem Scorp..... I should have held up the sail in the retrivel boat to get more speed

Stringfly <>+++++
Feb 15, 2011, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by transam2k4
JDcrow how are you planning on putting the Hitec 815 in the boat? Will it fit? It will be quite a bit bigger than the current one.
Dremel and make a new Sail Servo mount to install on the factory radio tray. Remove the battery switch for more room, and replace with a magnetic switch that can be turned on/off without removing the hatch.

I am thinking since the Tactic Radio appears to be made by Futaba, they must have used the S3802 (or old S125) as the Sail Winch servo. It looks to have the same size and spec as the Tactic TSX382 at 6v. If it is, then the Sail Servo on 4.8v is only 122 oz inches. Not much grunt to haul in Main/Jib full of moderate (8-12mph) wind.

Hitec HS-765 offers 140* travel 152ozin torque @4.8v/183@6v
Length 2.32in (59mm)
width 1.14in (29mm)
height 1.96in (50mm)

Hitec HS-815 offers 140* travel 275ozin torque @4.8v/343@6v
Length 2.59in
Width 1.18in
Height 2.26in

Futaba S3802 offers capable of 140* travel
Length: 1.7" (1-3/4") (44mm)
Width: 0.9" (7/8") (23mm)
Height: 1.7" (1-11/16") (43mm)
Torque: 122 oz-in @ 4.8V - 153 oz-in @ 6V (6v spec as quoted for Vela)
Feb 15, 2011, 07:22 AM
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Hey J.D

Glad to see your liking your new boat! Based on the specs you should go for the 275 oz. one from Hitec. They also make a nice digital one that has 333 oz of torque but with a price jump.

Happy Sailing,

Feb 15, 2011, 10:30 AM
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sail servo..

I am using the HS-765 at 4.8v with 152.75 oz and it is not enough for the winds we had Sunday on my China Team 744 sq sail (which I think is the same area as the Vela) (10 to 15 mph winds). It quit on me but now working fine after a replugging it up ( I hate that !!!). It may be the geometry of my double in haul and arm set up that is killing me but because of the narrow hull I had to go that route. May even be a issue with the stretcher that allows me 180* throw. Guess I could go with a drum winch (HS-785HB 3.5 turn) but was trying to avoid that with all the inherent line and line up fouling issues and it has the same torque as the HS-765.

May have to try a 6v, 5cell set up to get 183.31 oz torque.

The HS-815BB may be the route to go with 231oz at 4.8 and 343 oz at 6v but this guy is a amp hog !!! 800mah UNLOADED !!!! I am using 2000mah Enelops and have some 2400 mah La Cross AA cells. Could cut up a 4000man sub C pack but room for it becomes a issue. So not sure where to go just yet.

Hobbyking offers a HS-805BB (cheap at 26.95) with 275oz at 4.8 and 343oz at 6v but typically out of stock and also 800mah draw...

My Micro Magic is looking better every day.

Stringfly <>++++
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Feb 15, 2011, 12:13 PM
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My favorite sail servo is the Futaba S3801. I know, they aren't made anymore, you can find them on line.

I have no idea why they discontinued this great servo. I use these on my Yamaha RTW, and on my Seawind. I have also had good success with a Futaba S5201 in the Seawind. I don't have the spec's handy but never had any problems.

Feb 15, 2011, 03:26 PM
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Hey String,

I would try going to 6V before you get a new servo...its helps a lot on those strong wind days. Also you need to look for any areas where you can cut friction down to minimal...

Feb 15, 2011, 04:10 PM
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Thanks RG.... will try 6 volts next and check on friction drag.

Stringfly <>++++
Feb 22, 2011, 10:09 PM
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Just got in some Mylar material which I will try to make some sails out of... Also about to order this servo:

What do you guys think?

Last thing It seems that the bulb is not lead but not 100% sure... How can I tell. It did have rust on it (brownish) but I dont know if lead rust (dont think so...)
Feb 23, 2011, 01:11 AM
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... lead does not rust, unless it's made in China
Feb 23, 2011, 09:09 AM
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winch servo

I think I would go with the HS-815BB transam. A lot more torque than the one you show listed at 6volts. Of coarse more money.

Stringfly <>++++

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