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Jul 10, 2003, 10:57 AM
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Logo 10 - How to increas flight time?

Hi all,

I have logo 10, here is the config :

Kontronik BL600-17 + Beat 55A
13T Pinion
12 cells sanyo RC2400
515mmm symetrical fiberglass blades from mikado
GY401 + S9253
4 cells 1100 ma for RX
3 HS85BB

I have at this time 5.30 min of safe flying and 1 additional min of hoovering (until the heli can't lift anymore).

What could i do to increas the flights time? (no other batteries)
Should i use a 14T pinion with less motor speed or something else?

Thanks for your help guys...;-)
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Jul 10, 2003, 11:24 AM
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hey , first you can get the ultamate bec , it will replace that heavy rx pack and weigh about like a AAA battery , next , spend 240 bucks on a lipo battery from Charlie Wang , thunder power 7800s and get the same flight time as I get , 23 minutes with the same set up except Im useing a schulze 18.46 , and if you plan on doing some mild flips keep those servos , if not get some stronger ones , those are the ones I have also , did a flip not to long ago and it ended up being a BIG flip with full stick back , bought me some jr mini 368s , other than that thats about all

Jul 10, 2003, 12:34 PM
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A cheaper option than lipo is to use Sanyo 2600s. That will buy you around a minute more flight time. And more power. But to get the most benefit from these cells, they should be soldered.

Or you could go with the GP3300s, which should give you around 2 more minutes. But I don't have any experience with them.

There is a sweet spot for duration with a given pinion, head speed and motor setup. You have to find it.

You can also try adjusting the timing on the motor.

I would try the 14T pinion and keep the head speed around 1600. This will keep the power more consistent throughout the flight, but will drop off more rapidly.

Keep a log so you know what works.

I get 5-6 minutes with my B50-13L on 2600s while running 1800 RPM and doing 3D. If I back off to 1600RPM, I can get about a minute more flight time.

Also, make sure all of your links move freely.

If you aren't doing it already, peak your pack at the field just before you fly. It will get you additional time and more power.

Jul 10, 2003, 10:11 PM
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I have learned from these threads that many Logo fliers are running extremely high head speeds.

If you hover at high RPM, depending on heli weight, the pitch will be very low.

If the pitch is below approximately 5 degrees the lift/drag ratio will be low and will not be operating at best efficiency for long flight times.


Adjust your heli so that with the smallest pinion and full throttle, it will hover at approximately 5 degrees pitch. Increasing the pitch will increase the lift, but unlike a gas heli the motor RPM will not change significantly as the load increases.

I have always been curious why electric heli fliers use governors.

Because the smallest pinion you can use has 13 teeth it will be necessary to lower the number of cells in your battery pack to ensure hover at full throttle and 5 degrees.

Decreasing battery weight is also an advantage. Adding more cells may not necessarily significantly increase flight time because of the added weight.

You won't be doing 3D acrobatics, but you will have a great sport flier with long flight times.
Jul 11, 2003, 01:49 AM
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I have had my Logo 10 for one month and been flying a lot (but never before, just staring to hover nose-in). In the beginning I was getting 6-8 minutes pr. flight, but after 4 weeks the duration was down to 3-4 minutes or even shorter. The batteries seemed ok, and so did everything else.

I ended up buying some 'Super Lube' oil and oiled all moving parts (ball bearing, ...). I have only done a few flights after this, but my flighttime is back to more than 7 minutes.

I also carefully checked the tightness between pinion gear and main gear, and between main gear and tail rotor gear.

If I rotate the main rotor with my fingers in wrong direction (not pulling maingear, motor and tailrotor) it will spin for up to 15-18 seconds. If I rortate the main rotor with my fingers in right direction (so motor and tailrotor also spins) it will spin for up to 5 seconds before it stops again. This is much better than before I oiled all moving parts.

My setup:

Logo 10
Kontronik FUN 600-18
Schulze 18.46K
3 x DS 361 servo
401 + 9153 gyro + tail servo
14 tooth pinion
12 * Sonya 3300 mAh NiMH batteries

I also have an unused 13 tooth pinion which I expect will rise flight time. Am I correct in this?
Jul 11, 2003, 02:28 AM
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With 12x3000 nimh and a 600-15 I was getting 8 minutes solid with 500 mikado blades and a 15 pinion.

HS was not high, but more than enough. I now have a mega 22/30/2 which does not seem to really doing the job so far. Low flight times and a hot motor so far.

I just ordered a 600-17 and will stick with the 45ho schulze.

Remember that setup is everything, but you don't need a balistic HS. 1600 is fine.

I would look at the 2600 nimh cells. They give the best power and duration even vs the 3300's.