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Jul 07, 2003, 11:54 AM
Do I have to Land?
Rick_the_Jeeper's Avatar

my slow stick plans (new flyer)

I originally posted in the park flyer forum. However this one seems more appropriate.

I would like to learn to fly RC planes. My backyard is a 7 acre hayfield. From what I have read this should make crashing a little easer on the plane. I have been playing with FMS to help get a grip on the left is right/right is left issue.

Plane: I have decided that I am going to get a GWS Slow Stick. This is the only thing that I have decided on.

Electronics: I am 90% sure that I am going to get the Flash 5X. This should give me room to grow. I can purchase the Radio with the Micro 555 and 2 HS-55 servos from hobby-lobby. This seems to me like the way to go. But it has been suggested that I might cosider getting a GWS flight pack rather than the Radio/Rx/Servo kit and buying the radio seperate. On this issue I am leaning towards the Flash 5X kit.

Batteries: This still leaves me a bit confused. I have heard arguments about Li-Po/NiMH. The NiMH batteries are more durable, cost less(10-15) and have a short flight time. The LiPo batteries are not as durable, cost more(25-30) and will have a significantly longer flight time.

Chargers: This will depend on which type of battery I choose to use. A charger for the NiMH will run about 50. While a charger for a LiPo will run as little as 15 ( If I go LiPo would there be anyissue with using the inexpensive charger?

Is there anything else that I would need to get to get started? I realize that I would need to get extra props and epoxy. Should I look into ordering anything else?

Thanks for helping out a hopes to soon be flying NOOB.

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Jul 07, 2003, 12:43 PM
Do I have to Land?
Rick_the_Jeeper's Avatar
Does the receiver come with an ESC or will I need to purchase one seperatle?

Jul 07, 2003, 10:07 PM
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I think the SS is a great start for RC flight.
I use 8 cell 600 NiCD to 8 cell 1100 NiMH 2/3 AA. I would not go with a flight pack. I purchased Hitec 55 servos and use the R600 RX on my SS along with a 20 A ESC. I bumped up to a 12x6 prop.

If u are just starting out I would go with something other than lipo`s since getting the CG right seems to be a bit of a chore for a first timer. I think the SS flys better for my flying style when its flight weight is between 14 to 18 oz.

Make sure u screw the motor mount on and not glue it on. Before screwing down or gluing down the wing and servo mounts make sure u have them set right for your CG and make a battery tray so u can use velcro to hold the batts on the model. ( fly before setting the mounts)

Add strength to the wings with packing tape.

Pick up a better set of wheels and u will need extra props.

Good luck and welcome to the expensive hobby of R/C Flight
Jul 08, 2003, 02:58 AM
Silent Flight
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Re: my slow stick plans (new flyer)


The receiver generally does not come with an ESC. You might look into a 10amp ESC for starters, although many folks use the 5amp GWS product without troubles.

The Flash 5 deal is a nice one if I remember correctly. About $160 for the rx (dual conversion), tx and two HS55's? I would go this route v.s the flight pack. Was there an explanation for going with the flight pack over the HL combo? Everything is subjective, but I like the Hitec deal due mostly to the reliable 555 rx.

The battery topic is almost like talkin' religon! You might pick up a charger that works with lipoly and Nimh chemisty. I believe Hobbico makes one for about $50.00. I won't comment on Nimh's as I've become a lipoly snob. I've had good success with a 2040mah lipoly pack (2s,2p) on my SS, but the new Etec 1200's are lookin' good! For CG adjustment, the lipolys are often mounted in front of the landing gear.

Other stuff not mentioned yet: You might pick up an extra motor/gearbox (300C-D) unless you are planning on going brushless in the future. The motors, sometimes, do not last too long and it's always nice to have a spare gearbox (the price is right). As per Boomer's advice, tighten the prop nut and then tighten it again 20 minutes or so later. They do come loose and come off during flight!

Be sure to ask questions while building if you are confused by the GWS directions!

Keep us posted!

Jul 11, 2003, 12:32 AM
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I bought the SS and am very glad I did. It's an ideal plane to learn with and it has some good flying characteristics. I bought the Flash 5X with 555RX and two HS55 servos from Hobby Lobby. It's a great combo and works well with the SS. I'm using 8cell 720 NiMH and am very pleased with there performance. I bought the Wattage PF-12 charger...mainly because of price ($49.00) and the fact that it is AC/DC. It's nice to be able to recharge your batteries at home inside.

Since I am new also, I don't have other equipment to compare with, but from reading and what experience I do have I can say that the above seems well worth the price to me.

Some suggestions on your SS:
1)Bolt on the motor, don't glue it on.
2)Use Velcro to attach the battery pack as this is a good way to help adjust the Center of Gravity.
3)Get some quick connectors for connecting the pushrods to the servos...saves time and is MUCH easier than making Z-bends on each end.
4)Use a servo horn on the prop shaft and a small rubber band to attach the prop. This will save some broken a search on "prop savers" to get details and pictures.
5)Even with a prop saver a lot of props!

Good luck with your SS. There are lots of huge threads on here that detail many other modifications you might want to try.

Jul 11, 2003, 11:04 AM
Do I have to Land?
Rick_the_Jeeper's Avatar
I have decided on just what I am going to order.

GWS Slow Stick
Hitec Micro 555 Rx
Hitec HS-55 Servo (x2)
Hitec Flash 5X Tx
9.6 V 8 cell 800 mah NiMH stick pack (x2)
GWS MC-2002 charger

Although I must admit that I am still kind of leaning towards just ordering Kokam 1020 2s LiPo or E-tec 1200 2s LiPo batteries and a Lithium Poly charger.

I am thinking that since I need to purchase a charger now anyway and I will eventually want to get into LiPo I might as well just go that route now.

Any way... just another couple of weeks and I will be able to place my order. (waiting on cash).

Jul 11, 2003, 09:06 PM
Silent Flight
daveWCO's Avatar

Two weeks? Man, that's a loooooooong time!

Keep thinking about the dual charger (lipo/nimh). It would be a good investment.

Nice list of gear, BTW!

Jul 11, 2003, 11:34 PM
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As a noob with a SS myself, I would like to make a suggestion. The SS flys just fine on 6 cell packs (7.2 volt). A 7 cell (8.4 volt) pack is pretty darn aggressive. I can't imagine what a 8 cell (9.6 volt) setup would be like (never flown one).

Keep in mind that you will be crashing, and a heavier battery can cause more damage because of increased kinetic energy.

What I'm saying is you may want to rethink the 8 cell batteries and go with 6 or 7 cell. I fly with 6 cell 650 mah NiMh's and they provide good performance. The 6 or 7 cell packs will be a tiny bit cheaper than the 8 cell packs as well.

The IPS300 ESC is a bit overkill. A 100 series will work just fine.

MAKE OR BUY A PROP SAVER. Well worth it. You will still break a few, but far fewer than without. A few spare prop shafts is a good idea as well. I have dinged up a gear also.

Your radio choice is excellent. Wish I would have gone with that model.

Ditto on Daycat's suggestions. Especially the velcro for the batteries, and the Dubro EZ cons. Very convenient.

Have fun, the SS is a blast to fly. I'm now doing floater landings, outside loops and just generally flying in control. Most of the time....

Mike in Arkansas
Jul 12, 2003, 12:19 AM
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fixwingagain's Avatar
Make sure u velcro and rubber band the batt to the fuse. Here is the pic of my now bent SS but my batt did not come off. I did break a rubber band. I hit a metal railway car nose first if u are wondering what happened. I hope to have it fixed soon
Jul 12, 2003, 12:19 AM
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fixwingagain's Avatar
Notice the rubber bands and the velcro tray
Jul 12, 2003, 12:20 AM
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fixwingagain's Avatar
oops that caption should of be for this pic
Jul 12, 2003, 12:25 AM
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fixwingagain's Avatar
I am thinking about repairing the tail with balsa instead of foam. Anyone done this.
Jul 12, 2003, 12:48 AM
Silent Flight
daveWCO's Avatar
Originally posted by fixwingagain
I hit a metal railway car nose first if u are wondering what happened. I hope to have it fixed soon
Ouch! Note to self: Don't hit railway car nose first!

That "extra" plastic fuse joiner piece should come in handy about now!

Jul 12, 2003, 02:37 AM
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Mangyrat's Avatar
lol ok i work for rail road i was thinking what a great area to fly in wide open space in parts of the switching yard but now im thinking hm plenty of realy hard things to crash in to.
i think ill stick with hitting trees and junk like that.

for that bent main stick thing i would cut it and then put something like 1/4 inch hard wood in side and epoxy it together.

or better yet trash the plane and go fan fold and get the frog/shark plans from hippo.
after you go fan fold you realy dont care if you crash and total a air frame. you just worrie about the elctronics and motor.
it cost you around $8 to make a new air frame if you total one.
its so cheap you find your self building planes just to be building them "i give a few to my cats to play with" and they are fast builds you can cut one out in a hour or so and glue it together in 3 or 4 hrs depending on what you use to glue it.
the main reason i went with hippos plans is props i broke 10 in a week so wanted a pusher prop plane and was drawing one up and his looks better. its gona be hard to break a prop on the frog/shark and bent prop shafts are a thing you dont think of with it.
with fan fold you can just draw it and do the "that looks abought right thing" i built my first fan fold plane that way and it flew fine
if you want to try fan fold just read up on foamies and also check hippos site out.
Jul 12, 2003, 06:32 AM
Do I have to Land?
Rick_the_Jeeper's Avatar
Thanks for the tip on the batteries mike. I will look into the smaller 6/7 cell NiMH packs. Like I said that is about the only thing that I am still undecided on.

Mental Note to self... do not hit railroad cars. While on the subject I was thinking that I could always just try not to crash in general.

Now that I have decided on what equiptment I am going to buy, I am gathering a list of the other things that I will need. Extra props and a prop saver are on top of the list. As are packing tape, strong velcro and 5 min epoxy. Well that is pretty much my list right now.

I am thinking that I want to reinforce the fuse as well.


Ohhh yea... this waiting for the money to buy all of this is killing me.

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