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Sep 22, 2010, 09:49 PM
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Aquacraft EP-1 and scale outboards

Hi All,
Have not posted too much here, but am very impressed with all the great photos of nice work everyone has done on their scale models.
Those of us who like outboards know that there aren't too many choices of scale outboards that are actually functional for RC in water. I have been particularly impressed with the Aquacraft EP-1, and wanted to share some recent pictures of a small project I had done. A few years ago I bought a bass pro fisherman (which came RTR with an EP-1) and was very impressed with how well it worked. It seems that people who buy this motor for fast R/C boats are less than impressed with its speed, and have changed the motor to give it some more power. I have to say that on the pro-fisherman, the boat moves at scale speed, is relatively quick, and planes quite nicely. To me the sound even resembles that of a real outboard.
What is particluarly impressive to me is the EP-1's combination of form and function. It is streamlined like a modern large outboard (to me I saw the most resemblance to a Honda). It also was designed with considerable quality (ball bearings, gears, cast aluminum lower end with a continuous plastic cowl, and water cooling including channels within the cast aluminum).
Needless to say, I decided to buy another and detail it to look more like a scale outboard model, and was pretty happy with the results. Basically I spray painted the cowl and lower end aluminum casting in metallic silver, clear coated it, placed an elastic gasket between the cowl and lower end, and added some makeshift decals to make it resemble a Honda outboard. Anyway- Here's some photos. I am kind of novice at all this stuff- if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve this, please let me know (including any source for professional clear decals). Thanks!
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Sep 22, 2010, 11:56 PM
Grumpa Tom
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Nice work on the Honda O/B!

A few O/B nuts and myself were discussing the EP-1 and it's potential for scale detailing (over on the Scale 4x4 forum) and we all came to the same conclusion as you. It looks like a modern Honda. In fact I had intended to do the exact same thing to mine. So kudos to you for doing it!

For scale decals, look at the r/c car body makers, such as HPI and others. They come with decal sheets. Might be available separately or found on eBay.

Alternatively, you can have custom vinyl graphics made for it and no better source I am aware of then Callie Graphics.
Sep 23, 2010, 04:57 AM
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hem, hem, there are other sources.... )
Sep 23, 2010, 02:58 PM
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Nicely done!!

I had actually been thinking along similar lines as the new Evinrude E-Tecs are also kinda that rounded look. I like the blue paint scheme a bit better than silver. That's on my winter to-do list...
Sep 23, 2010, 07:25 PM
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Thank you all for the compliments and suggestions. Not a huge fan of the silver myself- the metallic grit is so coarse- its actually a really nice paint, but it's not really scale- if I were to paint it again I would look for one with a finer metallic grit. definitely like the blue better- was considering Evinrude blue with a white propeller, but something about the Honda engine just seemed right. If I ever do another one I'd definitely go Evinrude.
Feb 08, 2011, 02:40 PM
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Any progress building a boat for your "Honda" yet?
May 23, 2011, 09:28 PM
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Great question. When I move out of the apartment and have more space I will probably build something. I do have an aquacraft bass pro fisherman that I intended to put this on. It has an EP1 on it already, but I got this one to mess with so I would still have a good one in case I did any irriversible damage to it- since it came out nice I think i'm gonna swap them this summer, would make a nice addition to the boat. Was considering a Dumas Skdaddle just to play around with but I just don't have the workshop space for it, and havent heard anyone rave about the kit. My spring project was a Midwest Indian Girl Canoe, which was a great build, and helped practice the woodworking skills within the confines of my kitchen table.
May 23, 2011, 09:38 PM
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that motor looks awesome the way you painted it. I was thinking of just taking the aquacraft decals off mine and getting a set of suzuki decals, maybe a 115. that's the motor I think the outboard most resembles.

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