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Sep 22, 2010, 11:24 AM
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Dx8 vs. 8FG.

Ok Guys the DX8 is out so let's hear from those that have played with both.

I like the looks of the DX8 but the lack of Glider programming and slider is a con IMHO.

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Sep 22, 2010, 11:43 AM
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Here we go again with another Spektrum VS Futaba.
Sep 22, 2010, 11:58 AM
Off we go.............
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Originally Posted by freechip
Here we go again with another Spektrum VS Futaba.
Well people like he and I are simply trying to make a buying decision, and asking for info about this sort of thing. I for instance am looking at several brands right now in order to make a decision which I would be better to go with.

The next comparison might be between Futaba, Spektrum, and Airtronics. Thats how we consumers make these choices is by comparing them against one another.
Sep 22, 2010, 12:03 PM
Surface, Air & Water Rc Toys..
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Know what options you want and or need then look at the radio that have them. also plane for the future or where you see yourself going in your hobby. Then when you find radios that have those features visit a hobby shop and see if they have them in stock so you can hold them in your hand and see how they feel. No online commenting will do that for you. Then after you can also look at PLANES if some of the BNF stuff interest you then this can help you with your decision.

But be prepared for the SPEKTRUM AND FUTABA haters to bash one brand over the other.
Sep 22, 2010, 12:04 PM
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Probably the best thing to do is make a list of the features you need and then compare that to the list of features offered in each model. For example, I have no "serious" gliders so glider programming never occurred to me. I wouldn't worry about brands much unless you already have a bunch of receivers, in which case you would obviously have an incentive not to change, which you have to balance with your feature wants. If you're not into reading manuals and poking around, you might give some weight to models which are common at your local fields.
Sep 22, 2010, 12:49 PM
Electric Coolhunter
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I am a pretty diehard Spektrum fan, after many years of flying Futaba...I like the reliablity it has given me, the features and the wide range and size of RX units. I just got a DX8.

However, I think that Spektrum did a disservice to the glider folks by not having a glider mode.

I have high hopes that the DX8, with user upgradable firmware, will eventually have a good glider mode that could be downloaded.

Some glider folks will object to the lack of lots of sliders and other fully proportional controls, but a good number usally use three position switches over fully proportional controls, anyway.
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Sep 22, 2010, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by freechip
Here we go again with another Spektrum VS Futaba.
Let me make myself clear this is not a brand war , both are excellent , this is a model vs. model thread to discuss the features of each model.


Sep 22, 2010, 01:47 PM
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On the programming side of things the 8FG seems to have the advantage. The only thing that might cause me to look at the DX8 are its telemetry features. However, the 8FG might be compatible with a future Futaba telemetry system because it uses bidirectional RF chips, but I'm not holding my breath.

If you want telemetry now, the DX8, or the Aurora 9 are probably your best choices. Otherwise I'd go with the 8FG. Actually, I did go with the 8FG...
Sep 22, 2010, 03:21 PM
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Anything the 8FG can do, the Airtronics SD-10G can do better, and with largely less expensive receivers. (sole exception, 1024 vs 2048.. I have seen convincing arguments made that 1024 is already well beyond the positional resolution of actual high end servos)

which is not to say the 8FG is bad, but unless you're already married to FASST I can't see a reason to choose it.

IMO, the current state of affairs in ~$4-500 radios is that there are 3 main "features"

1) Programming Capability
2) Telemetry
3) Low latency performance.

the DX8 has 2&3
the SD-10G has 1&3
the A9 has 1&2

the 8FG has 1&3, just less so than the SD-10G
Sep 22, 2010, 07:18 PM
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The latency difference between the 8FG and the SD-10G is very marginal, with the SD-10G having the slight advantage. Both are most likely faster than the DX8. I believe the 8FG actually has lower maximum and more consistent latency than the SD-10G. The SD-10G just has a higher top speed, but like I said, it's only a very marginal difference, within a few milliseconds.

I haven't used the SD-10G, so I don't know exactly how it stacks up with the 8FG, but I have heard good things about it. I do however know that the programming of the 8FG is fairly capable.

Also, I don't think the SD-10G is SD card compatible like the DX8 and 8FG are. The SD card gives you virtually limitless model memory, allows you to update the firmware, share models between radios, and backup models to your computer. It's a pretty nice feature, if you ask me. There have already been firmware updates for the 8FG that have enhanced its programming capabilities. I guess the SD-10G does have an optional USB computer interface though.
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Sep 22, 2010, 07:31 PM
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I have owned the SD-10G and the 8FG.

You will not be able to determine the difference between the latency of both radios, nor will you feel the difference between 1024 and 2048 resolution.

Features and programming wise the SD-10G is brilliant but is let down by it's quality. The switches and controls feel like a sub $500 radio. They are not as solid as those on a JR or Futaba set.

The 8FG is also an extremely capable radio. I had some gripes with the lack of timer control but they addressed that in the latest firmware release.

You won't go wrong with either set.
Sep 22, 2010, 10:01 PM
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the SD-10G is faster than the 8FG, which is slower than the 10C, which the SD-10G is also faster than. I am inclined to agree with CustomPC that you won't notice the difference in latency, however.

though, it must be said that the SD-10G is doing the 7ms frames across all 10 channels, not just 6. this is probably only relevant to jets and giant scale though.

I'm not trying to besmirch the honor of the 8FG, which is an excellent set, but the SD-10G has 9pt curves instead of 5, and it has 3 rates per each of 5 flight modes in all programming templates, it supports logical switching for all functions, vs the 8FG only supporting it for condition switching (which only applies in heli and glider templates), the SD-10G is a lot more comprehensive.

My last radio was a futaba 12FG, and I would have to say that the SD-10G is a better radio in any situation that doesn't require the 12FG's 5 extra mixers or 3 extra flight conditions (ok, the 12FG has 17pt curves, but I think the SD-10G's better switch layout, latency performance and logical switching far outweigh this advantage).

I can't say I agree with CustomPC's diagnoses of the quality, the SD-10G is certainly a lighter weight set (and that can affect perceived quality), but I find the silky action of the switches perfect. I find futaba and JR switches to be too notchy, they remind me of the turn signal stalk on my old Z-28.. like breaking a champaign flute.
Sep 23, 2010, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by DannyZRC
the SD-10G is faster than the 8FG, which is slower than the 10C, which the SD-10G is also faster than. I am inclined to agree with CustomPC that you won't notice the difference in latency, however.
Yeah, but those radios are basically the fastest radios on the market, at least that I know of. While the SD-10G is marginally faster than the 8FG (which actually has a more consistent latency speed than both the 10C and SD-10G), listing the SD-10G's latency as an advantage when compared to the 8FG is really grasping at straws. The R6008HS receiver (which comes stock with the 8FG) does only have the 7ms frame rate in high speed mode on the first six channels though. The last two channels have 14ms frame rates.

The SD-10G does seem a little more capable on the programming side of things. But like I said, I haven't programming with one before to be able to form a solid comparison. CustomPC apparently has though. The 8FG has enough programming features that make not having conditions in airplane mode not that crucial. There's also nothing really stopping you from setting up an airplane in glider mode if you want conditions. Even though it's more advanced in some ways, I'd be surprised if the SD-10G has all the same programming features that the 8FG has. I've heard of a couple guys that sold off their 12FGs because the 8FG took care of everything they needed in a TX.

I think the SD-10G is obviously a great choice in a TX though. I often list it as one of the best bang for the buck radios when someone is asking for recommendations. If I had to choose between the SD-10G and the 8FG (and I hadn't already invested in FASST receivers) I would most likely still choice the 8FG for its SD card capability, and general aesthetics and design (the chrominess of the SD-10G isn't really my style - that's actually my main complaint with the JR 11X too), but to each their own in that regard.
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Sep 23, 2010, 02:33 AM
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well, before I continue to harp on programming features, any of this kind of thing is only relevant if you have a setup which actually calls for any of the differentiating programming features, cause if the TX has full support for 67 bit synchrotron gryo-laser propulsion diodes, it won't matter if you're flying a foamie in a gym.

having said that, I'm fairly confident the SD-10G is quite clearly distinguished from the 8FG in programming capabilities, and I remember back when they launched the 8FG there was all this talk about how it was most of the 12FG's features for half the price.. it's pure marketing claptrap and fanboy hype, I'm quite familiar with the 12FG and I did a fairly thorough examination of the 8FG when it launched (and I've looked over the update docs), and the 8FG is not at all equivalent to the 12FG.

not all pilots need or want or have any use for many of the features in more advanced radios, but often these same pilots wrongly proclaim simpler radios to be equally powerful.

the DX8, while a fine radio for it's market position and price point, was another case where calls of "so powerful" were taken and run with by an enthusiastic audience of early adopters, despite the radio having very basic mixing, and not supporting per-flight mode definitions for control rates and mixes.
Sep 23, 2010, 06:02 AM
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I fly just about everything to some degree except for foamies and helis and the 8FG still manages to take care of my needs in a radio system. I'm pretty sure I'd be covered well enough if I flew foamies and helis too. The only aspects of the 8FG that might be somewhat limiting to me are the number of channels that it has, and that it doesn't have overall servo speed control in airplane mode. Of course if it actually had more channels I might want more programmable mixes, dual rates/expo settings (or the fabled conditions), and the like...

Changing gears a little here:

Telemetry wise, I would eventually like a radio that offered mAh or consumed fuel alarms, 3D GPS with flightpath recording and a speed readout, and a signal integrity indicator (maybe like the bars on a cell phone). I'd settle for just mAh alarms though, because I fly mostly electric powered models these days. Having a voltage indicator for an RX pack or the main battery in an electric plane is kind of a given telemetry feature at this point.
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