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Sep 12, 2010, 09:05 AM
"day ain't over yet-"
der kapitan's Avatar
Tim, could this be a harbinger of a new direction that you're going in---?

I've been looking at these old 1920's era yachts too, particularly the 1928 Consolidated 66' commuter boats.
Sep 12, 2010, 10:03 AM
Mmm, tugs...
patmat2350's Avatar
How many major makers were there, for this class of yacht? I know of names like Elco, Huckins, Mathews, etc. Would be great to have a "spotter's guide".

Hmm, time to riffle through some of those old Yachting mags on Google...
Sep 12, 2010, 10:39 AM
"day ain't over yet-"
der kapitan's Avatar
All of those oldies of that era look good to me, Pat---.
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Sep 12, 2010, 11:19 AM
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[FONT="Arial"]Pat Mat- There were a great number of boat builders that in their beginnings built some very large yachts as one offs for clients. Most of them after getting established, turned to the smaller size more affordable yachts for their evey day business. Case and piont is the Matthews Boat co. out of Port Clinton, Ohio.

Matthews Boat Co. Hum!!! Hey Pat, any relation by chance.
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Sep 12, 2010, 05:47 PM
Retired for now
Good article about Mathews. Wonder how many of those boats are still around? Pete
Sep 12, 2010, 10:18 PM
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Ed Crowell's Avatar
This is my next project if I can find the line drawings of the hull. The boat is a 1930 43 ft cruiser made by Stephens Bros. The hull is planked with cedar and the cabin and deck is teak.

Sep 12, 2010, 11:13 PM
Registered User
Ed, A very nice choice of a yacht to model; I know you'll do her justice. Please make her in a large enough size for us to be able to really appreciate her lines.
Sep 13, 2010, 03:42 AM
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Predreadnut's Avatar
GUYS AND GALS IVE FOUND THE HOLLY GRAIL OF WOODEN YACHTS!!!!!! Warning, you will spend many hours looking at gorgeous old yachts if you go to Hundreds and hundreds of amazing wooden yachts, maybe the best, most comprehensive galleries there is. Pat, you were wondering about classic yacht manufacturers, well looking at the galleries I just mentioned, I'd say there where hundreds. Here's a few I've found.

Vancouver Shipyards
Tacoma Boatbuilding Co.
Freemont Boat Co., Seattle,WA
Riggs Bros.
Fellows and Stewart
Schertzer Brothers Boat Yard
Lake Union
Vic Frank Boat Co., Seattle,WA

This is just a fraction of the Co. Ive come across.
Sep 13, 2010, 06:52 AM
Retired for now
This is going to be a super thread for old boats. With so many people looking for these boats the pictures we get ought to be great. I also hope we find some owners of these yachts to tell us about them and maybe come up with pictures of their own.
Ed that's a great picture you posted. Very classic lines and a really nice photo to boot. Thanks for posting it. You probably won't find any lines for it but you can make your own if you know or can guess at the length, width and her draft.
Good find by Predreadnut too. I've been on that site years ago looking for the yacht "Richeliou" and forgot about it. I know I spelled the yacht name wrong but if anybody comes across an 80 footer of that name please send me a link. I saw that boat once back inthe 80's and it was magnificent. Had to be an Elco or the like with a completly covered deck from the pilot house on back.
Sep 13, 2010, 08:43 AM
"day ain't over yet-"
der kapitan's Avatar
I'd like to find lines for the 1928 66-foot Consolidated commuter boats. Lots of those magnificent yachts still around---.
Sep 13, 2010, 10:47 AM
Retired for now
You may never get the model built if you wait to find lines. One thing that your more likly to find is the deck plans for these yachts especially if they are up for charter. The charter companies generally have all the info you need to build a model and that usually includes the specifications on the yacht and the floor plans for each deck.
With these items you can draw enough of a plan to get your frames right but a lot of the time you have to guess at the shape of the bottom. If your really lucky you can find a pic of the yacht on the hard to show you the bottom shape. That's always a good find.
On my new thread "Building a Woodie" I'm showing how I get my plans drawn from just a picture or two and how I shape the bottom if that shape is unknown. The plans are a lot of extra work but if you want the model to be right after you spend all the time to build it then you have to draw the plan to get the frames. I have to guess at a lot of things but looking at other yacht pictures helps a lot so accumulating pictures of other yachts is a big help too. All this is not hard to do but it does take some extra time. Pete
Sep 13, 2010, 01:05 PM
Registered User
A great source here is the book "Designs to inspire" by Anne and Maynard Bray. It contains a number of plans of classic motor boats and yachts. In addition it also lists where you will find the plans collection of different designers/builders. For instance you will find the Consolidated collection at Mystic Seaport.
Sep 13, 2010, 04:27 PM
"day ain't over yet-"
der kapitan's Avatar
Thank you Steggen, your answer is greatly appreciated---.
Sep 13, 2010, 11:32 PM
Registered User
glue mark's Avatar
Does anyone make a kit of old yacht? I'm not up to scratchbuilding speed yet, but I'd love to have an example for the collection.


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