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Dec 30, 2012, 12:46 AM
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I did the 3000mAH CS10 tests....
The Zippy 5S 4000mAH 20C still wins clearly. Well, unless you consider the "Just 60% of the price" for the 3000mAH 20C ($21) versus the 4000mAh 20C ($34) a factor. But the 3000mAH 20C is NOT going to like you using it near WOT very often! So in this aircraft case the 3000mAH 20C is NOT an advisable choice.... or those savings will evaporate when you throw out the battery earlier in its life! (Or maybe get to allocate it to some Prop driven aircraft instead then).

You really need the 30C rating for the 3000mAH use ($36 then), and it would be even better with 40C ($36 area). By then (either case) you would go over the 4000mAH 20C cost ($34), and also heading close to its weight area. So it is viable, but would have lower flight time too of course.

I added in the Theoretical Flight Times which list the flight time at Continuous WOT, down to 80% Capacity depletion. But as the battery goes flatter the Amps will drop - also thrust - so those numbers would go a bit longer.
THEN the fact that you won't (???) fly WOT all flight anyway, so for more typical flying you could add approx 50% to those flight time numbers.
So 5.0 mins on the 4000mAH isn't too bad. You could use it for less time just to keep depletion at a more "battery friendly" 70% area too.

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Dec 30, 2012, 05:01 PM
TakeOff=optional,Landing= Must
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Thats a very nice colour scheme PeterVRC.
Lots of very detailed and usefull info in your tests, thanks so much for sharing.
In summary you are saying the 5S 4000 20C battery is the best compromise overall factoring in weight, power, thrust, efficiency, flight time but the 5S 4000 40C is the most powerfull and also heaviest?

In the last graph for the Dynam Fan/Motors 4S it indicates 700 thrust using the 4S 3000 40C battery and 900 thrust using the 4S 3000 30C battery, are these two the wrong way round?
Shouldn't the higher C battery produce more thrust?

Overall in the air, would you say running your CS10 at 5S is faster than the stock Dynam fan/motor on 5S?
I assume it would sound a lot nicer with the CS10.
Dec 30, 2012, 07:48 PM
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A perfect flying day today so I took out the Meteor. I think a lot of it is the paint scheme, but it looks awesome in the air - so sleek and clean flying.... FAST .

I did the 4S stock tests LONG ago, but I am sure they were the right order.
Both are Turnigy batteries but the 3300mAH is just better for some reason - even though numerically not a technically 'strong'. I guess that just happens with some battery types.... a better (lower) IR, whether a fluke of that one battery, or just that model of their batteries.
Thus also why you have to TEST anything you ever want to use, statically first.

I do have the unbuilt Meteor sitting in its box, so that would be pretty easy to setup to re-test that stock result - and should still come out close enough to show the order of them being correct, or not. I will see if I can do that today or tomorrow - I want to open it up and then test the Lander installation anyway....
Though after today's nice flights, I almost don't even want anything more than the 5S CS10 as it is!! Sheesh.

I "lost" my GPSlogger in another plane's "airborne incident", so I will have to try to RCspeedo the current Meteor again.....
Dec 30, 2012, 08:54 PM
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Thanks Peter,
I too have a new Meteor in the box.
Originally I was going to decommission my current one which still flys well but is pretty beaten up and transfer the Lander 4S EDF to the new Meteor, fit retracts and get some new fresh 4S batteries.
But now am thinking since the current Meteor still flys well, I may as well leave it as is and get a 5S CS10 setup along with new 5S batteries for the new Meteor.
Could you please confirm which are your preferred 5S batteries given the pros & cons of each one as I am a little unclear which battery came out on top overall?
Dec 31, 2012, 12:00 AM
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Maybe this 5S 4000 25C which is a little lighter than the suggested 5S 4000 20C & 5S 4000 40C could be another good alternative.

Dec 31, 2012, 04:04 AM
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That Zippy Compact looks like it would be another good possibility. In that same region as the 4000 20C.
I was recharging the batteries and saw my pair of 3300 35C Zippy Compacts I had forgotten about! So they might be another useful option too.
I have to test them, as they sound good by numbers - but a bit low in Capacity compared tot he 4000 - but you have to test them to know for sure. It would be more for getting a bit more power out of the system - which might not be a good idea for the L2855 anyway really!

I didn't get to use any 4000's in the Meteor today as I left them for my Me-262 (2 used at a time in that, twin CS10 70mm L2855-2300kv - exact same as in the Meteor)

I checked those 4S 3000 40C and 3300 30C batteries..... the 3300's are the better battery, notably so. So that means the above tables were correct results per battery.

As I went whizzing around (flying) I was thinking "Why would I want it to be any faster!!??". It was easily fast enough, and to go faster you have to spend a fair bit more money, and in power.... so then the flight time is lower too.
It is just a bit wasteful to go 'that fast' then. The 160kph approx is pretty quick really.
Dec 31, 2012, 05:16 AM
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If you have some problem about RC, you can ask me. Maybe I can help you to some extent.
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Dec 31, 2012, 09:47 AM
Gotz tha Jet Feeva!!
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I get about 5 minutes with mixed throttle with a Sky Lipo 5S 4000mah 40C pack...at least 4 good passes @WOT...
Dec 31, 2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Purple Pashin
I get about 5 minutes with mixed throttle with a Sky Lipo 5S 4000mah 40C pack...at least 4 good passes @WOT...
With what Motor/fan combo?
Dec 31, 2012, 12:12 PM
Gotz tha Jet Feeva!!
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Originally Posted by jrjr
With what Motor/fan combo?
Tacon 2550KV w/CS10.
Jan 05, 2013, 05:23 PM
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I am pretty new to edfs,having flown the Stinger for the last few months. I recently got a Meteor and hear are my experiences so far.I maidened the Meteor today. I was using an Overlander 3350 4s 25c lipo. The wind was around 7mph. I hand launch my edfs,so for this one,i held it between the wing and elevator,gripping the fuselage from above. Full throttle and a firm push,slightly upward angle and she was away.Climbed to a good height and turned her down wind. As for trimming,a couple of clicks of down and a click or two of right aileron and she was tracking nice and level.Flew her for 3 minutes and brought her into land. She does like to float on a bit but no nasty vices at slow speed. I then used a Turnigy 2200 4s 25-50 fot the next flight. Again,WOT and she was away with a firm push. Not quite so quick on the nano,but still flew very well. Again,landed after 3 minutes. The battery was only slightly warm,not yet had the chance to see what i need to put back.
As to hand launching,i had four flights altogether and she flew away nice and straight with no loss of altitude with just a firm push.
I really love this jet,well worth the money and i can see me getting another one as a spare really soon.
Jan 05, 2013, 11:37 PM
Gotz tha Jet Feeva!!
Purple Pashin's Avatar
Wait till you go 5S..night n day..
Jan 06, 2013, 03:49 AM
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The Habu/Meteor would have to be one of the most successful and great sports jets that there is around! Just an aerodynamic success story.
But yes.... head to 5S and it will fly exactly the same in handling and responses (for manouevers at the same speeds as prior)... it will just be capable of going a lot faster!! Real "jet" speeds.
And that is it... just $30 approx (to $40) for a battery... no other mods.... and you step up a big power level.

My 70mm F-16, which is Meteor size, but lighter, flies away with ease from a hand-launch... but when I hold my Meteor it still makes me doubt it would do the same! But I guess maybe it would be totally fine.....
Jan 06, 2013, 07:24 AM
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I think that will be the next step,5s. Took her up the field today,horrible, misty drizzle,but had two flights. Again,underhand launch,she flew away no problems at all.Decided to call it a day as was having problems seeing her against the grey misty sky. I did buy the 2200 4s for my Stinger as im putting a Wicked Dons 4000 plus set up in her.I will have to think about getting a few 5s now.
Jan 06, 2013, 07:43 AM
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Get something 30C, or higher. I ran 20C for ages but they struggle if you use too much WOT. And you don't need high power and cost, of say over 40C to 65C sort of things. Unless you do have some other reason to have those (eg some higher power 5S 70mm combo). But if you do go higher C, it will raise the power level, and Amps, thus less flight time if you use it, plus the ability to overstress the motor then.
Zippy/ Zippy Compact have some very good value batteries (30C or 35C) that will cope fine.
eg Zippy Compact 5S 3300mAH or 3700mAH in 35C
It will carry either of these fine:



I have/use from 5S 3000 30C, 3300 35C, 3700 35C, 4000 40C
(used to use mainly 5S 3000mAH 20C)

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