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Jan 06, 2011, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizchief
It looks like mine was switched from shipping in "early January" to "Late January" and BH gave me the option to back out of the order.

I'm thinking listening to good advice for a change and getting something a little easier to handle.

I've to two 4s 2200 25C's on their way, what would be a good <$150 PNP match for those batts? I don't think I need TV any time soon, but I do want a rudder.
Ive just got the P3 4s squall as my first edf. It look really nice and will match the batterys, however it is not a scale model. But it match those batterys, it has good reviews, i cant personally comment on flight charistics yet though as i am still waiting for the batterys and servos to arrive.
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Jan 06, 2011, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizchief
It looks like mine was switched from shipping in "early January" to "Late January" and BH gave me the option to back out of the order.

I'm thinking listening to good advice for a change and getting something a little easier to handle.

I've to two 4s 2200 25C's on their way, what would be a good <$150 PNP match for those batts? I don't think I need TV any time soon, but I do want a rudder.
Amazing and mine will be here sometime tween fri and mon, but not from BH. The dynam meteor wud probably be a good choice in that price range. With shipping it shud hit right at your $150 mark and the stock setup uses that size lipos too I havnt flown the meteor yet, but it definately is a better choice than a F-16....let me know if i can help ya any guy...

P3 Squall is made out of eps foam, and is not gonna hold up to much abuse at all. Id really suggest a epo foam edf, at least for your first one...happy flyn guys...DJ
Jan 06, 2011, 01:16 PM
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The Meteor is on the top of my list right now, but I think the 2200 may be a little small for it. The site has it listed as a 2600 and if it is really a Habu clone, the Habu comes with a 3200mAh 30C.

Those nano techs are rated up to 50C so I know it can produce the current (in bursts) but I'm afraid the flight times will be too low to tolerate epically if I need to make a few passes to get my approach correct.
Jan 06, 2011, 01:49 PM
Newton and I are good friends
Miz, very true....we were planning on running 5s lipos in our meteor running a sapac mb1 and untill we have it in hand not really sure how big a mah lipo we can go. I wouldnt really call it a total clone of the habu, just very similar. You might be able to put both those 2200mah lipos in it and have a total of 4400mah, that wud be sweet. I have a couple of the dynam A-10s and there battery compartments are HUGE, so if the meteor is similar then you wont have a prob at all...untill one of us have it in hand all of that is a big ?...let me see if i can find out just how big the battery compartment is and ill get back with ya...DJ
Jan 06, 2011, 03:02 PM
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At the end of the video he shows the battery compartment, it looks pretty big, I'll try to pull some scale measurements if I can't find them anywhere else on the net:

Awesome Dynam Meteor 70mm Super Fast Brushless EDF JET Review *Surprise Ending* (12 min 42 sec)
Jan 07, 2011, 10:29 PM
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I actually think I'm going to build my F4 Phantom with good components, and buy a half-price-habu receiver ready to maiden first. Both will use the same batteries.
This Dynam bird I think is the trick to get my feet wet with a satisfying EDF aircraft and not worry to much. I want to keep the F4 in good shape and bash this guy around.
Jan 09, 2011, 04:10 PM
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Thanks for the Advice guys. I got a Meteor on it's way! I'm hoping to get everything by next weekend. I went with Turnigy nano-tech 3300mah 4S 25~50C Lipo as it should give me decent flight time on this bird and should work well for the next few planes I have in mind.
Jan 10, 2011, 09:33 PM
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Hobby king sells Zippy 4S 30C 2800mah lipos that are lighter than the 2650mah versions. Might be a perfect fit for this guy.
Jan 22, 2011, 02:51 AM
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Read through this thread, and enjoyed all the tips and advice.
I bought a Hobby Lobby F9F Panther as my first edf, and honestly it is easier to fly than most of my propped planes. I did ask for, and heeded advice from an experienced edf pilot before I tried a maiden flight; I've been rewarded with a half dozen stable, fun flights. I don't know why I waited so long to give edf's a try, but I'm hooked now and I'm not looking back! I already ordered my second plane, (Great Planes F-20 Tigershark), and will have that one airborne soon. I'm fortunate to have a wide open flying site with lots of room, and very soft native grass to belly land in, so my first edf experience has been very positive indeed; I'm having a blast!

Jan 22, 2011, 08:24 PM
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Finally got to Maiden my Meteor today. I really love the way it handles but I need more speed!

I tried to make a thrust tube using poster board, but couldn't get the taper quite right and then I made it too big and had it all taped up and couldn't fit it into the jet so I just gave up.

Are the default timings on the ESC setup correctly out of the box? I plan on fiddling with it more tomorrow on the wattmeter and see what happens, but was wondering what ESC setting y'all are using.

To scratch my speed itch, should I bother to try and max out the stock motor and fan or should I go ahead and replace it with a higher kV setup? I know people are using 5S but I want to stick with the 4S 3300's I have already purchased.
Jan 24, 2011, 01:16 PM
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I was on the F-4 from 1977 to 1985, there isnt a single one I've seen that looks correct except for the turbine ones. I wish there was a nice foam edf F-4 that looked right, maybe I'd get one. I dont even care if its a single fan
Jan 27, 2011, 07:39 PM
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This is a great thread and I think the noobs definitely should read this before selecting a 1st aircraft. I started with .40 size gas trainers when I was younger then transitioned to an ultra stick with a .50 glow engine. Last year I built a .46-.55 size edge 540 with an Evolution .60 that I flew frequently for 6 months with no major incidents. Once I felt comfortable with that plane I got bored with it quickly.

I bought my first EDF plane two weeks ago, a Hobby Lobby F-18E. This was my first experience with electric planes or foamies so I was very nervous. I had a thrust vectoring servo crap out during flight control surface testing and I replaced all the servos with Hitec hs-65 servos. I am using a 6s 4000mah 30c turnigy battery. I consulted with a few friends I met at the flying field who knew alot about electric batteries, motors, esc's, etc.

I have now completed 4 successful flights and love this plane!! I think the reason I am not having problems is because I have an excellent radio system( Hitec Aurora 9) and I have experience flying a fast airplane.

One thing I noticed about this plane is that when you bring them in hot then cut the throttle right before the numbers they still glide well and slow down rather quickly. These planes are not for the faint of heart and anyone who does not do their research or have a mentor will probably have an accident. These forums are great but you have to read between the lines and extract pertinent information from everything you read.

One major key is to never trust the servos or Tx/Rx that are included in the plane! Don't cheap it out if you are serious about keeping your plane in the air.
Jan 27, 2011, 09:43 PM
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"One major key is to never trust the servos or Tx/Rx that are included in the plane! Don't cheap it out if you are serious about keeping your plane in the air."

That is a great point! A lot of the vendors are getting better but some are still up to their normal BS sales tactics. Those with experiance will smell the poo a long time before they are even close to stepping in it. But a lot of these sales sites, like BH for example, prey ruthlessly on those without any experiance. I just noticed on thier site the new hellcat with the folding wings. Reading the description got me mad as they say it comes with everything you need and also comes with a flight sim. But as you look at the extras, the flight sim is an additional $x. I hardly think advertising that it comes with something when it is actually an add on is very deceptive to say the least. Pete in his vids will show again and again what a plane can do in the hands of a skilled pilot AND using a sophisticated computer radio. Then tell you that it is perfect for beginners. I haven't met too many beginners with a nice computer radio. I also have yet to find a RTF radio that's worth more than the box it came in. Nitroplanes is improving. You can see them in more vids now flying with everything stock. Stock servos, motors, esc's and radios. I consider myself a noob, about as green as they come, but I learned the hard way, that the radio plays a HUGE roll in how the airplane will fly. You won't EVER hear Pete say that. But he'll conceal the radio he's using, and then take that beginner plane up and turn it inside out. And smile at the camera as he says it's great for beginners.

As you mentioned in the last part of your post firehawkzach, don't go cheap. I'd reccomend a step further. Buy the kit, buy electronics that people here can confidently reccomend, and install it yourself. You'll probably save a buck or three, and you'll know you've got a better performing plane than you ever would have ended up with going the banana-republic route. And some great advice I have recieved from many different sources, when it comes to the radio, buy the most expensive radio you can afford. You can allways dumb it down to suit your skill level, but it is impossible to take those cheap RTF radio's and get them to perform the way a pilot needs as your skill level progresses.
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Jan 27, 2011, 10:08 PM
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Excellent response snafu!! I agree with all your points as I was about to buy the BH F-16 for 339 RTF before I did some research. Thankfully after three weeks of deliberation I chose the F-18 from hobby lobby. Even this plane taught me lessons about trusting stock servos but ultimately I am very happy with my purchase. The quality of the radio is extremely important and this was an important factor within my budget as I knew my futaba 6 channel was not enough radio.

The inexperienced modeler will continue to get sucked in to the deceptive business practices of BH and it is their fault for impulsively buying without doing a little homework(no offense to anyone). Hopefully these people will find help in the right place and not abandon the hobby.

Here is a quick pic of my F-18 beauty
Jan 28, 2011, 03:44 AM
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You guys know BH doesn't pick the servos right anymore than Hobby lobby or Ready2Fly picks the servos unless they get complaints driving them to. Generally you should be surprised if you get any RTF with good servos.

But don't mix the distributor with the quality of the model. LX, the primary brand that BH carries, happen to be generally some of the best scale foam out their. Freewing also does very well but both suffer with iffy servos. If you have a problem with the distributor, there are other places you can get the same plane.
If you don't have experience or an immediate need for upgrading power, then usually the factory setup is fine if they are set up correctly when you put it together.

The servos I concentrate on replacing are the flight surface servos. The TV, gear door etc. I keep their cheapies to drive that stuff.

In the end you still have to be balanced. It would suck to spend money on swapping stuff out and then crash it just cause you're learning.
I fly the cheap stuff first and then swap out what I want after or get a kit of the same version and then move everything that I want over.

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