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Jul 02, 2003, 03:38 PM
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Dreaming of a low cost, ROG small EDF plane

I've never seen a plane that fits the bill I'm looking for. I'd like to make a lightweight balsa plane with dual GWS 64's and include a landing gear for ROG. Is this just a dream, or is it possible? What are are important design characteristics for me to be succesful. Mind you, I'm not looking for a 100mph plane. I'd like a park flier type that can lift off on a ball field. I like the A10, but is this my only option.?

Am I just dreaming?

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Jul 02, 2003, 08:06 PM
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Anything in that area is going to be a twin for sure. There's the GWS A-10. Then I forgot who makes it but there's a balsa built up learjet for 2 GWS-50's that will rog, and is quiet sporty.
Also if you want really low cost ROG, and good flying. Quiet a few people have take those $4 foam jumbo jet gliders like they sell at wal-mart, and converted them to use 2 GWS-50's. When done right they look excellent, and fly well. Actually they are way too sporty to be an airliner lol.
It really doesn't take a whole lot to do either. A $4 glider, 2 GWS-50's. Some styrofoam cups to make the nacelle's. A carbon spar in the wings. Replacing the elevator with balsa (if you want better control).
Pretty simple stuff like that. It doesn't get any cheaper in the EDF market. Something like that makes the GWS A-10 look expensive. However if your looking for something like a military fighter plane. It's pretty much an A-10 or nothing.

Also with a little creativity, and some depron or zepron a lot can be done. Or even blucore foam. There's no reason that if you made a good sized F-15 for example out of depron or blucore foam that you couldn't get it to fly well on 2 GWS-50's.
Actually with some lightweight building techniques a single GWS-75 would probably make one ROG no problem. Look at the Mountain Models Parkjet. It's really shows what a light airframe, and a cheap EDF can accomplish. that thing really performs, and I doubt light wire gear, and some wooden wheels one of them would ROG.
Heck if done right you could use a set of cheap GWS retracts, and have a almost full house parkflyer EDF. That would be something there.
The only thing you probably won't get out of one is high speeds. Although small models don't have to go very fast to look "fast".

Good luck. It's very possible I think.
Jul 03, 2003, 09:35 AM
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Hopper, thanks for the info. I've built several planes with blucor and balsa, so tinkering is something I love to do. I'm glad to see that my cheap ROG EDF is out there..

Jul 03, 2003, 03:38 PM
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I put a thin light fixed gear on my EJF f-18 and can't hardly tell the difference in performance other than the ability to ROG changing to regular fat wheels slowed it down considerably (not a bad thing when you are learning)