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Sep 06, 2010, 08:17 PM
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J-Power BlitzRCWorks F-16

The J-Power Skyangel F-16 EDF jet has been a very fun little plane since it's first flight in 2010 up to present day. Great handling is matched with a good stock power system that is easy to launch, fly, and land. I have included some build points and notes about the Center of Gravity vs the specs in the manual, along with my upgrades to a 10 blade fan. Read on by clicking on the Comments...

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Sep 20, 2010, 11:40 AM
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Sept 06 2010

I'm patiently awaiting the maiden day to test the mini F-16. I'm very satisfied with the construction of this little EDF jet however for safety I may replace the stock 20A ESC.
* Hitec HS-55 Sub Micro Servos, Hitec Neutron 6 Dual Conversion Receiver
* Stock 11.1V 850mAh Battery, and two 11.1V Nano-Tech 850 25-40C packs.
* Stock Brushless Outrunner & 5-blade EDF
* Stock 20A brushless controller

Below, a picture of the Hitec HS-55 servos using the stock linkages, good fit. I always use small pieces of hardwood for screw-mounting servos. Still awaiting my receiver, so the linkage throws and centering have not been completed.
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Oct 18, 2010, 08:32 PM
hi did u have to take apart the plane to make the changes u did because my f35 does not have much room to do any thing at all .............
Oct 20, 2010, 12:10 PM
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Yes, the lower section of the body intake comes off the plane with some careful pulling. The factory glue that is used is foamy like "uhu por" glue, which releases when you want it to. I use 5min epoxy when I put it back together but surfaces must be sanded or epoxy will not hold. I moved the receiver where the ESC used to be, and made a new spot for the ESC back 3 inches further so the plane would balance with the 850mAh 3S pack almost all the way forward so bigger batteries will balance. Plastic is placed over the receiver and wires in the intake, with the ESC exposed for cooling. Prior to flying. A carbon spar aides in holding the ESC, should the epoxy let go. Another spar adds rigidity to the airframe so I doesn't deform when I hand launch it. The elevators are also reinforced with carbon. The batteries are shown in the balanced and ready to fly positions. I broke the fan in by running it at low rpms to wear the blades even as some rubbed on the housing slightly at higher rpms.

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Oct 20, 2010, 01:18 PM
ok well in hope that the f16 fly the way youn want and thanks for the tips
Oct 29, 2010, 01:52 PM
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Oct 29 2010
Maiden flight.
Just before noon, with landing gear off. Walked down to a taller grass part of the field, turned on the transmitter, connected the battery. I looked at the elevator and decided it would be best to give it some up control surface throw, 25% of low rate maximum throw. Applied full throttle and gave it a good but controlled throw like a dart. Took off fast, with a left-hand twist and yaw. This would have caused trouble for someone who didn't expect it. I knew I didn't induce any roll in my launch and after gaining altitude it was confirmed my tail was molded a few degrees warped. Corrected with the stick, gained elevation and trimmed it out, needed 30% elevator (which is actually 2mm from the moving surface's leading edge), 10% right aileron. Flew great, a few close flybys and cut throttle back to 75%, then 50%, switched to high rates and did some rolls and a few 100% throttle passes. Roll rate was about 4rolls/second on high rates. When back and forth across the 60 cleared acres and varied altitude, has no problem climbing. Lined it up for a landing in the grass, decided I was too fast and re-lined it up and just then the LVC killed the motor so I glided it in, and plopped it in the tall grass through a gentle controlled stall 2' above the grass. I could not ask for a better first flight on a strange plane, the stall speed is incredibly slow and gentle. I returned back to the house at 12:05.
Surfaces measured from elevator after being trimmed:

Low Rates:
Aileron expo 50% (safe for a first flight) throw limit 35% (5mm)
Elevator expo 40% (perfect) throw limit 45% (8mm up, 6mm down)

High Rates:
Aileron expo 90%, throw limit 100% (still easy to control) 13mm
Elevator expo 90%, throw limit 100% (still easy to control) 13mm up, 12mm down

Flight duration 7-8 minutes.
resting voltage 9.7V, 759mAh used
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Nov 01, 2010, 09:52 AM
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Oct 31 2010, 3 flights today.
10AM morning flight.
resting voltage 9.74V, 758mAh used
1:20PM, 5 minutes
resting voltage 11.27V, 557mAh used
3PM, 4 minutes total flight, full throttle for 3 min
resting voltage 11.12V, 650mAh used

Nov 2 2010
4.5minutes 10.67V, 729mAh used
flown to cutoff 9.94V, 753mAh used

Nov 3 2010
4.5 minutes 11.03V, 699mAh used

Nov 11 2010 Remembrance Day
4 minutes 10.85V 707mAh used

Nov 13 2010
7minutes 9.72V 753mAh used
9.02V 768mAh used
11.35V 505mAh used

Nov 14 2010
11.22V 597mAh used
11.12V approx 650mAh used

Nov 19 2010
Low Rates: Aileron expo reduced to 40%, throw limit increased to 40%.

Feb 11 2011
I've had over 70 flights on this setup. The CG point is 70mm behind the leading edge where the wing meets the body, instead of the 60mm specified by the brand. I've changed the High Rates settings to aileron 50% and elevator 55%, which is still pretty relaxed. Today my fan hub split just enough that I could see it when I removed the motor cover. I'll either replace it or swap the ESC/motor/fan 150W combo with another 700W 6800kv Haoye sonic nightmare.

Feb 13 2011
Today my fan hub split just enough that I could see it when I removed the motor cover. I'll either replace it or swap the ESC/motor/fan 150W combo with another more powerful setup.
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May 28, 2013, 06:26 PM
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I hadn't flow this plane since 2011 as I was onto to bigger things, but revisiting it proved worthwhile. The plane has great flying tendencies and plenty of potential for more power. I recently purchased a Dr mad Thrust 10 blade 50mm EDF and two motors. These are both outrunners and the larger 2815 will be at home with this load. To compliment this combo, i have a Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300mAh 11.1V 45-90C pack that fits with very little additional battery compartment modification, and a Turnigy Trust 45A ESC. This is a much heavier setup, but the performance should be much greater, too.

The Turnigy 2815 4800kv motor weighs 72g, draws 3.2A at 10V with no load, and is said to handle about 40 amps of current in test. It comes with 2.3mm and 3.0mm shafts, the 3.0mm is fitted in the factory. The screw holes are M2.5mm and the front of the motor fits the Dr Mad Thrust EDF perfectly. I used a dremel to countersink the screws for better clearance, but M2.5 screws that are 10mm long will work fine.
The Turnigy 2610 5000kv weighs 52g, draws 2.2 amps at 10V no load, and is said to handle a bit over 33 amps or current in test. It also includes 2.3mm and 3.0mm shafts, and the 3.0mm is fitted in the factory. it uses the same screw arangement. It has a higher internal resistance and might perform better with less load. Oddly, it lacks the cooling holes found on the 2815.

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Jun 08, 2013, 05:53 PM
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Turnigy Trust 45A speed controller generates an audible switching subharmonic, and a great deal of radio noise if the receiver is placed within 30mm of the battery wires. Due to the relative lack of real estate inside the J-Power/ Skyangel/ BlitzRCWorks 50mm F-16, the power wires run in the immediate proximity of the Neutron 6 receiver. Each time the motor initialization beeps sounded, the servos would twitch. I have never never had that happen on any plane before, but the Neutron 6 is somewhat known for less than perfect noise rejection. To help correct the issue, I wrapped the receiver in tape and then two layers of aluminum foil. I would also recommend wrapping the power wires in plastic cling film and two or three layers of aluminum foil as well, ensuring it cannot introduce a short circuit. At a later date I will add two ferrite chokes and possibly wrap these wires as well. The problem is solved for up close testing but a range past 120 ft with the antenna up has proved the problem is still severe.

I removed the electronics and motor form the airframe and left the servos plugged in, interference gone. I placed the electronics back in, servo ticking and inconsistent motor rpm returned. I straightened the wires and moved the receiver into the battery compartment and this stopped the ticking or twitching servos by in another range test, the motor rpm became uneven the farther distance I separated the Tx and Rx. It seems to be a combination problem where the Neutron 6 can block most noise, but it becomes overwhelmed with the servo leads running along side ESC and receiver nect to the battery wires. I will check if FrSky's 2.4GHz module can be connected to the Hitec Optic 6, and if so, I will buy FrSky full range micro receiver.

This Dr Mad Thrust fan is rather unbalanced and I did my best to balance it until my dynamic balancer stand arrives. The stock 10 blade 50mm fan with its own 3300kv inrunner pulls 27A on 4S, and an equivalent for 3S is 4400kv. The motor I'm using is Turnigy's 4800kv 2815, and on 40% storage charged Rhino 1250mAh 30C 3S pack the motor pulls a bit more than 33 Amps. This pack is for a slowflyer, not this plane. The static current draw is on target with my projections and the linear throttle vs linear RPM increase indicates this motor is not being overworked. Great
I tested the motor with the fresh fully charged Nano-Tech 1300mAh 45-90C pack and the rpm was much higher and thrust was far greater. The meter shows 42 Amps.

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Jun 14, 2013, 12:55 PM
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This morning before noon I put the first flight on the new power system. I balanced the model at 68-70mm and applied 5 points of up elevator to increase the climb rate, but quickly learned it was not necessary. You may that you not require additional elevator trim and also find that you want to reduce your control throws on your own F-16. I couldn't take off at full throttle because the airframe was pulling right out of my hand, so I hand launched at about 70-80% throttle. The F-16 pulled nicely without any torque roll and climbed readily without any drop. At half throttle the motor & fan combo pull the plane along nicely and its remarkably quiet compared to stock. I was unable to do a high speed pass due to interference causing the plane to try and rapidly turn this way or that way on occasion and the motor power would drop out on occasion at any throttle setting. This was the same issue I had until I removed the Rx and ESC from the vicinity of the servo leads. What I can say, is that the plane is not very sudden to accelerate due to the weight and rather picks up speed slowly as it continues accelerating. I switched to high rates and landed the plane in the grass and it settled gently as it did stock. Excellent. Now, onto a new ESC and 2.4GHZ module & Rx to correct the issue at hand.
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Jul 04, 2013, 10:14 AM
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Nobody would ever guess that this airframe is three years old with over 100 flights on it. It is the original.

Last night I set up the FrSky ACCST 2.4GHz radio system. I plugged in the DFT module where the Spectra would normally insert, and I installed the V8RF-II receiver. The two short antennas exit on either side of the intake and are invisible to the eye during flight. Today, July 4 2013, I took my first uninterrupted flight on the power system. I didn't realize how much interference the switching BEC in the ESC was introducing until I revved up the new 2.4GHz system. The motor ran quieter and smoother, and more powerful without servo ticking noise. Apparently noise was modulating my throttle channel and subsequently reducing the power output. I did a test with the power meter and it pulled 532 Watts at 47 Amps on the freshly charged Nano-Tech 1300mAh 45-90C pack. I revved it up about 80% throttle and gave it a dart throw. The nose tipped up and I pressed down on the elevator stick to keep it from stalling. I flew for about 3 minutes at various throttle settings and the sound of the balanced fan is really nice. Half throttle is fast enough for a convincing flight. I then set it to high rates as I brought it in for a landing in the tall grass field.
Jul 06, 2013, 12:38 PM
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Last night I used the Hobbyking 720 wing camera for the first time but it was out of focus. A shame, because it was a perfect flight before sunset to demonstrate the handling and speed, combined with 45-50% throttle cruising for a total of 4 minutes. I manually focused the lens on the TV and this morning attempted to hand launch twice but the nose tipping up, putting it into a slow stall and plopping into the tall grass. The cause appears to be the elevator travel when I re-trimmed in flight, as my CoG is the same as always. I fly tail heavy to make landings slow and flat, but too much elevator trim will drop the tail on launch. A benefit from this is that the stall point is now known for the airframe. I will give it another go later.

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