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Sep 02, 2010, 08:44 AM
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From a Slow Stick, Super Cub to a ParkZone Corsair. Maiden flight today...

My background

I am a beginner. On a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 is a person who has never touched an rc remote control before and a 5 is an expert flier with years of experience, I think I am a level 2.

I had a frustrating start into the hobby a few months ago, but I knew I would love flying rc planes because I grew up building and flying kites... I loved flying kites, and I built them often out of newspaper and bamboo. The most fun kites were the ugly ones that I built out of bamboo and crappy paper. Trying to build them balanced enough to fly without a tail was very fun, and I spent years flying kites...


I had the wrong start. I should have started with a flight simulator, but the guy at my lhs made it sound like the mini super cub was too easy to learn on. He was wrong. The plane was tiny and unstable for the most part. Any breeze caused it to move quickly everywhere and made me panic. So I lost it quickly because I had no idea that a plane had to be balanced. After splitting the plane in half, I glued it back together. As a result, the tiny, weightless plane became very tail heavy and that was the end of that sorry plane. It crashed hard over a hill. I left it there and drove away, frustrated, wondering what to do next.


Then I moved to my first GWS Slow Stick. Poor Japanenglish instructions, I had a friend of mine help me finish building it. It had several issues: Up roll due to torque effect, totally uncontrollable left roll due to torque effect, defective ESC that would cut power and eventually a defective servo that died in midair and caused it to crash from a high altitude nose first into the asphalt. There were pieces of all over the road. The stick fuselage turned into a soft straw. I was fed up. It was broken beyond repair. (I even posted a thread here somewhere talking about my frustrating start. I later edited the post to hide some of my frustration, but I was tired of fighting with a problematic slow stick, and I wondered if the hobby would eventually involve some flying. )

I almost gave up on the hobby, but I decided to build a second slow stick (I had an unfinished business with slow sticks) after the first one dove to its death. I am glad I did. This second slow stick is more stable and the ESC actually works. I love the slow stick, and I will always fly one. Take your average electronics out of the average plane and stick it on a slow stick kit for a total of $25 and have endless relaxing flights. It glides to land, almost stopping to gently touch the ground like a feather...

Next, the Guanli F4U Corsair disaster from NitroPlanes

I ordered a Guanli Corsair from Nitroplanes after watching a YouTube video by NightFlyyer. (I've seen him in a video clip speaking at a NitroPlanes event, so now I am suspicious of his review of any product sold by NitroPlanes. I won't buy anything sold by them any more.) For $100, RTF, what could go wrong? Well, a lot. For starters, the plane arrived with a broken wingtip (I'll never buy another plane online), broken aileron and broken hinges. The aileron was completely broken off. Building the plane was a disaster. The wing ailerons did not come pre-installed, unlike the ParkZone Corsair. It was difficult at best to install the servos in the wing. Horrible. Fed up, I decided to fly it with the broken aileron held in place with packaging tape. I thought I could keep it flying and just turn with the rudder. Bad idea!!! The plane lasted a few seconds before it crash-landed on some tall weeds. Huh, but the landing wasn't that hard, and the weeds were about 30 inches tall. It laid straight on top of the weeds when I picked it up. It did not touch the ground at all. Most planes, such as my Super Cub or Slow Stick, would have survived just fine with minor to no scratches; however, Guanli's el cheapo Corsair's motor mount got bent out of shape. (I had read somewhere that their motor mount is horrible. I should have stayed away.). The plane itself was made of the cheapest foam, and the paint job was the weakest I've ever seen. You touch the paint with tape and it comes right off if you remove the tape. You get what you pay for! I took the electronics out of it and built my second slow stick.


I purchased my ParkZone Corsair yesterday. I unboxed it last night and I will maiden it today at lunch time.


I have not flown this new Corsair yet, but I can tell you by looking at it that there is no comparison between this Corsair and Guanli's piece of crap Corsair.

I'll post a video of today's maiden flight. I have my Kodak 1080p pocket camcorder with me.

Any tips for the maiden flight would be appreciated.
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Sep 02, 2010, 10:53 AM
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The corsair is a fantastic plane from parkzone. Then again, most are. As long as your confident in your skills the only failure of this plane will come from the pilot.
Sep 02, 2010, 11:13 AM
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I've read posts suggesting it's nose heavy?
Sep 02, 2010, 12:37 PM
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Actually my PZ Corsair is the only one of the PZ warbird line that I have NOT had to add any weight to balance. With the PZ 1800ma battery it was perfect rightoss it at about a 30 degree t out of the box. Do yourself a favor and loose the landing gear for the first flight. Check that all control surfaces move correct. Take hold just behind the wing, run thottle up to about 75% and toss it at about a 30 degree angle into the wind. Then just enjoy.
Good luck. Hope this is finally the one that works out for you.
Sep 02, 2010, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by cmerighe
I've read posts suggesting it's nose heavy?
A little nose heavy on a warbird is actually a good thing most of the time. Nose heavy just means you end up using more up elevator than usual, and inverted is not so pretty or easy to hold.
Tail heavy is just a constant battle to keep the airspeed you need to maintain control and takes ALL the fun out of the flight.
At least these are my experiences as another fairly new flyer.
Sep 02, 2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by V2rider
Do yourself a favor and loose the landing gear for the first flight.
I am unable to fly on grass. My only option at this time is to keep the landing gear on and take off and land on the ground. I'll post the video!

I am leaving RIGHT NOW...
Sep 02, 2010, 02:39 PM
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I'm back from my maiden flight.


It was worse than just nose heavy. It felt like there was a brick stuck somewhere in the nose. It totally wanted to roll left. It wouldn't turn right when I tried it at low rate. And I had the trims all the way set to right and up, but they were far from enough to counter what was happening. So I kept fighting exhaustively it until the inevitable happened... BANG! In the weeds. The prop is bent, let's hope there is no serious damage. The actual body is ok, no cracks in the fuselage or wing from what I can tell. We'll see.

Now on to blaming something: It is my fault. When I tried to take off, it was so nose heavy that it kept nosing down and hitting the ground with the prop. That kept happening. It was so unbalanced it was sick. It wouldn't even take off.

But I was too excited and had to take off right then. I thought, "well, it's ParkZone, it must be balanced out of the box." I was wrong.

I was decided to take off no matter what, so I pulled the elevator up all the way, gave it full throttle and it barely took off. But taking off was the least of my problems as I soon found out. Flying it was a huge battle, and it would go down like a rocket if I even thought of letting the elevator relax. As a result, in a split second, it crashed nose first into the weeds.

Hopefully the motor shaft is not bent. Hopefully it's only the prop. I'll have to get this thing properly balanced before my re-maiden flight, maybe by tomorrow. I don't think it was caught on camera. My Kodak Zi8 camera's screen is worthless when the sun is hitting it like it was. My friend could not see the plane going crazy, everywhere.

Dec 28, 2010, 12:39 PM
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Custom Slow Stick

The best advice for the beginner is to find an experienced RC flyer to help you through the learning phase. I am currently a member of an RC club that has a pilot training program and must say my instructor has helped me get my planes into the air and back to the ground in one piece.

I had a GWS Slow Stick that I tried to fly myself with many crashes and finally a fatal one bending the aluminum tube. I looked for quite a while for a replacement tube and couold not find one. I put the GWS in a closet and happened to be reading my Model Aviation magazine and saw and add for a custom landing gear for the Slow Stick. I checked the web site mentioned in the web site I found the landing gear, a graphite fuselage tube, new fuselage set, steerable rear wheel mount, brushless motor mount, and best of a balsa build kit. The balsa build kit replaces the foam wings. The wings are a very easy build and instructions are good. This makes a very inexpensive RC plane into a fairly expensive one, but it looks good and flies well.

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