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Sep 01, 2010, 03:23 PM
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Thread OP

WOODIES: Wooden Pleasure Craft from Boating's Golden and Classic Eras and much more.


A place for Woody fans to come and chat and strut their boats' stuff...

Also a central place for a Woodies Thread and Article listing.

Woodie: A wooden hulled, usually varnished mahogany, powered boat, usually a pleasure, commuter, runabout, racer, cruiser or launch from the "Golden Age of Boating" or the post-war "Classic Age of Boating." The definition usually excludes working boats such as trawlers, coasters or fishing boats. (Is this going to be an agreeable definition for everyone?)

Classic Fiberglass or aluminum runabouts from the Postwar, Classic Runabout Era are welcome.

Also included in our scope are the Pleasure Steamers and launches as were seen on the Ullswater, Windermere, Muskoka and St. Lawrence during of Steam's Golden Age and are the roots of the gasoline powered 'woodies,' in function and use. The oldest mechanically powered vessel in the world, the S.L. Dolly, was launched in 1850, is a Woodie under our definition, indeed she could be looked at as the progenitor of all woodies that came after.

The model's hull need not be wood, but the full sized prototype, in general, with the above noted exceptions, should be. There may be other special exceptions, of course... we wouldn't chase the African Queen away 'cause the prototype's hull was iron plate. - Your thoughts on this?

Looking for a particular boat?

Certain boats have quite a following, mainly boats that have figured in the mass media or culture in some ways like Jack Kennedy's Elco PT Boat, the 109, are famous for their exploits in life, others conversely, from the movies and TV like Father Goose's "Vrolijkheid," and the "Minnow" from Gilligan's Island. Some, like John Hacker's "The Thunderbird" or the Rivas have gained a following by being exquisite exemplars of the craft of boat-building and style.

Check the "Build Lists" below and see if your boat is there. If not, use the search function on the upper starboard side of this (and every) R/C Groups' web page. Or, of course, feel free to ask in a posting.

Vintage Model Boat & Ship plans

If you are loooking for Vintage Plans and Kit tracings, check out the "Vintage Model Boat & Ship plans" Sticky Thread over in Dock Talk - Lots of interesting stuff!!

Chris Craft, Garwood, Hacker, Hackercraft, Ditchburn, Muskoka, Minett, Minett-Shields, Port Carling, W.J. Johnston, Port Carling, Father Goose, Vrolijkheid, Walter Eckland, Cary Grant, Chris Craft Custom Commuter, Custom Commander, Custom Cruiser
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Sep 01, 2010, 03:26 PM
Spreckels Lake, GGP, SF, CA
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Thread OP

RCGroups Woodie Threads and Articles List

Show & Tell SHOWCASE!
Haz Uz gotz a Woodie??? -
Iz Uz proud o'yer Woodie?? -
Haz no gotz place to flaunt yer Woodie?

See the rules for posting below then get over there an' getz yer Woodie some severe face time!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

PM me with article/thread links to add here

Build Logs:
Scratch Builds
Scratch -- Thunderbird - by GPR -- Mar '09 --- Highly Recommended! A very detailed and complex build. Superb

Scratch -- 39' Version of the Typhoon - METI -- Aug '07

Scratch -- Hacker 16' Runabout - CG Bob -- Jan '08

Scratch -- 1934 GarWood 16ft Speedster scratchbuilt - Ed Crowell -- Jan 09 -- A highly recommended build thread.

Scratch -- The SS Minnow - P. Tritle -- Jan '04 --- an exception to prove the rule

Scratch -- "Father Goose's 'Vrolijkheid'" - P. Tritle -- Feb 08

Scratch -- Pat Tritle's Chloe times 150% - by EdLokken -- Jan '09

Scratch -- Riva Aquarama - Dongledell -- Sept '03

Scratch -- Dodge Watercar from the early 20's... by FatBeech -- Aug '08 --- Recommended

Scratch -- "POSH," a 22-1/2" DART Speedtender from 1931 - by FatBeech -- Sept 08 --- Recommended

Scratch -- Runathing - A Flyer inspired runabout - pjesus -- Jul '10

Scratch -- Norgale's build of the 1926 yacht Mariner III. - Norgale - Sept '10 -- Not a 'woodie' hull per se, but a classic from the Golden Age of Yachting!

Scratch - Jersey Speed Skiff - by Winkman1 -- Sept '10 -- Gas powered Woodie speedboats

Scratch -- Chris Craft Barrelback - werlec -- Oct '10 - New Build thread.

Scratch -- 1955 37' Merritt - by Finn -- Oct '10 -- Very nice scratch build of a '50's recreational fishing boat.

Scratch -- 1955 37' Chris Craft Corvette - LaBob -- Nov '10 --- Not a Sterling - True Scratch

Scratch -- Drake Tail Steam Launch - peconic steam -- Jan '11 --- Steam Launch, scratch from design on up! --- NEW

Scratch -- A new project...what to do? (Steam Launch "Le Mouette" (Seagull)) - sergio-italia -- Nov '10 --- --- NEW

Scratch -- The Meteor - a 1950s Outboard Runabout - Chinewalker -- Dec '10

Scratch -- Halvorsen 36 Build Log with pics - Schmango78 -- Feb '11

Scratch -- Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV - xx29l9 -- Mar '10 (Ok, the full-scale prototype is glass... Bob's the build is balsa and looking very well done too!)

Scratch -- 57' Chris Craft Constellation - mbingo - Apr '11 --- NEW

Scratch -- "Swallow" mahogany runabout - szmyk -- Mar '11 -- From the design/drafting table foward; a 'from-the-ground-up' build! Sweet looking too! NEW

Scratch -- Wide-A-Wake 51" Steam Launch - Patternmaker -- Jul' 11 --- Clinker Planked Steam Launch * Looks like it is gonna' be a wowser! NEW
Scratch -- Wide-A-Wake on Model Boat Mayhem

Scratch -- The ORCA from Jaws - IdealMethod -- Aug '11 --- Brody, Hoper and Quint ride again in what looks to be a very detailed build.

Scratch -- School Boat Project at 150% - P. Tritle -- Aug '11 --- Another build by a Master!

Scratch -- Rappahannock Boat Works Torpedo stern launch - Reg Hinnant -- May '11 --- really nice build!

Scratch -- Mistral - (a Lake Union Dreamboat 42') - CurtisP40 -- Oct '11

Scratch -- Nouveau - A modern river launch - randyde -- Oct '11

Scratch -- 1920 Jersey Sea Skiff 1/6th scale - Pirt12 -- Nov '11

Scratch -- '20s style raised deck cruiser - moTthediesel -- Dec'11 --- Now here's and interesting design prototype build with a twist (in the hull)!

Caballero (Mechanix Illustrated) - the_11th_guest -- Feb '12 --- A scratch build from old Mechanix Illustrated plans!

Scratch - Unfinished Classic Mahogany Boat - Aydemir -- Oct '11 --- A sweet little build of a classic style runabout speedster.

Scratch - Little Frameless Boat - Aydemir -- Dec '11 --- Another sweet little build of a classic style runabout speedster.

Miss America VIII - - JimsBoats -- Mar '12 --- this ya Gotta see; Dual V-12s!!!

Semi-Scratch Builds
(Reproductions of un/available kits or or substanially hacked kits.)
Semi Scratch - Sterling 63' CC Motor Yacht with a twist? by ClassicBoats - June '09 - - A long, detailed and through scratch-build article - Recommended
Semi Scratch - Sterling 63' - Tinknocker -- Feb '08
Semi Scratch - Sterling / 50' Sterling / CC Catalina - hotshot564 -- Mar '11 NEW
Semi Scratch - Sterling 42' Corvette - Tinknocker -- Dec '08
Semi-Scratch - Lady Allison II Steam Lauch - dunc2504 -- Jul '09

Semi-Scratch - Lady Isabell: New open launch project - dunc2504 -- Apr '11

Semi Scratch / KIt Mod - 1940 Chris Craft 19' Custom "Barrelback" Runabout - woodybob - Sept '07 - - When you gonna finish woody? Abandoned build??

Semi Scratch - Aerokits Sea Hornet by Mr.Toes ToesUp -- Jul '08 -- A classic by Mr.Toes from drawings - recommended!

Torpedo Stern Cruiser - A-37 -- Oct '10 --- Really nice build on a GRP/FG hull; definitely worth a look - RECENT ADD

Semi-Scratch Sterling Catalina - tinknocker -- Feb '12

Semi-Scratch - Stirling 63' Chris Craft MY - oldbilgewater -- April '12


Rebuilds and Restorations
(Rebuilds and repairs f older boats)
Rebuild - of Late 1920's Electric Launch - By Bob SF -- Aug '11
Rebuild and modernization of a 1920s vintage electric-powered "school model" based on John W. Cavileer's 1923 design
as published in his "manual arts" textbook "MODEL BOAT BUILDING FOR BOYS"

Restoration - A 45 year old Chris Craft from Okinawa - by daemuon -- Sept '08

Restoration FOUND 2 trashed wood boats! - by Layer -- Feb '12

Restoration - Chris Craft Overhaul - by Fastandlow -- Feb '12

Kit Builds
Amati - Riva Aquarama 1:10 - Sharky1dk -- Jun '11 --- NEW to List

Dare Designs - Barracuda - by Chop1 -- Mar '09

Dumas 1956 23' Continental by EdLokken - April '10
Dumas 1954 36' Commander Express Cruiser by bluezephyr - Sept '05 - - Recommend
Dumas Chris Craft Commander - Kylewp -- Jan '11 NEW
Dumas Typhoon, Kit Review - P. Tritle -- Oct '03 - Highly Recommended
Dumas 1940 Chris Craft 19' Custom "Barrelback" Runabout - by Hatchet Jack - Apr '10
Dumas 1940 Chris Craft 19' Custom "Barrelback" Runabout - by woodybob -- Dec '07
Dumas 1949 Chris Craft 19' Racing Runabout - by P. Tritle -- Mar '04 --- Recommended
Dumas 1949 Chris Craft 19' Racing Runabout **Bash Job** - by Habanero -- Mar '10 --- Recommended
Dumas 1949 Chris Craft 19' Racing Runabout - mcfly1883 -- Apr 07 --- Recommended - very large and detailed, look at the custom metalworking
Dumas 1949 Chris Craft 19' Racing Runabout - laser110 -- Feb '12
Dumas 1947 19' Chris Craft Utility - by RussellTate -- June '09 --- Recommended
Dumas Chris Craft Racing Runabout - by RussellTate -- Aug '10
Dumas Chris-Craft 27' Triple-Cockpit Barrel Back - by P. Tritle -- Dec '07 --- Recommended
Dumas 1964 20' Chris-Craft Super Sport - by P. Tritle -- Feb '09 --- Recommended
Dumas Chris-Craft "Utility" - by Aerominded -- Jan '05
Dumas 1941 16' Chris-Craft Hydro - Review - by P. Tritle -- Aug '07 --- Recommended
Dumas Owens 42' Flagship - by P. Tritle -- Feb '11 --- Recommended

Legend Model Boats - 1958 "Cavalier" 25' Express Cruiser -- Kit Review - P. Tritle -- Sept '05 --- Recommended
Legend Model Boats - Century "Thunderbolt" Kit Review - by P. Tritle -- Jan '05
Legend Model Boats - 1930 Dodge 21'6" Split Cockpit Runabout - CG Bob -- Dec '08
Legend Model Boats - 1950 Jersey Speed Skiff - frankg -- Jul '08
Legend Model Boats - 1952 Century Sea Maid '18' -1/6th scale - frankg -- Jun 09
Legend Model Boats - "California Cracker Box" - frankg -- Jan '10
Legend Model Boats - 1935 Gar Wood 16' Speedster "MISS BEHAVE" - frankg -- Feb '11
Legend Model Boats - 1922 Gold Cup Racer "MISS SEVERN" - frankg -- March '12

M.A.C.K. Products - Building the St. Lawrence River Skiff - by P. Tritle -- Jan '10
M.A.C.K. Products / Legend Model Boats - 1950 Jersey Speed Skiff - by P. Tritle -- Jun '09
M.A.C.K. Products - 1963 Lyman Soft Top Sleeper in Review - by P. Tritle -- Dec '07 --- Recommended

Midwest - Fantail Launch + Kitchen rudder by peconic steam - Jan '10 - Well it started out as pleasure steamer...
Midwest - A Fantail Launch in Italy - sergio-italia -- Nov '10 --- NEW
Midwest - What? Another Elliot Bay launch? - bgnome -- Jun '10 --- based on the Elliot Bay "Vaparosa" hull --- NEW to List

Model Shipways Miss Adventure - by ssg.perkins -- Oct '10 -- Looking good!

Sterling - Chris Craft 42' Corvette - 42Corvette -- Mar '09
Sterling - Chris-Craft 42' Corvette - b willow -- Nov '07
Sterling - Classic Dual Cockpit Mahogany Runabout - First Time Build - kylewp -- Feb '08
Sterling - Century Sea Maid - Picking up the Pieces (again) - DoddyO -- Jan '10
Sterling - Century Seamaid - Mars Rover -- Dec '10

Mods and Hacks
proboat classic runabout - tim slocum -- Sept '05
Venice 90 - Kmot -- Jun 02 (More of a MAJOR rebuild job.)
Pro-Boat Runabout Chris Craft and water cooling? - Bernhard BB -- Aug '10 Cooling system, motor and passenger hacks.

Boat Galleries:
WOODIES: Show and Tell, A gallery of Woodies - Sept '10
Show Your (Steam) Boats and Engines Here - dunc2504 -- Dec '09 --- A fantastic and growing gallery of steam launches, check out Bernhard BB's work among others!

Scratch - The "Edna" - A Chris Craft 42' Corvette Cruiser - Eight feet LOA - papower -- Feb '09 --- Wow! NEW
Scratch - Norwegian runabout by Steggen - May '10
Chris Craft First Run! - xraycajun -- Oct '09
Marx Chris Craft Constellation - jschneider -- Jun '09
Mahogany River Queen Launch - by Bernhard BB -- Nov '10 -- Bernhard strikes again!!! Wow
Scratch Quarter Scale Chris Craft Cobra - glgirvin -- Jan '11 Biiig!!!

Dumas Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Barrelback Runabout
- oldtribefan -- Jun '07 -- oldtribefan's metalworking; especially the handmade cutwater.
Dumas Chris Craft Cobra - oldtribefan -- Jun '07 --- a jeweled metal dash and custom fittings.
Dumas 24' Chris Craft by a Master (Pat Kenly) - Kmot --Aug '07 --- Recommended
Dumas 1940 Chris Craft 19' Custom "Barrelback" Runabout - frankg -- Jul '09
Dumas 1930 Chris Craft Runabout (upswept) - frankg -- Nov '05
The NATTY K. - by woodybob -- Jul '08 --- A beautiful Mod/Upgrade of a Laughing Whale Runabout -- Recommended
1947 Chris Craft Utility - rotation slim -- Dec '08
My first chris craft - rotation slim -- Dec '08
Dumas 16' hydro - rotation slim -- May '10
1939 Century Thunderbolt - rotation slim -- Dec '10

Legend Model Boats - 1930 DODGE 21'6" SPLIT-COCKPIT RUNABOUT - frankg -- Mar '08

Sterling Chris Craft 63' Motor Yacht Owners (and their BOATS) - Norgale - Aug '08
Sterling - 1950 CENTURY SEAMAID - frankg -- Nov '05
Sterling Chris Craft Commander - H.Lauer -- Aug '09

Full Size
New York Launch and Motor Co. made some BEAUTIFUL Yachts! - Predreadnut -- Sept '10
Chris Craft Glove Boxes (Cockpit detailing) - RussellTate -- Sept '10 NEW

Event Galleries:
Wooden Boats on Parade / San Francisco Model Yacht Club (Bi-Annual Event)Great Lakes Model Boat Association (GLMBA) - model expo 2010
Who's going to Kitchener? (GLMBA Show 2007)
GLMBA Model Expo 2005

Full Size

Book Recommendations & Reviews:
Book recommendations which are linked are linked to review pages on The Modelers' Wiki® , a work in progress. Of most service to you, click ion the WorldCat link to find copies at libraries near to you worldwide!

Mahogany in Scale / Modeling the Classic Runabout By our very own PatMat! Buy this book or a goose will become romantically attached to your woodie...

Full Size
Cutwater: Speedboats and Launches from the Golden Age of Boating, Robert Duncan

Chris Craft - The Essential Guide Jerry Conrad Amazon
Building Chris-Craft: Inside the Factories New Chris-Craft book!, Anthony S. Mollica Jr., Amazon
Chris-Craft of the 1950s, Jack Savage Amazon

Ditchburn Boats - A Muskoka Legacy, Harold Shield & Bev McMullen
The Boatbuilders of Muskoka, A.H. Duke & W.M. Gray
Wood and Glory: Muskoka's Classic Launches, Gray & Vernet`
Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands, Anthony S. Mollica, Jr. & Goerge Fischer

Dodge Boats, Anthony S. Mollica Jr.
Gar Wood Boats - Classics of a Golden Era, Anthony S. Mollica Jr.
Hackercraft, John Perry
Speedboat, D.W. Fostle - Recommended
Classic Speedboats - 1916-1939, Gérald Guétat
Classic Speedboats - The Summit: 1945-1962, Gérald Guétat

Tail Fins and Two-Tones: The Guide to America's Classic Fiberglass and Aluminum Runabouts, Peter Hunn - Recommended -- A good book for some interesting designs,a look at what the other guys were up to; also good equipment details.

Modeling - Historical
Old manuals useful for period techniques and technology and of historical interest.
Be careful in applying this knowledge, some of the materials used (lead paints, solder with high heavy metal content) and formulas given were and are highly toxic.

Scale Model Warships / Gunkan no mokei : kiso kara jitsugi made, Kōzō Izumi - Highly Recommended - Particularly for planning and scratch fabrication of small fittings.

Model Boat Building for Boys : A Manual on the Construction and Designing of Several Types of Model Sail and Electrically Propelled Crafts, John W. Cavileer - A classic from the era of Wood Shop Classes and organized educational modeling.

Other Documentation:
Gauge ref for Chris Craft Racing Runabout? - RussellTate -- Jan '11 --- Russel's question get some very fine answers of value for everyone!
Dumas 21" CC Express cruise - Norgale
For those are mad searching for riva aquarama plans. - paulolondres -- Jul '10
Chris Craft 57' Constellation planking arrangement - Bill Zebb -- Aug '10


Dumas Discussion with April Rose; Dumas Rep -- Jul '10
When scale and speed meet!!! - frankg -- Dec '09
Long Awaited Legend "lyman" - frankg -- Sept '07
Sterling 63 Owners - norgale -- Aug 08
Old Chris Craft- John Fryant -- May '10
Sterling Chris Craft 63' - Continued Bulding - Charley L -- Apr '06

Full Size
Atosis - 1907 Gold Cup Racer - Chinewalker -- Dec '10
47 BElle - norgale Aug '10
The "Key Largo" Yacht - norgale -Aug '10
Looking information about Thunderbird - METI -- Oct '05

Misc. / Other
Anyone else up for a woodie forum? - Nederlander -- Apr '10
Is there a Chris Craft modelers group? - Nederlander -- Sept 10
What do you want in a model boat magazine - Nederlander -- Apr '09 --- Question still applies & I'll try to impliment what you want here as I can.

Building Questions:
Question to anyone who has built the Dumas C-C Continental kit - Hoociemama -- Aug '10
Baby Bootlegger - james. wood -- Mar '10
Help needed with Dumas 1930 Chris Craft - bub9797 -- Mar '06

Building Techniques, Tips, Kinks and Technologies:

Fiberglass hull for 63' CC Connie available!
Hull-making, resin and fiber.. - Robse -- Apr '08

Drawings and Tracings:

Fiberglass For Mahogany Hulls -- How To - by P. Tritle -- Feb '05 --- Highly Recommended
Fiberglassing Problem - by Tachikaze -- Mar '04
Wood or Fiberglass? - Monahan Steam -- May '09 --- Wood vs. Glass construction for hulls; Recommended, really a 'Must Read'
Does Bondo and the hardener have a shelf life?

Figures and Animatronics
Animatronic Pilot Figure in vk dr1 build - spikkkkkkkk - Nov '08 --- taking your Capt'n to the next level
Working Captain... - Bernhard BB -- Sept '10
Does anyone have any info about this rowboat? bgnome - Aug '10
Rowing? - pitviper51 -- Sept '10

Fiberglass For Mahogany Hulls -- How To - by P. Tritle -- Feb '05 --- Highly Recommended
Clear Coating Mahogany Hulls With Spar Varnish - by P. Tritle -- June '08
Sealing a wooden hull - by norgale -- Sept '08
Combine finishes for Chris Craft mahogany -- by mrosso -- Aug '10
how can I get this colour "wash"? - pmdevlin -- Dec '08
The Color of Teak - patmat -- Apr 07

Fittings & Hardware:
Water activated switch? - Apr '09
Plating brass parts - by Ed Crowell -- Apr '10
Dumas Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Barrelback Runabout - oldtribefan -- Jun '07 -- oldtribefan's metalworking on the handmade cutwater.
Dumas Chris Craft Cobra - oldtribefan -- Jun '07 --- Making a jeweled metal dash and custom fittings.
Printing Parts Pat uses 3D printing for fittings
Nice steering wheel for your 1/8 scale boat - KMOT -- Feb '11

Kroker Engineering & Development Stuff - When only a classic motor will do in your classic wood!

Really Nice Touches:
Brownell boat stands - CG Bob -- Jan '11 --- building really nice, scale boat stands


Tools: Hand:

Tools: Power:
Thickness Sanding with an Oscillating Spindle Sander

Vacuum forming my way

Wood Bending and Forming:
Using Liquid Ammonia Cleansers to Bend Wood - craig_c -- Aug '10 (based on outside sources)


Callie Graphics....WOW!!! - papower -- Feb '08 - (Callie Graphics Website)
Decals! - Patmat2350 -- Jul '06 - (Bedlam Creations)

Fiberglassing Materials
Douglas and Sturgess Glass, resins, epoxies microballons, fillers, atomized metals,safety gear and tons more at great pricing.

Fittings and Hardware, Full Size
(know what the part looks like before you put the Dremel to the metal!)
California Classic Boats, Inc. Recommended by woodybob
Seas the BayRecommended by woodybob
Nice steering wheel for your 1/8 scale boat - KMOT -- Feb '11

Events, Upcoming:
WOODEN BOATS ON PARADE 2010, SFMYC, Spreckels Lake, Sunday, October 24, 2010 Link Here

Club, Event and Regatta/Fun Run Threads:
Hansen Dam Lake "Irregulars" Report, Lake View Terrace, Los Angeles, California
Hansen dam Violators (the 'Go-Fasty') boys, Lake View Terrace, Los Angeles, California
SAN FRANCISCO MODEL YACHT CLUB @ SPRECKELS LAKE: Power Runs and Events!!!, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California
Logan City Marine Modelers at Tygum Lagoon, Brisbane, Australia
Westport Mayhem, Potteries Model Boat Club, Westport Lake, Stoke on Trent, England
Montgomery Model Boat Club (MMBC) Report, Montgomery, Alabama
Castaways boat club "The Villages," Florida
Sailing On Plaza Park Pond (Sierra MYC), Visalia California
Central California Coast Model Boats - toesup June '09 --- Come on guys!! Youz can do it!!!
[email protected] group from the Netherlands - Gotta' love their Lake!

Big Boat(1:1) Happenings & Reports:
Toledo OH boat show - PatricMichigan -- Aug '10
Toledo Wood Boat Show - CG Bob -- Aug '09
Orlando Antique boatshow pictures - Nederlander's Blog - Mar '10

The Annual Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance, Lake Tahoe, CA
Niagara Frontier Antique and Classic Boats

OffSite stuff:
The Yahoo Classic Wooden Boat Models Group
Matthews Model Marine - PatMat's Model Marine Articles and Site - Highly Recommended - Five Stars!
Chris Craft Models - LaBob's BEAUTIFUL, hand made, scratch built Chris Craft models.

Bobs Wood Boats - Bob Potrykus' Wooden Model Boats website -- Check it out!!

Last, but most assuredly not least, never, ever least is;
John's Nautical Links List
Humbly described by its compiler and maintainer, John Kohnen, as
The Mother Of All Maritime Links
* * Modeling A to M * * Modeling N to Z * *

It pretty much is!

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Sep 01, 2010, 03:26 PM
Spreckels Lake, GGP, SF, CA
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Thread OP

When starting a new “WOODIES Build” Thread…

1) Start your Build thread in the Scale Models Forum as normal with one change, put the word “WOODIES:” in the title as the first word. (You can also add the "WOODIES:" to the title of your older builds by using the Advanced Edit Screen.)
2) Place a single posting here in the Woodies “Super Thread” with a description of what you are up to with a few pictures. (Remember you can add up to 150 pictures to a single posting if you wish by using the “edit” function as time and your build progresses.)
3) Include a “link” to your build thread in your "announcement" posting.
4) I’ll also add a link in the Links section (posting 2)

Happy Building!!


Posting Protocol for putting A Boat to WOODIES: Showcase / Show and Tell. –

Purpose: A separate thread to show ALL (or as many as possible) of the boats of the Woodies’ Community in a single comprehensive thread.

1) Post ONE Boat per Posting.
2) If you have multiple boats – post each boat in its own, separate post within the thread.
3) You can post as many as 10 to 12 pictures per boat/posting. (Action shots gooood!)
4) Include a brief history of the model and anything else you might think of (as long as it pertains to the boat… no politics Keep it under 120 thousand words, novels, OK – trilogies, no.
5) If there is an associated build thread, please include a link to it.


And so the fun continues with... There is a need for - ANOTHER LIST (under construction)


(as I find 'em)
IF you feel that I have missed anything, PLEASE PM or email me and let me know! This list is by no mean finished or comprehensive at this point.


(on the web)
Museums and Collections

Enthusiast & Preservation Organizations

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Sep 01, 2010, 03:35 PM
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Thread OP
More Threads!!

WOODIES: Scratch 1:10th scale Baby Bootlegger
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Sep 01, 2010, 03:46 PM
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Thread OP
Reserved for Housekeeping, lists, etc - 3
Sep 01, 2010, 04:02 PM
Grumpa Tom
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Strictly kit and scratch builds?
Sep 01, 2010, 04:15 PM
Spreckels Lake, GGP, SF, CA
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by Kmot
Strictly kit and scratch builds?
Well, since it's in it's infancy, what do you think? Personally, I kinda feel that the majority of stuff should be for model builders (any type) and owners. I do have a slight but real bias against RTRs of any kind, but... RTRs can be modded and brought up to snuff, I mean that's what "hot rodding" used to be all about! And besides, the folks with RTR are part of the community and can be brought to the light then also, there was your Venice 90 Hack.

Wouldn't have an issue on info / discussion on a full size boat or two...
Damn it Kmot, you done complimiketed things an made me think - ouch!

(Seriously, this isn't my vanity thread, this is for folks who wanted a Woodies place. I want your input.)

Originally Posted by Kmot
Cool. A secret society of woodie toy boat builders.
Datz 'zactly what I waz tinkin'
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Sep 01, 2010, 07:10 PM
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I have nothing new to contribute but will post some pics of my old Sterling CC 63-Foot Motoryacht. I actually didn't build it but bought it in tough shape from a kid who had been given the model by an uncle. I refurbished/refinished the model including installation of the mahogany railing, rear deck windbreak curtains, hollowed out all leadloy light fittings, installed GOW bulbs. I also installed servo and cam operated microswitches to sequentially turn on deck, cabin and running lights, operate a bike horn, and swivel the searchlight. I carved people and crew figures, and added deck furniture and doll house accessories. I also have an unbuilt kit for the same model but have never started it.
Sep 01, 2010, 08:14 PM
"day ain't over yet-"
der kapitan's Avatar
Craig, you're putting a lot of work into this, and I hope it pays off for you---.
Sep 01, 2010, 08:42 PM
Spreckels Lake, GGP, SF, CA
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by der kapitan
Craig, you're putting a lot of work into this, and I hope it pays off for you---.
Not for me, Kapt., for all of us...

I feel that Woodies are very special as a vessel type, but I also feel that breaking them away from Scale would hurt both the general community and the Woodies folks in the long run. This will be a good, functional compromise I think. The folks who like and build Woodies, even the specialists, have a place to go that's theirs and the general overall community doesn't loose their knowledge, skills or enthusiasm.

The strategy of a "master thread" or a "centralized thread" worked very well for the Springers (over 8000 posts as I write this).. What I am hoping for eventually here is a sticky under Scale. I'm surprised that one hasn't started for the Footies over in Sail yet.
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Sep 02, 2010, 06:52 AM
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LOL, Martin. This isn't the only list/thread you've been mischevous on!
Sep 02, 2010, 07:45 AM
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MYTH: Bending Wood by Soaking in it Household Ammonia Solutions

Household Ammonia - A solution of ammonium hydroxide, (ammonia dissolved in water) of approximately 10 to 15% by weight, classed as a chemical irritant.
Ammonia-based cleansers are based on further dilutions of 10% ammonium hydroxide solutions and are significantly less potent.
The strongest possible solution at 60 °F is approximately 35% dissolved ammonia by weight.
Anything 15% or over is considered a corrosive and over 25% is considered a dangerous material / hazmat.

The temporary plasticizing and subsequent bending of wood using household or the stronger commercial grade liquid ammonia cleansers is, unfortunately for us, a myth. As it has been repeated a number of times on RCG/Boats, here is the reality. Nothing you can purchase as a cleanser has a high enough concentration of ammonia to fully plasticize the wood nor can the ammonia penetrate into the wood deeply enough into the wood in a dissolved state.

>>> UPDATE: ClassicBoats has apparently had some success using 29% ammonia and a 24 hour soak... More in his posting here.

The process is believed to be as follows; gaseous ammonia is absorbed by the materials that "glue" the wood cells together causing them to loose their adhesive qualities. With these bonds weakened, the cells slip and slide past another easily allowing the wood to take on new shapes. The woods is then held in place in the shape desired, usually in a jig. The cellular "glues" regain their former bonding properties as the ammonia outgasses from the wood into the surrounding atmosphere and the wood regains its strength, permanently retaining its new shape. In fact, it has been noted that wood so treated is denser and harder than prior to treatment.

However, one-hundred-percent pure, gaseous anhydrous ammonia (DANGER: Poison Gas) is required, as is a stainless-steel pressure chamber large enough to contain your wood while holding a pressurized, corrosive atmosphere of 100 to 150 psi above ambient pressure (see the accompanying PDF file of the article by Bill Keenan that appeared in Fine Woodworking Magazine and started it all).

Further, you need to set up a system to capture the waste gas and dissolve as much of the it as possible in water using a "bubbler" made from a 55-gallon drum filled with water that waste ammonia is bled through. You will never capture all if it, so expect your neighbors to raise a stink. As one might imagine, this is not for the casual DIYer unless you are going to be bending a great deal of wood; being in the country with neighbors at least a few hundred yards away helps too.

Here is an excerpt from another article on extreme woodbending: "Although it’s beyond the capabilities and needs of most do-it-yourselfers, it is also possible to make some extremely complex bends in wood using anhydrous ammonia, (not the common household cleaning products), but it is extremely dangerous, and requires specialized equipment. It also darkens many woods. You can get more information about this process from “Understanding Wood” by R. Bruce Hoadley at your library, or from most online bookstores, etc… Also from Fine Woodworking, issue number 30 dated 1981 Sept/Oct., article by Bill Keenan. Experiments with ammonia bending have been conducted at the University of Wisconsin in plasticizing (making pliable) wood, via immersion in gaseous anhydrous ammonia… the theory being that the ammonia is used as a solvent, and diffuses into the cell wall structure and disassembles the existing microscopic cell components producing a more pliable the solvent diffuses out of the wood the wood cell components bond in new positions and retain that shape. Steam does the same job but ammonia plasticizes more completely and quicker. The key is the word anhydrous (anhydrous means without water), so the ammonia being referred to is chemically pure ammonia… NH3 in gaseous form (and it boils at –28 degrees Fahrenheit). Keenan notes that household ammonia is a dilute solution of ammonia gas in water and will not bend wood; however, although I have not tried it, a stronger concentration of ammonia is available from suppliers for use in blueprinting processes. Keenan and the U of Wisconsin procedure is done in a treatment chamber (autoclave) for introducing ammonia gas into 130 psi into a stainless steel container welded to withstand 800 psi of pressure. A combination of gaseous ammonia and steam is fed into a cylindrical container that the wood to be bent is placed in, exposing the wood for about 45 min. and it comes out like limp spaghetti. Working time to bend and shape plasticized wood is now about 15 minutes."

For future reference...
Here are a couple of archived forums from the Furniture Makers Society.

Edit: Sept 03, '10 - Added chapter from Wood Handbook on "Specialty Treatments" of wood. First two pages are on bending.
Edit: Sept 07, '10 - Added MSDS sheets and a couple of suppliers of laboratory grade solution.
Edit: Sept 10, '10 - Added medical / exposure link
Edit: April 13, '11 - Added link to ClassicBoats write-up of his experience with a 29% ammonia solution and mahogany.

eMedicine (WebMD) - Ammonia Toxicity
Medline Plus - Ammonium hydroxide poisoning
Univ. of Maryland Medical Center - Ammonium Hydroxide Poisoning

The "real" thing....

Links of possible interest:
Veritas® Steam-Bending Instruction Booklet
Furniture Maker Tai-Workshop's Wood Bending Page
Heritage Boat Restoration using Cold-Bend™ Hardwood
Marine Applications with Compwood™

Do a Youtube search using "Wood Bending with Compwood - Compressed Hardwood" - Yields some really interesting vids. Watch a 2x4 nearly pretzeled!

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Myth???? Someone needs to tell the model airplane guys it can't be done, I built several model airplane tail structures by laminating thin strips of wood both balsa and spruce after being soaked in common ammonia. It works quite well, it may be dependent on the type of wood, but most woods for model use it works fine. I just took a length of pvc pipe and caped the bottom permantly and used a cap for the top, kept the stink to a minimum. Let is soak for a couple of hours and then bend the wood around a form, let it dry the soak again with thinned yellow glue, makes a very strong and light structure. Used the same process to bend the mohagany rub rail and cockpit coaming on my steam launch.

Sorry not a myth.


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