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Aug 29, 2010, 11:33 AM
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Aerial Photos from Europe

I just got back from a 22 day vacation to Europe. I took one of my planes along and flew it to get aerial photos in a few places. I did not fly it as much as I had wanted, but some of these turned out OK.

I flew in Italy at the Stelvio Pass, Saturnia, and south of Florence near the the Arno River. I also flew in France near the Loire River.

I had just received a Spectrum DX5e and AR500 to test before I went on the trip, and had flight tested the equipment only a couple times before I left. Starting with my second flight in Italy, the radio started acting bad. I thought it was because the first flight, at the Stelvio Pass, put the plane in the some snow at landing and the brushless ESC got a little wet. After I got back from Europe, I put the AR500 in another plane and flew it yesterday at my home field. It has the same problem. The AR500 seems to go to brown-out for 3 to 5 seconds, after about 5 minutes of flight. It has done this during 5 of the last 6 flights, four times in Europe and once yesterday.

I was originally planning on flying to get aerial photos in lots more places, but once the radio started acting like this, I restricted the flights to open fields away from people.

These are the locations I flew. Use Google Earth/Maps to see the locations.

Stelvio Pass, Italy 46.527854 N, 10.4510659000 E
Saturnia, Italy (hot springs) 42.645771 N, 11.512252 E
South of Florence, Italy 43.686204 N,11.452471 E
Loire River Valley, France 47.730479 N, 1.554585 E

The first set is from the Stelvio Pass at 9000 ft. The pass is right on the Italian / Swiss border and there are 60 hairpin turns total, 48 on the north side alone. It has incredible views. The crew from the TV show Top Gear rated it the best driving road in the world. When my wife and son were eating lunch, I found a parking spot away from the hustle at the peak of the main road and flew my plane. These pictures were the best aerial photos from the trip.
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Aug 29, 2010, 11:50 AM
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I flew the airplane once at Saturnia, a hot springs about halfway from Rome to Florence. This was the first flight where the airplane locked up. About 5 minutes into the flight, the plane stopped responding to commands, rolled over and headed straight down. Fortunately it was pretty high and after about 4 seconds (an eternity), it started responding to control again. I had the plane pretty far out and thought I might have stalled it, so I did not give it much thought other than to think that I needed a good test flight somewhere safe.

South of Florence a few days later my wife was shopping, and I had time to try that test flight in an open field next to the Arno River. The plane did the same thing on two flights in a row; locked up and stopped responding after about 5 minutes in the air.

In France in the Loire River valley, we stayed at a country inn surrounded by open fields, and I knew it would be my last chance to fly in Europe as we were headed to Paris for three days and then home.
Aug 29, 2010, 08:51 PM
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Man! Those are pretty pictures! What a vacation!
Aug 30, 2010, 04:50 PM
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Wow really impressive, Alps are sick. Got to love the fact that 12volts dc is standard world wide. What kinda plane are you using that you can travel like that with?

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