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Oct 28, 2010, 06:54 PM
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tam popo's Avatar
Hiya guys....I just bought my Wot4 today and collect on Monday from LHS for 124....not bad. I'm really looking forward to this plane based on the reputatiom that Chris Foss had with the nitro models. For a new plane on the market there seems to be few problems compared to others - have you ever had a plane that was really perfect? Neither have I, there's always something that can be improved.
In all the posts here not one has said if the manual recommends settings for the TX, eg: aileron to rudder mix, expo and what/how much. Maybe we should post a start set-up for newcomers to the Wot4....just an idea.
Currently I'm chnging an EasyCub into a FunCub (not easy!!), a new EZ*, 2 SlowSticks and a few Depron Nutballs.....its not easy flying when you are in a wheelchair! My elctric scooter is the only wy I can manage it, but my flying buddies want to fit it out with a 800W brushless and Lipos for 'wheelies' down the strip I'll be a regular here now - byeee.....
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Oct 29, 2010, 02:23 PM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
Hi Tam_popo,

Welcome to the Wot4 foamie owners club!

I love the model, it's my second powered model, I have been learning on a Radian Glider whch I really love because it's a different type of flying.

So far I have had a few minutes flying, as I have been on the buddy box and have only 4 flights notched up.

It flies beautifully and has a unique look in the air. My buddy flew an IC version 15 years ago and he is really excited about the foam version.

As far as the instructions go they are comprehensive but do not cover any mixes or other set ups. As it comes the ailerons are on a Y lead which works fine, but you may want to separate the leads and have the ailerons on separate channels. I have not flown it since I converted to separate channels but with the Spetrum Dx6i I can have flaps as well using a mix. Probably don't need flaps but I'm a mad tweaker and can't resist trying it out!

If you look back on ths thread you'll see my air scoop mod. You will find that the ESC is just dangling, and needs to be taped down into the slot where the air can flow from the nose, making sure you keep the cables well clear of the motor. Unfortunately the design team seem to have missed the boat on providing a good airflow. Once the spinner is fitted it covers the cowling and no air can enter the slot or duct. My solution was to cut the cowling and add a shaped piece of plastic to form a scoop. The cooling is now excellent.

You will love the postive feel of the controls. It just goes where you point it, in my case that can be scary!

I would strongly recommend using reduced throws for the first few flights.

Have fun

BTW the transfers will do your head in. It took me a long time to apply them and still do not know how they get the straight lines across the fuselage
Oct 29, 2010, 04:44 PM
Registered User
tam popo's Avatar
Redbrickman, hiya!!! Well, I couldn't wat till Monday so I went and got it today for the 124. Wow, is that box big but only cos this bird is a one-piece wing - thats different as well. Here are my first impressions:
Not as well packed as Multiplex models which might explan why a few are getting to us slightly damaged.
There was some slight damage to one wing, about the size of a small thumbnall and lookd just like that - as though some eedjit picked it up with heavy hands!! The other amage was slightly worse - the piece of foam on the rudder where the wheel fitting was missing, again I think it was human heavy-handedness. Not good but repairable with epoxy.
The lipo bay will fit larger 2200 lipos or bigge - I manage to get two 1300 3S LooonMax packs in (just). This is thway I normally do it, 2 packs in parellel giving 2600 3S....it means I can get the Cog spot on.
Only 5 screws in the box, but in a container that 4in x 5in. - crazy or what? First plane I've had since my first chuck glider that doesn't need a bucketfull of CA or epoxy to put it together - nice touch n design.
Wheels could be bigge and will be, but not as big as my FunCub!!!
Ve nting - this plane needs venting Big Time and I don't think the scoops that you/we have started putting on it are going to do the job properly...there must be a better way.
This plane is crying out for flaps but I'm not man enough to butcher a new bird to be the first to do it - sorry.
That prop has to go.....it definately needs beefing up whatever size is needed. I've got loads of tough spares I'l try and get the results on here next week.
I found the decals easy to fit, but I'm not into advertising Tom, Dick and Harry to the world - there's one thing our American cousins do well is make a plane look good with paint jobs.....they don't care how it flies (within reaon) as long as it looks good, and their's do. Just a personal observation
Nose cowl is a bit thin so I'll put Extreme/Duct tape inside just in case.
Overall, it a great buy. It compares well with Multiplex and is a bit better than some of the new Parkzone offerings, and slightly cheaper. A great plane, probably the best one for someone who can fly Elev/Rudd but wants to progress to ailerons as well, but using softer throws etc and under an experienced helping hand. It would definately fit well on the UK Club scene.
And thats it - I just luuurve it!!!!!!! Byeee.....
Oct 30, 2010, 07:36 AM
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tam popo's Avatar
Guys, although the Wot4 lipo should be 3S 2200 (about that), does anybody think it would/culd fly on a 2S 2200 lipo? I know the aerobatics would be a non-event but would it fly and could it just do normal 'round-round' flying? Its just that I standardised my whole lipo 'library' to 1300 3S, 2200 2S and the smaller 500 2S (for Nutballs etc) - so I have to use 1300 packs in parellel for the Wot4. The 2200 2S packs WILL fly my Easycub brilliantly with 200+W, so why not the Wot4. We are not all into aerobatics, and bugger, I'm getting too old for that!!!
I'm going to see if I can scoop some foam out of the lipo bay for more space. Its ideal as standard for single packs etc.
Oct 31, 2010, 08:48 AM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
I have a standard size 2200 3S lipo in there and it's no problem. Flew 10 mins on half throttle and 45% left.

Recommend a smart batt monitor, best thing I have bought. just plug in the balance plug and read the percentage left in the Lipo. I never fly below 30% and I think it is better for the batteries in the long run.
Oct 31, 2010, 10:41 PM
Registered User
LuvEvolution7's Avatar
nice to see a foamie WOT4 on the market, just wish it was available this side of the pond. I have an original WOT from the 80's that I bought over with me, but is in a non-flying condition at the moment. wonder if I can talk my dad into picking one up for me at a LHS over there? LOL. can someone point me to a website where I can see this? wondering what it comes with........motor,servos, etc.? thanks.

Nov 01, 2010, 02:04 AM
Registered User
wildc4rd's Avatar

It comes with everything you need to fly except receiver and a 3S lipo flight pack. The wheels it comes with are tiny, so get some 60mm or so if you fly from grass. The motor/esc/lipo can get warm as well as its not very well vented, this is resolved by cutting a small vent in the underside of the cowling. (I also went to a 12x6 prop from the 11x8 it comes with).
Nov 01, 2010, 04:30 AM
Registered User
LuvEvolution7's Avatar
thanks for the info. gonna go check it out now.
Nov 01, 2010, 08:36 AM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
There is a bit of a price war on at the moment so if you are wanting to buy I suggest you do a search.

I got mine much cheaper from a shop in Kings Lynn

It's even dropped 10 GBP from I bought mine.
Nov 01, 2010, 07:52 PM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
Originally Posted by wildc4rd
I am up to about 35 flights I guess, similar mods with the duct and 70mm wheels, also changed to a 12x6 prop for lower current draw. One thing to look out for, that nearly cost me a crash (thank god for preflights) keep an eye now and again on the fastenings on the top of the servos for the rudder and elevator. I have loctited mine now, but had a close one with a dodgy elevator.
Thank you for the warning about the servo end of the pushrods. Today I was doing a preflight check on the end of our flying field prior to take off and noticed the rudder was stuck at one extreme. On examination the connector screw had slackened off, despite having set the rudder up earlier and tightened the screw.

On returning home the servo arm was removed complete with the little brass connector. This connector is JUNK!! sorry for shouting but it is the worst one I have ever seen on any plane, and I will be replacing both the arms and the connectors before the WOT4 ever gets airborne again.

If you remove it you will find that the only thing that holds the brass part to the arm is a press fit plastic piece that pushes on to the bottom of the brass connector.

Now I have something similar on another model but they are Dubro types and the plastic piece needs to be forced on and aftewards is extremely tight.

This one almost fell off the end of the brass connector

So my advice is to remove them and fit something that is fit for purpose. On a UK forum there is also a report of a smashed servo arm on this model, and a suspicion that the very cold weather may have made the hard plastic arm brittle. Nylon is a much better choice.

For a few pence it's worth it to save wrecking what is a nice model, so in summary...

Change them now and save any heartache
Nov 02, 2010, 03:49 AM
Registered User
LuvEvolution7's Avatar
thanks for the info Redbrickman. the hobby shop closest to my dad is Penn models in Kingswinford, so I'll get in contact with them and see what their price is on it. the site posted above says they are out of stock, as I'm guessing most places are going to be if this is a hot ticket item.
Nov 02, 2010, 06:49 AM
Maintain Thine Airspeed !
Redbrickman's Avatar
Probably out because they are so keen on price, but to be fair there has been a big rush on them since they first arrived.

One thing to note. If you buy one make sure you unscrew the wing screw in an area where you can find it if it drops!

I'm on my third one now and keep telling myself not to work on the model over grass.

They are standard 4 mm Screws, I use 16 mm length from the local hardware store.
Nov 02, 2010, 07:30 PM
Registered User
LuvEvolution7's Avatar
good to know and mentally noted.
Nov 07, 2010, 06:32 PM
Registered User
best price i have seen is 99
Nov 08, 2010, 08:35 AM
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tam popo's Avatar
Well, I finally managed to get my Wot4 maidened!! My flying buddy Bryan and I were checking out a new club to join as our sites are getting too busy (kids, dogwalkers, footie players etc). We turned up and only 2 other flyers there, wind only 8mph but freezing cold - its on top of a mountain!!! The strip is close-cut grass with plenty of room around it and no obstacles. We checked the plane out and found 2 problems. (1) The infamous rudder foam had separated from the plastic tail wheel mount. I had reinforced this last week with epoxy but still it broke - a definite weak spot. Fixed with tape and epoxy (again). (2) It definately needs bigger wheels 'cos on take-off or taxing it tended to nose-over. Fixing tomorrow. Other than that everything was OK and ready.
Take off was short, about 14ft but with practice could be shorter. Up she went straight and true, no veering to either side and at an initial angle of about 35 degrees. On the first turn to the right everything was fine with just a little drop in height, but this can be compensated for in different ways. After about 3 circles of the field to gain height it was time to throttle it a bit more and wow!! does it climb Not vertical but bloody close to it. This is the only plane out of the 30 odd planes I'v flown that is rock steady in straight and low flight, no wing tipping, nothing. Its the sort of plane you can fly through goalposts with and not have to worry!!! I tried 2 loops and everything was fine. No aerobatics yet, I need more practice yet. Overall, the best plane I've flown or owned, a keeper for sure. Its hard to find anything wrong with the flying, only minor build details and at the price its a steal. Yearh, sure you can get a Parkzone type of plane at that price but this thing already has a pedigree and in the hands of an expert its a blast. Bryan loved it and is getting one too!!!

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