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Aug 23, 2010, 09:47 PM
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Learning to fly CP helis: My progress log... Update#3

Finally another update...

The past month has been busy, I crashed hard (see previous entry) and re-built the heli completely. The re-build was fun, did a new wiring scheme, got a new canopy, upgraded some bearings and got a CF tale boom. I also logged an additional 4 hours and started light aerobatics!

I started with shallow stall turns and gradually worked my way up to 90 degrees. I then moved on steep banked turns and then piros, just flat 360's in FFF and then combined the 2, which resulted in 540 stall turns... scary at first but fun!

Next were wing overs, swooping wing overs and split S's and as of last Thursday loops and flips. Scared myself Saturday afternoon when I did a loop but gave it too much negative pitch and basically stopped upside down... Then I recovered in a tale slide... Totally unexpected but I didn't make that mistake again!

With loops came idle-up and a whole new world. I figured the heli would be faster with a 100 92 85 92 100 throttle curve but dam! The first few circuits and figure 8's were scary fast, WOW! With flat 100 and this stock motor and 14t pinion I wouldn't be surprised if this thing did 80mph+... Its gotta be doing at least 65-70 right now, faster then any of my RC cars and I have one clocked at 62mph.

I also got nose-in hover down, no problem!

Here are a few of the re-built heli...

I tried to get a video in on Saturday but it was dusk and the camera wouldn't focus on the heli if it were more then 50ft away. It was with a real camera too, not like the last one with my cell phone. When the rain stops I will try again...

Anyway, to those who are actually reading this (if any) and thinking of getting into CP helis the best advice I can give is this:

-Don't be scared to crash, being nervous just diminishes your senses and makes you fly worse.
-Don't be intimidated, you can do this, but DO spend some time reading about real CP helis and how they work; I'm a strong believer that understanding how something works is 50% of learning how to operate it.
-Don't be afraid t ask questions! That's what the forums are for.
-Don't jump into this if you are not prepared to spend hours (I mean literally nights) building, setting-up, maintaining and re-building your heli. Otherwise you will have parts flying off, vibration and tracking problems and most of all A HARDER TIME LEARNING TO ACTUALLY FLY THE THING!
-Understand that these things wont be perfect forever, parts wear out and can cause vibrations, be prepared to eventually spend time chasing these vibrations. Just as an example, a pebble hitting a rotor-blade (and chipping it) can throw the balance off and cause vibrations. In theory, so can a lot of dead bugs in the blades...
-Remember RTF (ready to fly) can mean one thing and does mean another... It can mean RTC (ready to crash) but it really means ready to set up and double check... and then fly!
-BE SAFE AND DONT GET COCKY! I have been in 1:1 aviation my entire life, I have seen multiple airplane crashes (my first when I was 4) and I have witnessed first hand how arrogance and ignorance can get somebody killed. These helis are no joke, they CAN literally rip your face off (or at the very least curt your bank account) if you don't treat them with respect. But they can be even more fun if you have patience and understanding.
-If you can, buy a sim (though I didn't till I was able to do FFF 8's and circuits), its gonna save you money in the long run. Don't be deterred by the cost, one bad crash averted will pay for that sim and then some. If you are particularly nervous then definitely buy a sim!
-Patience, Patience, Patience! Read radd's school of flying (just google it), I didn't find that resource till I was already flying.

...and last but not least.

-PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Put your time in, as much flying as possible with as short of a time period as possible. Hovering 2 packs and not touching the heli for 3 weeks will put quite the curve on your progress, just as getting ahead of yourself and crashing will do the same.

I stuck to at least 2 flights a day (weather permitting) cuz I only have 2 worthy LiPo's; I increased the figure to 4-6 flights, two before work (when I wasn't feeling lazy), two at lunch and two more just before dusk when its calm... That's when I try new maneuvers, when I don't have to worry about wind.

Thanx for reading and good luck! I will continue on with these updates till I can fly 3D...

Total stick time: 6:58
Total flights: 76
Total crashes: 2.5
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