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Aug 23, 2010, 10:51 AM
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The MB story.

MB generations.

This is a timeline of all the RC stuff that I've owned. I had to revise a few of the early dates b/c they were wrong.

I tried to find some pictures of the very early stuff.


1986 - Nikkez - My first real RC car. Nikko Venus Buggy. Ran over by a car.
1988 - Nikkez 2 - Dictator JR 7.2 volt Nikko. Electronics fried.
1992 - Nikkez 3 - Dictator AWD by Nikko. Still runs to this day.
1995 - Static dive submarine, German Type VII Uboat. Never finished it due to funds. Left the submarine behind at the Universidad Politecnica de Navales in Madrid.
2001 - Sep - Tank - Tamiya Early Production Tiger I - has a night vision camera and a video transmitter. It still runs to this day.
2002 - Aug - GranBichus was born. Full sized 2002 Corvette Z06. Still runs and I still own it.
2003 - May - MiniBichus - The first official Minibichus. Kysoho Mini-Z racer, Corvette C5-R body. Heavily modded, 30 mph top speed. Static model.
2003 - Sep - MiniBichus 1/12 - Yokomo MR-4TC Mini, Corvette C5-R body. 38 mph top speed. Rolling chassis, static model.
2004 - Feb - MiniBichus 1/10 Nitro - Nitro TC-3, which ended up heavily modified into my own designation as GTC-3.5N. Corvette C5-R body. Top speed is 60 mph. Still runs to this day.
2005 - Nov - MiniBichus 1/10 Electric - Custom built hybrid between TC-3 and TC-4. Ended up as GTC-3.5E. Corvette C5-R body. Top speed 68 mph. Still runs to this day.
2006 - Apr - MiniBichus 1/10 Electric - Another GTC-3.5E. This was envisioned as the 100MPH car. It never got an ESC/motor so its never been run.
2007 - Dec - Brookstone Havoc clone. Didn't fly very well but this one was what started the avalanche.
2007 - Dec - Airhogs Havoc. Dead
2007 - Dec - Airhogs Havoc. Dead
2007 - Dec - Airhogs Havoc Apache. Still runs today.

2008 - Feb - MB-I, Walkera 4#3, heavily modified. Flight time was near the 15 minute mark. Nothing left but spare parts. I learnt the basic flying skills on this machine.
2008 - Mar - MB-II, Axe CP, heavily modified, converted to pitch tail using a tail rotor motor. Flight time was 14 minutes. Had to give it back to my friend, only the canopy is left.
2008 - May - MB-III, RCT - 450, heavily modified. Runs on a torque tube. Longest ever flight time is 24 minutes. This machine also taught me all the flying skills I have today. Still flies to this day.
2008 - Dec - MB-IV, SJM-180, mostly stock. Fight time was 12 minutes. Only a few parts still around.
2009 - Feb - MB-V, E-Flite Blade mCX. Stock, flight time is around 9 minutes. Still flies to this day.
2009 - Mar - xMB-VI, first operational TOW Defender. Flight time was 10 minutes. Penta bladed main, two bladed tail. Became the MB-VI.
2009 - Apr - MB-VI. First official revision of the 6 series. Flight time was 12 minutes. Penta bladed main, two bladed tail. Became the MB-VI A after a blade grip shooted out of the head while in flight.
2009 - May - MB-VI A. New fuselage. Flight time increased to 14 minutes. Last of the two bladed tail revisions of the 6th generation. After a tail failure it become the MB-VI B.
2009 - Jul - MB-VI B. First of the quad tails. Flight time increased to 16 minutes. A minor accident forced a tail revision and it became the MB-VI C.
2009 - Aug - MB-VI C. Arguably the best and most complete 6th generation revision. It will become the MB-VI C/UAV. Flight time was extended to almost 17 minutes.
2009 - Aug - xMB-VII Initial designs started.
2009 - Sep - MB-VI C/UAV. Added a camera and a video link so it could be flown beyond visual range. Served as test platform for the future MB-VII. Will become the MB-VI D after losing the camera.
2009 - Oct - MB-VI D. New powerplant, new blades, flight time increased to 18:43 minutes. Tail gave up and had a serious crash during a city sponsored RC show. Will become the MB-6E nearly 10 months later.
2009 - Nov - xMB-VII. The first 500 size TOW Defender. Built upon the knowledge gathered from the 6th Generation. Flight time was 12 minutes. Will become the MB-VII.
2009 - Dec - MB-VII. First official flight was at the Orlando Helicopter Blowout in Dec'09. Flight time extended to 17 minutes. Will become the MB-VII/UAV.
2009 - Dec - xMB-VIII. Initial design started.
2009 - Dec - MB-VII/UAV. Most current 7th generation revision. Still flies to this day.
2010 - Feb - xMB-X. Initial 3D modeling begun.
2010 - Apr - xMB-VIII. The largest and most complex MB helicopter built to date. Built upon the success of the 6th and 7th generations. Flight time was 12 minutes. Was very close to being canceled due to funding after a failed attempt to get it in the air during the Orlando Mini Blowout in May'10. Will become the MB-VIII
2010 - May - MB-VIII. First fully operational 8th generation revision. Flight time was ~21 minutes. Has a camera on the turret with a laser pointer but was never flown FPV.
2010 - Aug - MB-VI E. After nearly 10 months in the shelf, the 6E took to the skies again.
2012 - Dec - MB-IX (Blade Nano CP X) after 2 years away from helis. Went from the biggest one I've ever built MB-8 to the smallest I've ever purchased: MB-9
2013 - Jun - MB-VIII/UAV. First push of the 8th generation towards the unmanned FPV helicopter. Serviced the entire helicopter after long time without flying it. Acquired and assembled most of the ground station gear to complete the FPV setup. Added more internal sensors to the helicopter for telemetry purposes while flying FPV. Simplified wiring for some of the electronics. Built a new larger and more scale looking head button for the head.
2014 - May - MB-VIIIA/UAV Second major revision of the 8th generation: Revised tail setup, new powerplant, NAZA-H GPS replaces the troublesome SK-720. Upgraded all the navi strobes. Added three onboard cameras for FPV flight. New eLogger V4 to replace burnt V3. Initially ran on a 9CH JR 921 receiver; but it was upgraded to run the 12CH JR 1221 RX. Flight time almost 26 minutes. This is now officially the longest flying electric helicopter I've built; stealing even the pod/boom MB-3 record of 24 minutes.


Future projects: xMB-XI
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