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Aug 17, 2010, 10:18 PM
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J-Power Blitz RC Skysurfer

Another Wing Attachment Method
Here is another way to connect the wing using $.87 cabinet latches. The screws are really just like pegs glued into foam using CA. If you can find nylon versions that would be even better because they are lighter. I could not find them in the USA. I think they come from the UK. That said, the ones I installed are great. These really lock wing halves together quite well and hold it against the fuselage.

Here is video of plane after installing 240 Hobby King LED surface mount lights. These are simply powered by the 3S on board regular power system pack. I added a on board switch to turn them off and on.
Skysurfer Night lights -- final setup (1 min 44 sec)
Twilight Night flight Skysurfer with 240 LEDs (7 min 11 sec)
The LEDs are mounted on thin copper strip with adhesive tape on the back side. The first flight with the LEDs mounted on the wing surface caused severe tip stalling. After repairing the nose three time from crashing I trenched the wings and mounted the LED strips so they did not protrude. Each strip was covered with 3M storage tape. The twilight video shows how nice the plane flys with the lights installed.

Skysurfer Night lights -- final setup (1 min 44 sec)(1 min 44 sec)
Twilight Night flight Skysurfer with 240 LEDs (7 min 11 sec)
J-Power / Blitz RC Skysurfer RTF kit

Thanks to AJBAKER and the people who posted on the Sky Surfer mod thread. Go there for more ideas.
Here is the link: https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/a...g?d=1282043803

FINISHED SPECS of my build since I basically ripped out the power system and radio and replaced it with known quality parts. You can separate the fuselage using a kitchen knife to break the adhesion from the glue that's used. The motor is simply glued in using Plumbers Goop which take 24 to 72 hours to cure. The plus is if you ever have to remove it the damage to the foam is minimal.

Plane specs
  • Wingspan: 1372mm (54 inch)
  • Length: 915mm (36 inch)
  • Flying Weight: about 26 ounces
  • AR6100E Spektrum Receiver
  • 2200 KV inrunner from HeadsupRC (APC 6 x 4E speed 400: 21 oz thrust @ 20 amps with a pitch speed of 68 mph.) This motor can take a 4S and 5 inch prop and produce 350 watts. But that really is pushing the airframe and design intent of the plane.

  • 6x4 APCE prop
  • 32 amp Power up ESC from HeadsupRC
    • NACA Duct to cool the lipo and ESC

  • Dubro control horns but it would help to use 1/32" plywood to reinforce the area where the control horn mounts. While the photo doesn't show it the clevises should have pieces of fuel tub cut and fitted to keep the clevises locked onto the control horn.

  • All control surfaces have been re-hinged with 3M Extreme tape
  • 3 mm carbon fiber reinforcement on the bottom of fuselage. I also used a smaller CF rod to wrap up the nose section as well.
  • 3 mm CF on horizontal stab. I added it after I glued the plane together. It's much easier to do the reinforcement before assembly.
  • Reinforced main spar (3/16" CF) inserted inside stock spar. Gorilla glue used to glue together.
  • Battery strap (velcro)
  • Blue stripes on bottom for orientation
  • 3M Command mini hooks with rubber bands to retain wing

3 mm carbon fiber to eliminate flex in the rudder control rod. This mod allows full left rudder because when the pushrod is pushed (not pulled) it would deflect too much.

3M strapping tape on bottom of wing from wing root to tip to lessen flex when pulling out of a dive or inside loops.


Flaps and spoilerons were added for short landing zone over the top of trees:

Here is the situation of my backyard landing zone:

Flap cut outs

Demonstration Video
Flaps and spoilerons were set up in the Skysurfer using a DX7 radio. Spoilerons activate off the flap switch and the flaps run off the gear switch. That's a function of using 6 channel receiver. However with programming and mixing I disabled flaperons (ailerons going down) I mapped the flaps (i.e., spoilerons) to the gear switch (flaps) and set it up so I have two position spoilerons and two position flaps operating off the flap switch. The full flaps are deployed with the gear switch. Confused? No problem, you should try to program it.

To summarize, the plane is setup with two position spoilerons and and two position of flaps off the flap switch. Full flaps operate independently with the gear switch.

Skysurfer with flaps and spoilerons (0 min 53 sec)

I added one Turnigy Adjustable Slow-Down Servo Speed Regulator on my flap setup on the Skysurfer.

It's very small and it only costs $8 plus shipping from HobbyKing. The only thing that's odd is it requires double femal ended servo extension. I made my own. Up to three servos can be connected. This is also a servo reverser if you need reverse one servo. There are three pots:
1. Adjusts speed clockwise movement.
2. Adjusts speed counterclockwise movement.
3. Reverses servo direction.
Here is the demonstration from video Hobbyking:
Turnigy Servo Speed Regulator (5 min 40 sec)
Below is a video of the the flaps on the Skysurfer being regulated to slow deployment.
Turnigy 3 channel Adj. Slow Down Regulator -- Slowing Flap Deployment on the Skysurfer (1 min 49 sec)
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Jan 25, 2012, 10:34 PM
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Exelent job!!!!!! I have one that after 4 crashes is put together with epoxy and keeps on flying, Do you know were can I get parts for it?? fuselage, wings etc..... bought it from banana hobby but they don't carry much any more..

Jan 25, 2012, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by padanife
Exelent job!!!!!! I have one that after 4 crashes is put together with epoxy and keeps on flying, Do you know were can I get parts for it?? fuselage, wings etc..... bought it from banana hobby but they don't carry much any more..

Hobbyking sells the Bixler Version 1 for a very reasonable price. Just buy the least expensive version, it would be cheaper than parts from BH.

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