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Aug 09, 2010, 05:49 PM
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DLG event at "Soar Utah"?

Please vote in this poll about adding a handlaunch DLG event to "Soar Utah".
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Aug 10, 2010, 10:26 AM
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Why would you want to do a DLG event at Soar Utah.

if more things are added you will have a harder time getting the few people doing the work that needs to be done.

if you had an informal DLG get together at the dinner you might get a few wanting to do it.
Sep 09, 2010, 07:24 PM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily
So now we have two years to plan for the next Soar Utah. I'd say probably the most difficult thing is finding volunteers to competently run the various events, and that just boils down to enthusiasm for the sport and time free to run something. If we want to get a DLG event into Soar Utah 2012, I think this is one way to do so:

* Join the IMSF as a paying member: .
* Attend IMSF meetings and advocate DLG/HLG events, including volunteering to run them as a CD.
* Organize a group of local, dedicated DLG folks like yourself. You're already halfway there Encourage us to join the de-facto umbrella organization for Wasatch Front soaring.
* Organize the DLG event yourself a few months before SU2012. Have yourself or one of the other core group of DLGers be the CD for the event, book the flatland field you're going to use (preferably one near the slope) with the state, city, or whomever owns the park, and have it put into the schedule.
* Book several days off work to be available to volunteer and help wherever the IMSF needs it during SU2012, so that way we're helping not just with our own specialty event but to pull together to make the whole event a success.

I saw several DLGs in people's vans on Sunday when I went up to the slope to watch the event. Rick hauled out his Blaster and had a great time flying around the grass field when the winds were transitioning from south to north around noon on Sunday. The guys who only brought their glass slippers and heavy-lift sloping machines were stuck watching those who were flying Alulas and DLGs, while Rick worked slope and thermal lift to stay aloft!

If we put in the hard work to organize and execute a DLG event during SU and get it on the schedule, people will fly it. Of course, if the wind is calm at the slope, we're more likely to get more participants But we need some practice over the next two years to make sure we can pull it off successfully.

The IMSF has a core group of CDs who have put on events with admirable regularity for years. I think it would be really worthwhile to attend a number of events, support the club, and recruit a contingent of DLG enthusiasts to form the core supporters for an event at the next Soar Utah.

My main problem is I'm a member of three Wasatch Front clubs. $25 for IMSF (Soaring club), $35 for UHA (heli club), $50 for Ute R/C (power club), and $58 for AMA coverage. My entire yearly budget for my R/C stuff is about $1200, and $168 a year plus contest fees is a hefty chunk of that budget. I gotta figure out a solution!
Sep 09, 2010, 11:40 PM
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Sounds like a good plan Matt, and you are a great one to have on board with your contacts, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the local RC scene. So glad you are joining us! Can't wait for your planes to get here and you can start flying and learning with us.

I'm sure IMSF could be a great help in planning future events. It's just a long drive for me to attend their meetings in Salt Lake. Perhaps you could represent us there for now, and be our voice. I was a bit disappointed that this thread didn't get much of a positive response. Maybe we could do just as well by starting out on our own with the "Utah DLG" group, as an unofficial 'club' that doesn't cost anything to join, and see what grows from there. I think we are off to a pretty good start! Maybe IMSF and Soar Utah could come later.

I was just tired of flying alone, and all I ever really wanted to do is create more local interest and following so we could have more folks to fly with, a handful of organized fun-flys and friendly competitions every year, and create some good pilots to represent Utah at some of the other western state F3K competitions. This DLG thing just really gets into your blood, as you are about to find out, and I want to spread the word about this secret that is yet undiscovered by most RC enthusiasts. Call me the DLG evangelist if you like. I'm on a mission...

I agree we should support all the local soaring events and try to make a showing at each one, hopefully throwing our DLGs in between the other activities. It is bound to generate some interest. Please keep us informed of them so we can attend.
Sep 09, 2010, 11:58 PM
Fly Cheap. Fly Hard. Fly Daily
Originally Posted by
Please keep us informed of them so we can attend.
LOL. I just got six simultaneous nominations to be president of the Ute R/C association at the club meeting tonight because I have this vision of all the Wasatch Front R/C clubs -- AMA and non-AMA alike -- cooperating, scheduling their major events with other clubs in mind, and showing up to support each other and participate rather than being so insular and clannish as we seem to be lately.

Not that I necessarily want to take the job. But enthusiasm is a key thing that's tough to keep for very long. And presidents of the club typically stay presidents for several years through inertia, if nothing else I'd love to see contingents of all the clubs in the area have some time to show off what their club does best at the annual Expo in Salt Lake, among other things, and to find a way to draft more volunteer support to help make all the R/C events along the Wasatch Front more successful.

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