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Jun 26, 2001, 08:38 PM
Fair Winds to all
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Product idea - ATV/Endpoint adjuster

Greetings all,
I'm looking for an electrical or electronics
creator, who can create a simple little
servo endpoint adjustor, kinda like the
elevon mixers for the 2ch basic radios,
only allows you to adjust the arc of rotation
on standard servos more than the stick and
trim does (on non - computerized TX's).
Also called ATV (Futaba 8U's) but this
would be for basic 2ch's etc.
ATV = Adjustable Travel Volume/End Point Adjustment

There was something like this in the RC Model
Sailboat world, but the manufacturer quit
making them and seems to refuse to make them.

Or does someone else make them, small, light
weight, plug in between the RX and the servo
or servos, maybe a little mini screwdriver
type twist pot to increase or decrease (rare)
the throw of standard servos.

Email me if you know of one or something
like it.

PS. I AM not condoning copyright infringement
or ANY such thing, but I'm guessing there's
many ways this should be able to be doable.

David Goebel,
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