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Aug 13, 2010, 06:12 PM
Barney Fife, Vigilante
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What he said^^^
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Aug 13, 2010, 09:23 PM
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Thread OP
Now we're cookin! Thanks Tom, I can tell you put some thought in your layout. I played with angling the two wing servos similar to your approach. Angling 3 never occurred to me. I'm assuming after these pictures the receiver and battery were added to the pod forward of the servos?

The kit came with very nicely soldered connectors on one end of the two supplied push rods. I didn't pay attention to the gauge but even after polishing the rods with steel wool they still don't slide smoothly in the sleeves provided, too tight. So, if I try to bend the sleeve even a small amount to fan out toward the servos or up toward the wing control horns the wire rods really become stiff to move. Because I plan on (at this moment) Hitec HS 45's I want the least resistance possible. I have a spare carbon fiber push rod left over from another build where I used pull-pull instead of the push rod on the rudder. It passes very nicely through the sleeve even when bending it. I will have to let the sleeves come closer to the servos and control horn for better support.

My plan is for the wing servos on top and the two tail servos on bottom. I will run the sleeves for those inside the boom on the lower side. The two sleeves on the top designed to house the rods on the outside for the tail will be abandoned.

If you don't mind Tom I would like to see the final set-up and if it's not too much trouble how you handled the control horns on the wings. I'm wondering how much those push rods bend up to the holes in the horns.

Griphon, I would like to see your layout too. Every set up I see I get an idea or learn something. I don't mind not getting instructions but pictures from the designer would make a nice start. Having said that I think this is a great hand launch and admire Vladimir's skill in designing and building it. I also appreciate his efforts in working to make it more efficient.

I hear you Guz. For me the jury is still out. I want to get it built and fly it before I make a judgment. Aside from a couple of easy things to change in the production, like not gluing down the push rod sleeves to the end of the boom where they enter the pod and insuring the wire push rods move freely I think it is well done.

One other thing, on paper my plan with all 4 servos in the pod is about 7 grams or more lighter than my older Blaster 2 with 2 servos in the pod. This will become clearer I think when I post the build. Thanks for all your comments and pictures.
Aug 17, 2010, 05:35 PM
The Lone Sloper
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I'm waiting for the frozen smoke wing version to come out.

I found all the week spots on my Blaster 2. It has been repaired 3 or more times. It still looks and flies great at 14.5 oz. I don't fly competion so it works for me.

Aug 18, 2010, 12:12 PM
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Thread OP

Shread-RC Battery???

Related to the servos is the battery I am thinking of using on this Blaster. It is a Shread-RC 650mAh single cell lipo with a step-up regulator to 5V.

These are the specs: Smart Lipo 650 Specification
Weight 20.8g
Size 64mm x 24mm x 9mm max + switch & buzzer
Output voltage 5.0V stabilized
Max continuous output current 1.0A
Max short term output current 1.5A

I own the battery but now after reading about ubec's out of curiosity and related amperage questions I'm not at all sure this battery will operate four servos for my Blaster. Does anyone have first hand experience or knowledge with this style battery?

The 400mAh NiMH battery in my current Blaster works great...I set it up to swap out in about 5 seconds. I hoped to save weight with this technology...but not at any cost. I would like to know if anyone has tried it and will it provide the required servo power?

The Ridge Runner I am covering is about done so I am very close to beginning the build on this new Blaster. I thought I had settled on all Hitec HS 45's but now that its down to crunch time I'm reconsidering the D60's for the wing...tight in the pod but should work fine.
Aug 18, 2010, 12:22 PM
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Neil Stainton's Avatar
LWeller, the SmartLipo 650 will certainly be powerful enough for a Blaster2. The 1.5A max output current exceeds the popular PLD regulator's 1A for 10s max current by 50%. In fact I believe the Ukrainian team even tried a slightly beefed-up version in a lightweight Supra.

Aug 18, 2010, 01:04 PM
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Thread OP
You're the man Neil! That's what I needed to hear. Tonight or tomorrow I will hook up the four servos and and the Shread-RC battery to the AR 500 and play with the transmitter stick for a while. The servos won't be under load of course but I routinely do this before an install on any plane.
Aug 19, 2010, 10:49 AM
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Thread OP

Shread Test

Last night I hooked up 2 analog servos for the Blaster 2 flaperons and 2 digitals for the tail to an AR 500 receiver along with the pictured Hextronic battery level indicator and the Shread-RC battery discussed in the above thread.

It was plugged in for an 1:45 minutes. The first 40 minutes or so was spent setting up the horns on the servos and calibrating subtrims in my JR 9303 radio programed with a copy of the Blaster 2 set-up in the one I'm flying now.

The remaining time was spent watching TV while I continuously banged away on all the sticks from corner to corner. The only load on the servos in this test was them walking around on the coffee table on their control horns. It was as much a test of the mechanics on my radio as it was a test of the battery.

I shut it down at 12:30 this morning without it going into the low battery mode on the indicator. In fact when I did the audible test on the battery's indicator it gave 2 beeps, which I believe is 1/2 charged.

Then I hooked it up to my 12 volt power supply and in 10 minutes it indicated a full charge...again by the 4 beep indicator on the audible battery device.

What fascinates me so much in this hobby is the rapid advancement in technology. Just think about how far sailplanes have developed in only a few short years!

So, its a go on the battery. I have started a little prep. work on the new Blaster and will begin a build post sometime next week for anyone interested in an all servo in the pod layout. Keep in mind it will be built my way for sport flying. It will only be one way of many ways to tackle this build but I think it might help spawn ideas for DLG aficionados who might move up to this great glider.

I'm still trying to figure out posting pictures on these threads so have patience and jump in with help please.

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