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Oct 02, 2001, 05:02 AM
high-speed freak
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epp foam sheet/block wholesale source

I didn't find any thread on this topic... search turned up nothing... anyone found a good place to find epp foam sheets/blocks for making scratchbuilt foamies, cheap? manufacturers, wholesalers, etc? DAW sells 2' x 3' by 2" for $15, this seems kinda expensive, might as well buy a kit! anywhere have cheaper epp foam, or bigger sheets/blocks?
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Oct 02, 2001, 08:49 AM
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Hi, Darwin from Garrison Aerodrome here:

I wish that I could say that there was a cheap place to get EPP (boy, do I wish I could say that). However, it is still very much a specialty item. Dave's $15 price actually leaves him very little margin. The 2'x3'x2" dimensions are because of shipping size limits. Plus, the USPS recently changed the prices and size limits for their Priority Mail service, so it's actually pretty expensive to ship, too.

As for other suppliers, you can also purchase EPP from the composite supply houses (Composites Technologies and Advanced Composites) as well as, strangely enough, Lone Star Balsa.

There's also somebody else on the web who's advertising EPP in 0.9, 1.3 and 1.9 densities and a variety of thicknesses, but I cannot remember who it was. Anybody else remember?

Thicker planks are out there, but you have to ask Dave at DAW for a special order to get one from him. He uses the thicker stuff for his KA6 glider kit.

When you go shopping for EPP, be sure to ask if the EPP is EPERAM or BASF. EPERAM is the preferred stuff. The BASF EPP is gooey and sticks together real bad after hot wire cutting.

Good Luck!
Oct 02, 2001, 10:20 AM
Lifes 2 short, go sloping
I just bought my EPP, it came in good shape from http://members.aol.com/Rpvi/EPP.html. they sell their 2x3x2" for 15$ but it also sells 24" scraps for $2 and I used these to put a LE on my new wing I am cutting (all EPP is over kill anyway) it is 4" at tip, 6" at root and 24" long so I have a 2 inch LE of EPP, that is tough. It is wide enough for fuselages too. That is my best suggestion after a an extensive Google search one afternoon.
Oct 02, 2001, 11:09 AM
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You mean people will pay for my scraps?! I can do whole bags of that for a really good price! Plus I'll be able to walk in my shop again.
Oct 02, 2001, 11:26 AM
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Rick's "scraps" are the triangular bits left from cutting highly tapered wings. That's why they are 6" at the root and 4" at the tip.
Even at $2, the shipping doesn't make it worthwhile to ship to Canada