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Oct 02, 2001, 12:52 AM
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Partenavia Tx/Rx & Setup Questions

At last, my Kavin Partenavia kit has arrived! Looks like I have alot of work ahead of me before it's madien voyage. I know that quite a few people have built this model and can offer some great advise. I did not order any of the electronics or motors yet because I am not sure how I should set it up.

I currently have a older non-computerized Futaba 6 channel radio with the big 6 channel Rx and servos that will prob not applicable for this project. I got this free from a heli flying buddy to use with a free .60 gas Hobbyco trainer I got from my AMA instructor. I have progressed quite far in my training and am working on my landing at the field (already landing in realflight G2). This is not the system Iwant to stick with. I would like digital trim storage and flaperons as well as the ability to fly Micro Helis next spring. What Tx/Rx are some of you Partenavia owners using? Do any of you fly Micro Helis too? I heard that they can just use a standard 4 channel radio.... Anyway, I was thinking of getting the following setup:

(Please offer any advise)
- Standard 480 motors and props
- Castle Pegasus 35 ESC ($43 from and only .75 oz)
- JR R610 Micro Rx .46oz
- JR 331 Servos .63oz
- E8 CP2400 9.6 V Battery ($47 from
- SOME computerized Tx that can fly most electric aircraft and Micro Heli's. Since I am starting from scratch with a computerized radio setup, I figure I could get a JR flexpac setup and not be stuck with a useless fullsize flight pack, only to have buy micro gear. This will be a selling point for me. I would really like to get an XP8103, but hard to justifly that for park flyers, 480 electrics and Micro-Heli's.

Is the Partenavia difficult to trim out? Are Flaporons useful for slower more controled landings?

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Oct 02, 2001, 01:20 AM
Flys with Thumbs
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Obviously, I can't address your financial status and therefore can't contribute to that end of a decision...

What I can say: After years of buying cheap 4 channel radios I finally broke down and bought a JR XP8103 a couple of months ago. I love it. It was the right decision for me. I'm currently flying a Zagi 400x, a Multiplex Twinstar, and a GWS Tiger Moth from this radio. Soon to try helicopters...!

The other radio I strongly considered, and would recommend if money is the issue: Multiplex Cockpit.
Oct 02, 2001, 01:31 AM
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Thanks, for the info. I just noticed on another thread about someone getting a Futaba 8UHFS from for $249. If this is the case, then I might be able to just get the TX and still be able to use all of the Futabe gear that I already have (.60 trainer with servos and rx on channel 25), then get the Hitec 555 rx and the Hs-81 servos for this model. Then I can have the Trim Memory, Timer and anything I can ever need for planes and helis.....Hummm

The best I could find a XP8103 Tx only w/o Tx module is $349 and the Tx module is $59..ouch
Oct 04, 2001, 06:52 AM
Official Old Git!

Just be grateful you aren't in the UK! A UK version of the 8103 would cost you approx 430 dollars.

(Aren't we the lucky ones! )