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Jul 02, 2010, 06:57 PM
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SOAR F3K Qualifier Aug 28 and 29 2010, Yorkville, IL

This will be two 1-day contests and SOAR has registered the contest to be a team qualifier event.

Registration opens at 8AM each day. Pilots meeting will be at 8:45AM on Saturday and 8:30 AM on Sunday.

No round will begin after 3PM on Sunday.

Awards will be given to the top three both days. A Grand Champion award will be given to the pilot with the greatest two day total.

The entry fee will be $15 per day, $25 for both.

Weather permitting we will have a barbeque on the field Saturday night.

We will be flying on our Central Sod South Side field. It is a large, flat field comparable to the AMA soaring center stage.

Select "Click here to Get Map".

More information will placed on our website within the next few days.

No pre-registeration is required but I would like to have a pilot count for our Master Chef/Supreme Leader.

So if you're interested in flying with us let me know here (include your frequency) or send me an email:

-- Ben Roberto

benroberto at comcast dot net
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Jul 02, 2010, 10:21 PM
Registered User
Excellent! I'll be there Ben (as you already know). I'll be on Channel 44 (primary) and 15 (secondary). I may be on 2.4 by then, but the conversion of my Evo 9 is not going well.

You and Steve will have to give us out-of-towners some tips on the thermal hot spots on the field.

Looking forward to it!

Ryan Thompson
Jul 03, 2010, 01:14 AM
AKA - The "Flywheel"
StevenatorLTFO's Avatar
Count me in Ben.

Primary plane is on 2.4. Backup bird is on ch 37

Jul 03, 2010, 10:38 PM
Registered User
count me in!!
Ch 25 and 2.4
Scott Christian
Jul 05, 2010, 12:38 AM
Scott Zastoupil
szastoupil's Avatar
I've been scanning the thread titles for "Chicago" even knowing this thread was going to pop up soon. I'm looking forward to flying at this site.

Scott Ch. 24 primary/ 35 secondary
Jul 12, 2010, 05:30 PM
Registered User
Hi Ben,

As you already now know, I'm now on 2.4, so you don't need to save any 72MHz channels for me.

C'mon guys, sign up for this event!

Ryan Thompson
Jul 12, 2010, 07:17 PM
Steve Meyer
SOAR-Steve's Avatar
I have been too busy to see this thread. I'll be there even though it is another out of town contest.
Aug 25, 2010, 07:52 AM
Ben Roberto's Avatar
Thread OP
A couple of things before the contest:

Route 47 which will take to the Helmar Rd and the field is patrolled quite a bit during the weekends so watch your speed.

As of today the weather looks very good.

We should have around 12 pilots. We will be flying seeded Man 0n Man with 2 flight groups.

We have also received generous support in the form of prizes:

Al's Hobby Shop
Horizon Hobby
Skip Miller Models

(You'll have to come out to see what they've done for us....)

SOAR is ready and waiting....

-- b
Aug 28, 2010, 10:41 PM
Ben Roberto's Avatar
Thread OP

Saturday Results

1. Ryan Thompson (Blaster) 7888
2. Steve Meyer (Blasterius) 7501
3. Ben Roberto (The Pork Chop Express) 7462
4. Karl Miller (Logic DLG) 7117
5. Scott Christian (Blaster) 6930
6. Steve Stohr (XP-5) 6733
7. Scott Zastoupil (Tabooish) 6702
8. George Riebesehl (XP-3) 5540
9. Hogan Nguyen (Encore) 4917

We flew 10 rounds, seeded, Man-On-Man. The winds increased steadily from the 1st round and peaked to about 13mph.

A couple of notes (with the utmost respect to the other competitors):

Karl "Mr. OVSS" Miller had not flown a HL contest since dinosaurs roamed the earth. He showed that launch height is secondary to reading air and good thermal flying.

Scott Christian, having not flown any contest since last summer, participated in his first HL contest. He came prepared and showed solid flying under difficult conditions.

Finally, a big congrats to Ryan Thompson, who finally stopped "trying" to fly and simply flew. His first drop after 5 rounds was a 1000. He stayed on top all day and left Steve Meyer and myself in the dust to fight for 2nd and 3rd.

Nice Job, Ryan!

More fun Sunday with predicted weather to be about the same as today.

Stay tuned.

-- b
Aug 29, 2010, 08:29 PM
Registered User
I hope you guys had another good day. Looking forward to hearing some reports.

Aug 29, 2010, 11:12 PM
Ben Roberto's Avatar
Thread OP

Sunday Results -- The Cheesehead Invasion Continues....

1. Scott Zastoupil (Tabooish) 5000
2. Scott Christian (Blaster) 4690
3. Ben Roberto (Pork Chop Express / Taboo GT all-AG) 4597
4. Steve Meyer (Steigeisen) 4241
5. Ryan Thompson (Blaster) 4193
6. George Riebesehl (XP-3) 3853
7. Robin Meek (Encore) 3471
8. Hogan Nguyen (Encore) 2959

We flew 6 rounds, seeded, Man-On-Man. The weather was a copy of Saturday, maybe peaking out at 15mph for a couple of rounds.

Scott Zastoupil, who was uncharacteristically quiet on Saturday, dominated on Sunday and pounded the rest of field.

Nicely done, Scott!

So for two days, the Wisconsin Cheeseheads -- Ryan and Scott -- took the top spots.

For the combined scores, the pilots were given prizes generously donated by Horizon Hobby and Skip Miller Models.

The top 3 scores combining both days:

1. Ryan Thompson 12082 (Radian / Horizon Hobby)
2. Ben Roberto 12059 (Airtronics 802 wing servo & 10% off coupon) / Skip Miller Models)
3. Steve Meyer 11743 (Airtronics 802 wing servo) / Skip Miller Models

In addition one of SOAR's local hobby shops and supporter of our events, Al's Hobby Shop, generously donated two $25 gift cards. In order to generate interest in F3K, we decided to award the gift cards to the top SOAR pilots who normally don't fly F3K (or didn't win one of the top 3 spots). The gift cards went to:

Karl Miller (Saturday)
George Riebesehl (Sunday)

A big Thank You to our sponsors!

This was a great contest filled with good people and challenging flying. SOAR is planning to host another 2-day F3K contest next year so maybe we'll see some new faces.

On a personal note, since the Cheeseheads pounded on me all weekend, I'll be heading north next weekend to hopefully return the favor (actually since the Chuckfest will have good people and be a fun contest, I've won already....):

-- b
Aug 30, 2010, 04:01 PM
Registered User

Great Weekend

A big thank you to the SOAR club, Bill, Pat, and Ben and company for a great weekend!

The SOAR site near Yorkville is a nicely manicured sod farm with corn and soybeans (I think) on adjacent fields. Although the terrain is rather flat (no treelines to slope), the lift was varied and interesting and changed greatly througout the day.

The format of this contest is seeded man-on-man, which I have never experienced before for a F3K event. I enjoyed the new format which made you stay on your toes every round.

Saturday started with blue skies, moderate heat, and moderate winds. Early in the day, lift could be had, but it seemed to break up downwind, so if you hung with it too long it would disappear and you struggled to make it back to the field. As Saturday progressed, the lift got stronger and the downwind thermals seemed to hold together better. I found the conditions really fun since it was challenging but you could still be rewarded with some 'hat suckers'. We managed to get in 10 rounds which is about perfect for a 'man of my carriage'. With only two flight groups, the 7 minutes between rounds made it easy to cope with the heat.

Saturday night featured a cookout at the field with Jen (Meyer) providing the food and Pat (Crosby) mastering the grill. Pat also had his sweet telescope ready and waiting. Calling this baby a telescope doesn't do it justice. After dinner, some barley pop, watching the space station with the naked eye, and watching Jupiter and the moon through the telescope, it was the end of an excellent day.

Sunday was hot, humid, and windy. The wind was calm enough in the morning that the first few rounds had decent thermal activity moving slow enough to ride without landing out. By late morning, the wind had really picked up and most birds were ballasted. The contest turned into a lot of surfing with the occassional thermal that would leave you with an off field landing if you followed it too far downwind. I really struggled with getting the right combination of ballast and camber to deal with the high winds, and my scores reflected that. Scott Z. and Scott C. seemed to handle the wind very well, and they made me look bad on more than one occassion. Most everyone had enough after 6 rounds since by then it was largely a surfing contest.

I saw some nice flying from every pilot at the event, and it was great meeting new pilots. Steve Meyer and Ben Roberto were tough contenders as usual, and Scott Z. put on a clinic on Sunday. Steve Stohr did some nice flying and had me laughing as usual, and Karl Miller might be the best timer I've ever had, even if it was only for one round. I will definitely be back again next year.

Ryan Thompson

P.S. Thanks to SOAR and Horizon Hobby for the Radian.
Aug 30, 2010, 05:40 PM
Scott Zastoupil
szastoupil's Avatar
Originally Posted by rtbrowntrout
Saturday started with blue skies, moderate heat, and moderate winds. Early in the day, lift could be had

I found the conditions really fun since it was challenging but you could still be rewarded with some 'hat suckers'.
For myself on Saturday, none of this was true.

It was fun to see my flying buddy Ryan do extremely well on Saturday flying with finesse in a limited amount of lift opportunities. Ryan's dedication to practicing at our local sod farm in crappy conditions seems to be paying off. Way to go on taking home the wood!

Even though the flight groups were small there was some very tough competition in what I think were very challenging conditions. Thank you to the SOAR club for putting on a great contest. It was fun to fly with old friends and meet new ones.

Aug 30, 2010, 06:26 PM
Steve Meyer
SOAR-Steve's Avatar
Great fun in tough conditions. Glad to see everyone that made it out.

Unfortunately I started the day on Saturday with a mid-air in the first round. I really need to find a way to avoid those.

Challenging field and wind direction. The best air continued to be upwind straight over the corn. I hate flying upwind, seems like too much of a gamble unless you see some signs. But it worked for several flights.

On Sunday more wind, and I realized, I still hate poker. I kept trying to see if the conditions would allow a 2 minute flight, because I had to, but it turned out I was just too heavy. Started out in early rounds at 22 grams and kept increasing it until I was carrying an extra 70 grams! Gave my arm a good work out.

I may have had the longest flight on Sunday, 3:33, and still just barely making it back to the field. It was good enough for the last flight round but unfortunately I needed a few more flights like that later on. Instead I continued to drop flights out of bounds.

When the wind picks up the field really does suck. Being on the downside of a declining grade and no tree or bush downwind for at least 1/2 mile makes it nearly impossible to follow lift down wind and make it back. I kept trying.

I did not want to play it safe and try to float upwind over the corn, (I find that too boring), so I gambled down wind trying to catch the elusive thermals. Much too risky for the conditions. However I did put many air miles on the Steigeisen. Launch high shoot downwind in a puff for about a 1/4 mile then struggle to get back. Really could have used a treeline.

Congratulations to Scott and Ryan. See you at your contest next Saturday!

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