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Feb 08, 2011, 09:30 AM
steliosh's Avatar
I also shimmed the rear swing arm pivot: I found that my local HPI/Xray dealer carries some Xray shims that are ID 6mm... unfortunately they are huge on the outside (maybe 15mm...)! Anyway, I used two 0.2mm shims inwards of the flanged ball bearings and the sideplay is all gone! it is a bit tricky to handle, but once you configure how to hold things, it can be done with only two hands!!!
I will keep looking for small OD shims...
Speaking of track, I may visit my local Lostallo-copy track ( in the next few days, complete with a new Greek RC Car blog called! I met one of the rcdevil guys at my HPI dealer and we talked about it. He is a real biker too, and races 2WD electrics, so there's naturally lots of interest!
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Feb 09, 2011, 06:18 AM
steliosh's Avatar
This should go to the "Did you run your bike today", but I guess it's a bit more relevant for it to be here...

So... I ran the SB-5 this morning... Ddin't have the time to go to the track (80km round trip), but instead there's my local huge parking lot with good clean asphalt, which is always empty and it's just 2,5km's from home...
I was itching to set it up, basically, like how much brakes front/rear, slipper, belt tension etc and the sunny and WARM weather (19C said the outside temp monitor in my car!) was calling for a drive!

The bike now sports a Trinity Duo 6.5T motor, a HW 120A V2.0 ESC with the latest 0119 mod s/w and mild settings, like punch is at the middle and turbo settings at the 1/3, close to minimum. Shocks are with kit springs, Xray oils 1000cps front, 3000 rear, 350 steering, Ace DS1015 servo and "kit" front brake. PMT200 tires, rear orange insert (GRP, I think?!) black kit front, and all bike chassis settings are as per initial from kit.
Finally I used my little used hard case Turnigy 2S/4000/30C batteries. Ran all three of them!!! And crashed ONLY once... actually I was looking at the transmitter to change a setting at ST sub-trim, the bike slowed down a lot, I just punched the throttle carelessly and it crashed! No damage, really...

I am very happy with the combination of braking power the bike has, now, combining the ESC (lowered to 55% at the Tx, 100% at ESC) and Edi's glassfiber (?) disc, with servo "horn" adjusted ideally so it doesn't do stoppies but you can visibly see the bike "kneeling" under the braking force, in a straight line and just punching the brake solidly from high speeds. It also slowed down from high speeds very controllably without any sideways actions for fast turns... Impressive, indeed!
After three 12-13minute runs, I noticed that the new disc brake has a "used" patina only in its outer 1-2mm. Is this normal? I wouldn't want to make a "cone" of the disc brake!
After only 5 batteries in total, the belt skip was too much, so I used the middle setting at the rear wheel axle and skip diminished completely.

I had the slipper as per kit instructions, nut flush with axle, but I found the bike was accelerating too lazily. I started tightening by 1/4 of a turn, until at one full turn it started easily pulling wheelies, which the bike saved by itself! So, I unwound the slipper nut 1/8 of a turn and had a few power wheelies but just at a 10cm height... Like MotoGP's and SBK's do! Very impressive and not so... dangerous!!!

Forgot to install the Holux GPS to measure speeds, but it was very impressive hearing it spool speed! (stock gearing: 87/21)

In a word lovely! Very fast but at the same time very forgiving and offering a good handling to my clumsy fingers...

I also ran my KP09 for just one pack, now sporting a 17.5T Trinity motor, HW 60A ESC with latest 0119 stock s/w (aggressive settings and cooling fins on the motor), 1890 gram weight (ok, a bit lower than the 2011 Worlds rule, but that's what I could do for now!) and gearing at 6.36:1 (my 2010 Worlds was 6.64:1, and it can safely go down to 6.13:1, I think with the 17.5T motor). This bike with 95 grams of lead right between the battery tray and the battery has become veeeeery slow steering. It's very easy to drive, but it prefers to go straight! Maybe a faster servo would help a bit. Right now, there's a Futaba S3003 in there, and I JUST drove the DS1015 in the SB5! Quite a difference!!!

Speedwise it felt almost as fast as the previous setup with the 13.5T LRP X12 with very mild turbo settings. It's easier to drive than the (a lot faster!) SB-5, but also it likes going straight and will not change direction with that spirited determination that the SB-5 does...

I have not yet decided which bike I like better... The fast, manageable, but not brutal SB-5 or the slower, also manageable but very slower-steering KP! I will have to try to make the SB-5 a stock bike (2011 rules) to compare the two, really, but as they are now, they are two different animals, each with its own good and bad points!
Feb 09, 2011, 10:01 AM
Registered User
"Cone Problem":
Unluckally you see this problem with the Glassfibre Discs its "invisible" on the Carbon.
The inner Pad (the one between disc and spokes) is only guided by two screws.
This lets the Pad move outward with the braking force. Further the "horn" on the
servo side also doesnt press against the pad centrally. This alltogether causes the
pads to only grip on the outer edges of the disc.

I have solved this problem on my "copy" of the SB5 brake for the Motoproto.
The inner pad is 100% guided and cant move (orange arrow) at all (orange cross). The Servoside Pad is
actuated centrally (red) and therfore always has contact (green lines) over the whole disc surface.
I am in the process of designing a Brake Servo holder for the SB5 that has these
"features". Further I have a little trick support (bluearrow) that reduces the forces on the servo and
has more power overall. This way only the torque power (blue circlearrow) acts on the Servo no outward
bending forces. This lets the servo "live" longer . This together with a very defined amount the disc
itself is allowed to move gives a very strong and consistent brake...(that works a whole season)....
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Feb 10, 2011, 04:10 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Here are a couple of pics showing what I meant yesterday:
Notice the inside and the outside of the disc. It's marked more on the inside...
Feb 10, 2011, 05:35 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by steliosh
Here are a couple of pics showing what I meant yesterday:
Notice the inside and the outside of the disc. It's marked more on the inside...
Thats exactly what I meant. See what it look like on my design
Feb 18, 2011, 07:59 AM
steliosh's Avatar
I was looking at some SB-5 setups posted by TT-Tom, Roger Hardy and a couple of French racers...
What cought my eye is an adjustment that does not exist on the bike!

I believe this one in the sketch below may have been used in the prototypes and then it was made into a fixed position, right?
Feb 18, 2011, 08:17 AM
Registered User
Au contraire, the Prototype didnt have that option.
Its for three different Crashbar Assembly options.
See Pictures.
Feb 18, 2011, 09:30 AM
steliosh's Avatar
OK! NOW I see the light!!!!
I never realized there were two more holes on the plastic inserts that go on the inside of the chassis side plates!!!!!!!

Feb 18, 2011, 10:34 AM
Registered User
Feb 18, 2011, 11:23 AM
steliosh's Avatar
hey... don't laugh at me that much!!!!!!! hahaha!
My mind is flickering these days!!!
I'll be fine... eventually!!!
But... I think it was kinda tricky to find out what lied beneath...
I just made myself silly in public! Oh well... it's not the last time!!!
Feb 18, 2011, 02:30 PM
Registered User
Appel82's Avatar
My brakeservo is now broke. today when I setup my brakepower =( =(

where can I find any good brakeservo (metalgear) for my SB5?
ship to Sweden.
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Feb 18, 2011, 04:05 PM
Me Likee Motorbikee
Lukey B's Avatar
Hey Appel... I replaced my brake servo with a "futaba s3156"... It's a digital metal gear micro servo, and almost a direct fit, I made two little shims ( I think they're 2mm ) to sit under the servo mounts, otherwise the case hits the wheel axle... And also need to shave a little off the servo horn, because it will also hit the case...

Hmm... Doesn't really sound like a direct fit eh..? But there really wasn't much available in a digital micro servo... And the size is very important, there's not much room in there...

As where to buy... Don't like to support eBay over your local store, but we just can't get them here in Oz... So I had two shipped for about $80 aus...

Hope that helps a little...
Feb 18, 2011, 05:39 PM
Registered User
Appel82's Avatar
Ok thanks Lukey I have order one ACE C1016 Miniservo (metalgear)
I hope this servo take more" pain" ..
Feb 18, 2011, 05:51 PM
Registered User
I just love the way you say you have a large parking lot that is always empty just around the corner, I would kill for that
Feb 19, 2011, 01:38 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Parking lots are everywhere... I m just lucky this one belongs to an exhibition center that does an exhibition once every 2-3 months!
You can see people go park-flying there usually... but it's soooooooo huge, there's space for everyone!!!

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