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Jun 10, 2010, 07:55 PM
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Ivan's Short Solent

One of the grandsons went through my plans the other day and insisted we start the Solent after seeing the pictures of Luke's Solent here on RCG. This one has intrested me for a long time so I agreed that we'd give it a go. There's quit a few build threads on this one but here's another just so everyone can see the different building methods people come up with.
Several years ago I attempted the Albatross but had issues with the wing ribs. I think I've remedied them and should be successful at this one. We'll see...
We used the plans to build only one side of the fuse and after it was cured took it up and sanded the smooth side just a little. Then we used that smooth first side to build the other side on top of the first. After it was cured you take them off the board and with a new single edge razor slightly pull the two halves apart just enough to get the blade in and work it along the glue joints to separate them. Working slowly we soon had them separated and only a slight sanding was needed to make the second side smooth. When finished you'll have two sides that are smooth on one side for the exteriors and are exactly the same. Works like a charm every time. Give it a try
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Jun 10, 2010, 08:56 PM
Two left thumbs
I'm delighted to see this big bird going together despite your having withdrawn from the Super Goose.

Please let me know (via email) what your issues were with the Albatross. I have those plans, and would like to build it one of these days - assuming that I live long enough!

Jun 11, 2010, 04:48 AM
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I'll follow this with interest. Ivan's Solent was a delight to fly at Chilliwack last week - and he sent us away with a copy of the plan!

Jun 11, 2010, 07:27 PM
Onward and Upward
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Jun 18, 2010, 04:42 PM
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Hi Duane, just found this one! Great to see another Solent go together, and I've added your build thread to the official list. That makes seven Solent threads! But only three have been completed so far. And in any case it's the journey that's fun for us observers to see, so you can't have too many.

It was hard to tell from your photos, is this the Speed 400 version or the 480? I'm major envious of all the flat counter space I see in your photos. Acres I say! It's obscene!

I like to build my fuse halves over each other as well, but I've put a sheet of wax paper between the two, which obviates the need to cut them apart later. However it probably makes it slightly more tricky to get them exactly the same.

How old is your grandson? It's wonderful he has an interest in these things and that you can do a build together. I have a grandfather who in his retirement has found an interest in RC airplanes, and I've wanted nothing more than to be able to hang out with him and build models, go to the flying field together, etc... In a way it was a dream come true to have this great guy who I really love now share my hobby, but unfortunately he lives 2,000 miles away! It eats me up every time I think about him doing this on his own.

Jun 18, 2010, 04:59 PM
Two left thumbs
Luke, is your grandfather in Kansas? And what has happened to Matt and Tate with their builds?

Jun 18, 2010, 08:35 PM
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Luke, this is the 400 ship. I have 3 grandsons, Willie, Waylon, and Ethan. Willie was the one thats been visiting. I'm pretty sure all of them are intrested very much in airplanes.
Too bad about your grandpa, he would learn alot if you guys were closer !
I should have mentioned earlier that I use Titebond 2 when assembling the fuse sides. The razor blade trick works every time with this glue but not sure if it works with CA, wouldnt try it though.
I've got all the ribs done and ready to install, it'll be a while longer before I'm ready to take the wing up yet and have the GWS motors on the way but still have to make a HS run to get a pair of cranks for the ailerons. Here's a few pictures of where I'm at now and have the fuse ready to mate the wing.

Adrian, I've been lurking on your build, you're doing a nice job. Any progress lately ?
Jun 18, 2010, 11:26 PM
Onward and Upward
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Jun 19, 2010, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptAhab
Adrian, I've been lurking on your build, you're doing a nice job. Any progress lately ?
Hey bud! She's looking superb I say. :-)

Trucking along nicely I see as well. Funny thing is, even though I'm building one (well technically two) myself I find I still get a bit excited when I see another one going up. I learn something with each build I read which is tremendous.

Yes sir, making progress I would think. Going to attempt glassing the fuse this weekend (should be a riot) and being that I've never done anything with fiberglass it should prove interesting. LOL!

Got a new battery hatch cover finished and did a bit more sanding on the nose the other night. More pics to come here shortly. Get my motors tomorrow so I'm stoked about that.

Signing on here so keep up the great work and can't wait to see if fly!!!
Jun 19, 2010, 01:36 AM
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Duane it's looking very nice. I'm always amazed at how many memories it brings back to see these planes in their various stages of construction. I thought the nightmares were over, now they've returned! Just kidding, the memories are actually of the countless pleasant evenings I spent hunched over the bench, gluing my fingers together and dreaming of the day when the plane would actually fly off the water gracefully to everyone's amazement. They say the anticipation is half the fun, and with a build like this, you get to have plenty of anticipation.

Geoff, you're right, my Grandfather and actually all my entire and extended family are back in Kansas. I'm the lone expat!

And yes, Matt and Tate have two of the seven Solent threads... I'm not sure what happened to them, probably high school or girls or homework or something! I hope someday they return to their planes and complete them, but at that age I don't blame them for getting distracted.

Jun 19, 2010, 03:01 AM
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Adrian, everyone's got a different way to glass, it just takes practice. I thin with isopropyl 91% just a tad over 50/50 and use a large camel hair brush, minimum brush strokes and keep it light.
I have learned alot on the internet, and RCG is the best place to hang out and read to learn all the tricks of the trade.
Luke, I think this is the third week on the build, if I can keep this pace up it shouldnt take too long to turn this puppy into an airplane. Here's the complimentary set up once more...
BTW, I covered the aft upper keel and sides with one sheet, turned out ok but had one little divet on the side I had to fill with filler.
Jun 19, 2010, 10:24 AM
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Well some of the builders have meet in a virtual forum and the concensus is that this Solent my be a complete photoshop job.

It has beed agreed upon that it is a physical impossibility, (including violation of several state laws i'm sure) to be able to build such a beautiful specimen in a shop that looks as good and is clutter, dust, dirt free as yours appears to be.

Please prove the status of your project as real and not a blatant photoshop by showing at least two (2) of the following criteria:

1. random balsa dust laying about
2. empty glue containers
3. used #11 blades
4. broken or incorrectly sized formers
5. rectangular piece of paper across the wing saddle stating, "honk if you love to float"
6. any audio recording captured once the basic fuse was completed of you making radial engine noises as you flew it around the room.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Yeah, i'm totally kidding. Nice lookin shop eh? :-P
Jun 19, 2010, 01:28 PM
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CaptAhab's Avatar
OK Adrian, you asked for it....

This is photoshop -

Now here's something really disgusting, I keep my dust in a container, and the worn blades get tossed into a plastic cup and the glue is kept in an airtight container, and it really freaks me out to go in a public restroom nowadays.
it's the way of the future, way of the future, way of the future (excerpt from the Howard Hughes movie)
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Jun 19, 2010, 02:28 PM
Two left thumbs
Adrian, collecting the balsa dust isn't just tidy, it's practical: Free filler!

Geoff, who's only on his fourth #11 blade in thirty years (I own a whetstone)
Jun 19, 2010, 02:28 PM
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After further scrutiny of the Goose pictures above, please note the background on the far shore. Real or photoshop ? Hmmm, shame on you Mike !
Capricorn One ?

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