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Jul 12, 2010, 09:41 PM
Throw a glider!
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I will jump in and answer about scores for Joe. His truck died on the way to the contest, about an hour and a half from his house. Al and I picked him up in Al's Explorer on the highway on the way to the contest. When Al and I pulled up Joe had all of the trailer and truck contents on the side of the road trying to get everything from the truck into the trailer, it looked like a yard sale! We got it all transferred, saw Joe's truck leave on the hook and continued on to set up the contest.

Anyway, Al ended up hauling Joe all the way back to his home in Newark Sunday night after two long days of contest directing. I know Joe is working to get all the scores sanitized for posting, but I also know his focus immediately after the contest was getting a backup vehicle commissioned and dealing with getting his primary transportation functional again. Scores will be posted soon, but Joe is busy with some pressing issues right now, so it may be a day or so.

A so far unmentioned unsung hero in all this was Al Schmidt. He not only towed the contest to the site from the side of I-70, but was also your dedicated score keeper all weekend. Thanks Al!

Gavin did whup everybody. He really flew well. Several commented on his progress in just the past couple of years. I cannot say anyone was launching higher, or flying more aggressively. I also would not recommend betting against his son to solve a Rubik's cube in 90 seconds. We mixed it up as best we could, ad he had it in exactly 90 seconds. Great kid, and another unmentioned helper at the contest.
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Jul 12, 2010, 09:42 PM
Registered User
Steve, I never really did get a chance to apologize to you.
This had to be one of the dumbest things that I have done!
Jul 12, 2010, 10:59 PM
Scott Zastoupil
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I don't have much meaningful to add, but I'm able to read between the lines on the fun that was had. I called Ryan numerous times to keep me filled in on the happenings as I was jealous of not being there. Save some fun for the NATS.

"A Cheesehead Chucker"
Jul 12, 2010, 11:07 PM
AKA - The "Flywheel"
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Originally Posted by JBFergus
Steve, I never really did get a chance to apologize to you.
This had to be one of the dumbest things that I have done!
Man, non needed, no blood no foul! I think I felt worse then you did, if I had been able to figure out where the plane was coming from, maybe I could have caught it and kept it from damage... I heard heads up, and I saw a shadow, and I just covered up my nogg'n, and got hit in the butt LOL.

Hope its not too hard of a fix for you, hate to see a new toy get bent.

I hope you guys get over to Chicago for our contest in August!

Jul 13, 2010, 05:12 AM
Barney Fife, Vigilante
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It attacked right out of the sun like a dive bomber on a helpless cargo ship... only silently

Jul 13, 2010, 07:23 AM
Team Horizon Pilot :)

what a great weekend

What a great weekend. I love competing and love flying with my friends.I have learned so much from Tom and Bruce on strategies and timing . I am now starting to trust my timers .I fly alone a lot and have my own way of thinking as all of you probably do . Thank. For thinking I kicked butt but it was closer then you think . Gerald got me through a round that was tough . My planes held up for another one (go figure).
Can't wait for the Nats and next year . Great Job JOE .
P.s. Sorry typed frm my phone. I know it was a hard read as I am a second grader
Jul 13, 2010, 10:55 AM
Bruce Davidson
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Thanks to Joe and his crew for putting on a great weekend contest! The Dayton 2 day is a good choice for anyone thinking about getting into the game. The event was run at a nice and relaxing pace that caterers nicely to the newer crowd. Joe was on top of things and gave a little extra time to those that needed it or made changes to the schedule if the crowd demanded it.

Gavin is on fire this year and is showing all of us what practice practice practice will do for you. Congratulations dude, you flew well and made the best decisions all weekend for a well deserved win!

Jul 13, 2010, 06:51 PM
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Thanks to all the DART members for a great couple of days flying. Joe, I hope your truck is on the mend!

Also thanks to everyone that timed for me. I try to soak up as much as I can and this weekend was great for getting feedback / critique and trying to put that into the next round / competition. All the top guys looked like they were sharing their expertise with the rest of us. It is great to see that sharing of knowledge.

See you all again next year.

Jul 13, 2010, 07:18 PM
Ryan Gonsoulin
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I had a great time as well. Thanks to the DARTS for putting on the event. It's always fun being with new & old friends and throwing the pi$$ out of a model airplane!

Ryan (The Louisiana one)
Jul 14, 2010, 02:18 AM
Barney Fife, Vigilante
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Insomnia strikes.

As I pulled up to the DARTS field on Saturday morning, I realized that I hadn't been there since this contest last year. DARTS is a club that I've belonged to on and off for about 25 years, and is only about 45 miles from my house, but for whatever reason I never seem to be able to get over there to fly. As usual, I was running about 15 minutes late and was expecting to miss the pilot's meeting and skid sideways into the first flight group with my hair on fire. I dropped off my model box at the pavillion and said hi to a bunch of the Michigan guys who were setting up camp. I didn't realize that Joe had the car problems and was running late too, so I was a bit in scramble mode trying to make sure I had a charged Rx pack. The reason I was running late today was a new one. I got up on time, showered, and kissed the snoring kids goodbye and headed downstairs, packed my transmitter case into the car, and started to back out of the driveway when it occurred to me that I didn't have any airframes with me. Where the h3ll is my model box? I pulled back into the drive and headed into the garage to find out. I figured it would be easy to find because I hadn't unpacked anything from the Bruce. Nope. Not in the Garage... not in the basement... not on the back porch where the Supra lives now... back to the basement... nope, still not there. I stop, scratch my head, and head back to the garage. Nope, not there either. Didn't I already look there? Finally it dawns on me that I had moved a couple of more "fragile" things up to the attic. I climb up the ladder and sure enough there's a coroplast box staring right at me. Whew. Now knowing myself, even with the knowledge that I hadn't touched anything since the Bruce, I peeked inside half expecting to NOT see an airframe. All my Blaster parts were there and in short order we were on the way.

The DARTS field has alot of personality. I have flown sailplane contests in about 17 states by my count now over the years, and this field is still my very favorite. Every wind direction brings a different hot spot, and a different set of traps. There are a couple of rolling hills and a couple of treelines that come into play, along with corn and trees and of course the pig farm and parking lots to break things up. The wind was really light and out of the Southwest and everything looked like a perfect thermal day where maxes would be handed out like ankle bracelets at a Lindsay Lohan birthday party. Life is always better when you mention Lindsay. Oh come on! She's tragically damaged but still hot. Did I digress again? Sorry.... The pilot's meeting was scheduled for 8:30 and I was still assembling my model at 9, with no real push to get going. I took a few lazy test flights and the field was already popping in the usual places. For whatever reason, I never assembled my backup ship. I guess I have alot of faith in the trusty old Green Blaster and it seems to have nine lives anyhow. If and when it dies, I am not sure I'll know what to do. It would be like losing a friend (that I talk trash to and torture every chance I get.)

The first round starting out was a ladder. This isn't my favorite task but I'm not sure I really have a favorite. I don't tend to like tasks that are scored with checkmarks instead of seconds. I call them "pass / fail" tasks. I was in the second flight group and was asked by Steve S to time for him in the first. On the way out to fly he tells me that this is his first DLG contest. Welcome. Dayton seems to bring out a couple of first time guys every year and this year was no exception. Steve is an up and coming TD guy who clearly is already a very good stick, but just isn't in tune with the DLG game. I had a feeling we'd convert him by the end of the weekend. I was in the second flight group and wasn't flying against Gavin or Gerald or Bruce or Ben so I was somewhat coasting (what a shock) when my round started. I have a bad habit of doing that, and I have a very consistent habit of using a throwout very early as well. I wonder sometimes if the two are connected... Today would likely be no exception. The grass was really slick from the morning dew, and I had forgotten to change my shoes so I was slipping all over the place. Air was fickle and I missed a flight along the way, barely getting my 1:45. Nobody I talked to got a 2:00 so no harm no foul.

I paired up with Ryan Gonsuh.... Gonsul... Gosnalu.... (The Louisiana one) for timing most of the weekend. Ryan is a guy who has solid thumbs, is getting really decent at the launch phase, and has a big desire to be good at this. I took note of him at San Felasco early in the year and said he'd make big improvements this year. I wasn't wrong. Ryan is getting this DLG thing down and as he gets better reading air and taking chances, he'll be a tough guy to beat. Ryan doesn't like to go downwind yet. While flying the 5x2 task I was making a habit of running downwind to the treeline (about 200 yards from the field edge) and thermalling until about 25 seconds left in the task and then doing the ballistic dive back to the field. One flight I was at probably 600 feet with 25 seconds left and he says "Why are you going so high in a two minute task?" To quote my good friend Joe Walsh, you can never be too high. Air was pretty easy for the most part if you left the field boundaries and most of the top 5-7 pilots were hitting the downwind trees pretty aggressively. I pretty consistently worked on Ryan whenever timing for him, nudging him to fly more downwind and I see him getting much more comfortable with it. The last flight group on Sunday he was even doing the patented Bruce Davidson "turn and burn" right from the launch. Progress is cool.

Gavin was flying great as were alot of people, but he was particularly untouchable this weekend. He's putting it all together and has all the tools. The Green Blasters of team Ohio were flying very high for the most part and there were lots of rapid descents from plentiful thermals over that treeline. Somebody once said that they hide the trophies in the trees. Somebody else told me that winners fly downwind. Both were true this past weekend.

I still hate poker. It's a useless and sucky task. Ban it. If we have throwout rounds, I may just start skipping it. We did fly it with the correct rules though... all in. This takes the burden off the timer and in my humble opinion is the right thing to do. Of course, I drew the round this time that had the horrific sink cycle about 4 minutes into the window that spanked everybody, including me. I think I got 1:40 twice then failed twice going for 2:00. I hate poker. I'd rather try to fly five threes in a ten minute window. It would be more fun. Poker and "pass / fail" tasks suck.

It is always good to see my friends. Ben was flying well on Saturday and an early tree kind of tripped him up on Sunday. Ryan (B) and the WI crowd have finally seen the blaster light. It may not be the best airplane out there, but you have to spend a grand to beat it. It does everything I ask of it... but I still want more because I'm greedy. It was fun to see Gavin hand over his Blaster to Matthew Waldron on Saturday after the contest. I'm surprised he got it back. Matthew is another guy who has good thumbs and gets it but nobody knows about. DLG competition is growing to another level very quickly. Gerald and I had a chance to chat quite a bit and time for each other some this weekend. I always like hanging with him (and Phil who didn't make it this weekend.) Those guys have an east coast style that I like. Bruce was tough as always, and handed me two severe beatings over the trees. One in particular was an AULD flight where I committed to the treeline late (fatal mistake) and got back there low while he was FDH'n it at about 500 feet. FDH = Fat, Dumb and Happy for those of you that didn't already know. I was about 15 feet above the trees at great distance with no energy, struggling every turn for a few inches of altitude. Several times I thought it was going to quit flying and perch in the tops of the trees. He had to be trimmed for a slow glide so he could watch my airplane fight for it's life some 350 feet below. I know if the tables were turned I'd have been watching him struggle and probably enjoying it. I finally called uncle at about 2:00 into the flight and limped home between the treetops, only making it back through the bike path. Somehow I squeezed 2:40 out of that flight but I'm not sure how. He came back at 3:00 as usual, cruising back around launch height and 80mph. Sigh.

Thanks go to DARTS for another enjoyable contest. Thanks Joe for putting this one on... and thanks to my friends for travelling so far just to throw toy airplanes with me.

(It really is all about me, right?)

Well I'm going to wrap with some of my random thoughts from the contest:

Pteradacytls aren't extinct because they flew into trees.
Wet socks + gatorade = sticky wet socks
Downwind... the other white meat.
The Edge can't make a minute in reflex
Never, EVER put a half-drank Arnold Palmer anywhere near Gavin's chair.
Dayton has no chiggers but there was something itchy in those weeds.
It's 3:00am but no, I'm not drunk.
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Jul 14, 2010, 07:20 AM
Ryan Gonsoulin
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Great post Tom!
Jul 14, 2010, 11:11 AM
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Thread OP

As Jim Buxton points out, it has been a rough time playing catch after my truck broke down on the way to the meet, If it were not for Al Schmidt who picked me and my trailer up on I-70, about 30 miles from the field, the contest might not have came down as it did. Al also was our chief scorekeeper, thanks much Al!

My truck is now back from dealer, $135.53 for repairs, not bad considering what it might have been. It was a shorted wire to the body control module, it caused a fuse to blow. Let me tell you when that body control module goes out, NOTHING works on the instrument panel, nor does the vehicle run for that matter, not even the indicator that tells you what gear you are in.

The contest began on Saturday with beautiful weather, clear skies, light winds and a forecast for highs in the mid 80’s with low humidity through the weekend. This was a welcome relief to some really above normal hot weather we had for the week prior to the meet where temps were in the mid 90’s with high humidity. To take advantage of this weather, we flew 10 rounds on Saturday.

First of all, I would like to thank all who came, pilots, helpers and spectators. YOU made this contest a success! We had 21 contestants from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Virginia Thanks for coming guys! I would also like to take the time to recognize our sponsors who donated merchandize to supplement our awards, they were very much appreciated. Our sponsors were: Airtronics, Bob Smith Industries, Fibre Glast Development Corporation, Radical RC and Tower Hobbies. Please visit there links on our HLG page and if you buy something from them let them know we appreciated their donations.

For those of you who were there, you will recall that we scored the contest as two 1-day meets in real time. This was due to the software limitations that precluded me from scoring the meet as advertized as one 2-day meet. More on this later, but basically, the software I used was not very well suited to add rounds once one did the initial set up and generated the flight matrix. Turns out when one initially sets up the rounds, it carves out space in the scoring section of the program for whatever number of rounds you initially generate the matrix for. If you need to add rounds, the only way to carve out space for them in the scoring section is to again generate the random matrix. One can override the random matrix, but it was too cumbersome to do on the field, so I chose to score the contest each day as a single day event while at the field. Since I had initially set up only 9 rounds, the scoring part of the software did not know what to do with rounds 10-16, so rather than delay the contest and figure this all out, I pressed on and scored Sunday as a single stand alone meet in real time. So, lesson learned, when you use the software that I did, specify more rounds than you ever hope to fly, generate the matrix, then scale it back as needed. This allows you the flexibility to run as many rounds and tasks as you want then. I awarded the certificates based on the results from Sunday.

The above being said, I have since scored the contest as a single 2-day event, as it was advertized and the results are available here in this post. The good news is Gavin won when the scores were tallied as two 1-day events, or when scored as a single 2-day event. Way to go Gavin, great flying! What did change was that Bruce Davidson ended up in 2nd place. This was due to the throw out rounds. For those that care, I will later post the scores as if the meet was two 1-day meets. In any event the top 5 pretty much stayed the same, just juggled the places a bit. I’ll take care of sending out the correct certificates via s-mail, it will be a few days though, I need to finish the recovery process!

I added the results scored as if the meet were two 1-day meets, this is mostly for those who flew only on one day, it gives them a better idea of where they stand for the flying they did. I also added the complete round scores.

This year I awarded a “Dope Award”, it was a small bottle of Testor’s dope, probably from the 1950’s, yellow label and all. It was meant to be a fun award. I had several nominations, a couple of people in trees (Ben Roberto, Barney Bauer) a timer who was involved in Ben’s incident with the tree (something about him not telling him the tree was there>), Jerry Shape who fell down during a launch dropping his transmitter causing it to turn off and thus causing the model to crash and break a tail boom. Jerry’s nomination was never really considered for the award as it was more a case of bad luck. The hands down winner however was John Furguson who launched a model with the transmitter in the wrong program, one for another model. Now mind you, he was flying JR stuff, with DSM2 and model match. So how he did this I still can’t understand. Something about not doing a pre-flight before launching. John graciously accepted the award. Hope it helps remind him to do pre-flights before launching next time.

OK it is time to thank people individually: First as mentioned above, Al Schmidt for picking me up when my truck broke down and tireless scorekeeping for two days. Al also provided the main canopy and tables for scorekeeping. Jim Buxton who put together the stickers for the paper cubes that we gave away to all participants. Jeanie McCarty (Bob McCarty's wife) who donated the paper cubes and who brought brownies, extra chips and a few extra things as well as helping out with lunch on Sunday. Terry Stevens who helped with lunch on Saturday and Sunday while providing enthusiasm for the rest of the lunch crew. Dave Gerspacher who provided a canopy for shade on Saturday and made sure I had enough of the DARTS cups for awards. Norm Poti who helped out where needed, timed for a bunch of people, and was in charge of fetching the Subway subs for lunch. This took a big load off of me while I was running the contest. Alex Trussel who helped set up lunch both days and to whom I went to for other jobs including picking up the stakes that cut the field in two when we cleaned up on Sunday. Barney Bauer, who rolled up the electric cord on Sunday, one of the last things we did, but boy was it appreciated that he did it! Sky Malcomb who came back on Sunday but did not fly, but Skye jumped in to help me with getting things set up for Sunday and helped out when needed throughout the rest of the day.

And last but not least to my fellow DARTS members a big thanks for a strong showing! I figure I would take the time to recognize this showing. It was especially good to see such a strong showing of DARTS members given the rich heritage of the DARTS had in the early days of HLG when the DARTS ran many a HLG contest. DARTS members Dave Gerspacher, Bill Hoelcher, Skye Malcolm, Joe Mekina, Dan Meyers, Jerry Shape and Bob McCarty flew in the meet. Other’s that were at one time or another DARTS members who flew were Tom Siler and Gavin Trussell. Long time and founding member Jim Martin showed up both days to time and provided overall enthusiasm as well as unique historical perspective of HLG over the years. New member Roger Parrett showed up on Saturday and I am pretty sure liked what he saw, maybe a HLG is in store for Roger in the near future? Roger timed me one round so we got to spend a little bit more time talking about the rules while I was flying. Norm Poti helped out where needed (as mentioned above). Dave Wrinkle and Bob Massman, also stopped by check things out one day or the other, nice to see you guys! Walt and John Schmoll were there both days, with John taking a boat load of nice photographs many of which will end up on our website eventually when I get the time to post them. Thanks John! Overall good showing for the DARTS!

Again, thanks to all who participated, you all bring your friends next year!

Joe Mekina
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Jul 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
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Thread OP
Pictures from the DARTS 2010 HLG contest taken by John Schmoll

Thanks John!
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Jul 14, 2010, 03:09 PM
They call me Crash!
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Man, I don't know how these DLGS stay together with the strong arming going on in this contest!

Jul 14, 2010, 10:02 PM
Steve Meyer
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Great reporting. Sorry I missed the fun.

Joe, that looks like a Red-Tail Hawk. Most vocal of the Raptors.

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