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Feb 17, 2012, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by alexthecheese
Thanks for responses re: video tx/rx, I think I am going to take a punt on a 8 channel 1280mhz tx from RangeVideo.

What I'm wondering is what people use to get such long range flights with video tx intact? UHF for the control link I understand, but what video link keeps up with such long distances?
It's more to do with antenna selection really. A vid tx that can go half a mile on stock whip antennas could go an awful lot further with better tuned antennas, or higher gain directional antennas.

Have a look at IBCrazy's antenna tutorials. Check the circular polarised antenna builds (Cloverleaf, helical etc). They're easy to make and if done well will greatly increase your range.

Even just making yourself an inverted v antenna for your transmitter can help. I replaced my tx stock whip with a homemade inverted v and have been flying it for a couple of years now. My range is still only about a mile and a half, but that has been enough up to now. Currently I'm building some circular polarised antennas for my vid tx and rx to see what the difference is.
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Feb 17, 2012, 10:29 AM
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Planning Ahead

Guys, i have some questions below that I know i could have asked in product specific threads but i want to ask here for three reasons:
1. I want to take being in the UK into account, i'm not worried about sticking to the letter of the law, but keeping close would be good.
2. I will (hopefully) be flying with some of you at your fields so i want to take compatibility with your systems into account and possible 'in person' help from you guys too.
3. Its your fault i've got the FPV bug, it was this thread that tipped me over!

So whats this long winded post about? Well, I've learnt a lot so far and i know theres a lot more to learn but one of the biggest things I've learnt form building and flying multi rotors is to plan ahead and to have a goal in mind. The first quad i built ended up being rebuild several times and parts had to be purchased again because of incompatibilities i didn't foresee or even think about. With FPV gear there are SO many options and very few complete off the shelf solutions, coupled with my budget that comes in dribs and drabs (usually as i sell off other thins i own) i want to be able to buy components that i can use now and be compatible and complement components that i buy later. I don't want to buy an OSD now that won't work with a tracker later for instance. Ive also learnt to start small and work up making sure that the little changes work before moving onto the next. Building a new plane with ALL the possible FPV kit i can throw at it in one go would just be asking for trouble. Because of that i don't want to save up get it all at once (i can't save up money to save my life, if I've got it, i spend it!).

With this in mind I've put together a list of features i want out of the 'end product' of my build, that if there is such thing as an end to a build! (remember: I know I'm new to this and this is what i want to achieve longterm, not what i want to do 'now')

What i want to achieve:
-Easily portable kit. I have a van but little storage at home.
-To be able to fly out at least a few miles without glitching. I don't plan on going too far but also don't want to worry if i leave the 'park'.
-To be able to fly with others. Would be cool to chase and film other planes.
-To carry a GoPro
-To be relaxed in flight and not always 'on the edge' of losing control/the plane.
-To have good failsafe and be able to retrieve the plane in case of lost contact.
-To be doing all this THIS SUMMER

Where i'm at:
-Spectrum DX8/AR6000 and satellite.
-EasyStar2. Ive had a couple of flights now and she seems to have been the right choice to learn on and seems like she will take all this FPV gear easily.
-Time with experienced pilots to learn from. (thanks Flylite and hoping the weather holds to fly with CJ this weekend)
-A go on some goggles and FPV plane. Yes, this is defiantly what i want to be doing as i really enjoyed the experience!
-A set of goggles, 5.8ghz VTx and CL/SPW antennas on the way.
The above will get me doing close range FPV reasonably quickly I hope.

Moving forward and those questions I mentioned earlier...
So where i go from here product (brand) wise is where i'm stuck, i'm all good with what kit (Tx mW, Antenna types, UHF and all the compatibility stuffs). I'm not loyal to any brands (yet) but i'm a little OCD and like things to match so if i go Dragon, it will all be dragon as far as possible, same if i go Ez. I have worked out three 'packages' that would all achieve my goals and also limit the amount of vendors I'm using ant any one time, please help me chose

Three options:
1. Dragon - Depending on tracker cost this could be the cheapest option, non upgradeable firmware though.
-Dragon Link (When they come into stock)
-Dragon OSD
-Dragon Tracker (when they become available, will place deposit)
-Unknown Ant Pan/Tilt depending on DT
-FY-30A (optional stabilised flight and stabilising RTH)

2. EZ - The most costly option
-Ez LRS (459 legal option)
-Ez Antenna Tracker
-RMRC Ant Pan/Tilt
-FY-31AP (optional stabilised flight and stabilised RTH)
-Ez iTelemetry cable (neat and easy way to track the plane and i am Mac guy)

3. Mixed Asian stuff - More risky but potentially the easiest to set up.
-Rmilec LRS (would get an X9 Tx for the JR module, I'm not modding my DX8. Also the least proven system by far.)
-FY Hornet OSD (no RSSI though, thats an issue)
-MyFlyDream Auto Ant Tracker (most plug and play system, i really like the easy set up)

All the above will get a 5.8ghz RHCP patch and Airwave based VRx plugged into the goggles and a cheap RMRC monitor for others to 'see what i'm seeing'. Depending on how i get on with 5.8ghz I might lastly upgrade to 1.2/3ghz, i'd like to fly between trees and stuff when i get a better pilot so i would need the penetration of the lower frequency.

So there you have it, my plan and three roads i can take, hopefully you can see that I've done my research and all the options would work in theory, i just ned to know what road to take.

Any and all advice and comments welcome.
Feb 17, 2012, 10:39 AM
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Although not easy to find in stock, I'd recommend buying the RVOSD5 + RVGS Antenna Tracker (if you really want to have antenna tracking).

RTH works very good and IMU is integrated, no need for extra modules.

About UHF LRS, I'd go for DL because of the competitive price, performance and support service!
Feb 17, 2012, 11:02 AM
Fixed wings can be Drones too!
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RV is one of the systems I've not even looked at. After a quick skim it does look VERY complete. There seems to be stocking issued with many FPV products, its really frustrating. You know for a fact that stuff will come into stock and then be gone again before i can get funds together.

I like the FY-30A as if i don't end up needing it then i can use it on a quad or even my camera gimbal, food safe product for me, i'd use it somewhere.
Feb 17, 2012, 11:04 AM
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I would recommend the EZ Immersion gear. Yes it's most expensive but it does just work.

And I would get in the air first before making decisions about what you want to do! Everything will change once you start actually FPVing.
Feb 17, 2012, 11:05 AM
um.. yeah, I can make that fly
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Rvosd has difficult setup precedures. Not to mention changeable variables that have RCM's head spinning. I've got the MFD tracker, this works well. If your not planning on leaving 3km range I would be tempted to leave the tracker stuff out altogether. It's a lot of fuss and faff when you get to your chosen flying site to setup and carry. Whereas a directional antenna and omni on diversity (very cheap 5.8 diversity options from bevrc) are a simple and cheap option that serve well in ranged and close situations. Where the idea that 5.8ghz doesn't penetrate comes from I don't really know. I've got 5.8ghz gear throughout my fleet, all on cloverleafs, and I can fly behind trees, concrete pillars and anywhere else you can think of going. Properly tuned antennas on 5.8 feel like your goggles are plugged into the plane.

Dragon link stuff is pretty good, many are using it. And if you buy now all your gear will be the most up to date, which as far as mr dragon is concerned is all that will ever need doing to his system. I suppose a good airframe that will take a gopro, be reliable in most situations. Good endurance, reasonably menoverable, good weight carrying capacity and simple "at the field" setup...well it's only going to be a skywalker. We'll have a chin wag if the weather is any good Sunday, and if not you may as well pop down to my place and we can do quad flying in the back garden :P

Feb 17, 2012, 11:07 AM
I Like Popcorn
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Interesting post Wayne!

My personal opinion would be go with the Dragon
DragonLabs have the best customer support and they release updated firmware for the DOSD, with the DragonLink I think you need to send it off once an update is made but its reported to be a fantastic LRS.
The tracker I'm sure will be feature rich as well as firmware upgradable (by user).

I have had issues with 2x DOSD's, Both Mike (the crash) and John (JMSTech) have bent over backwards to help, the unit has been replaced foc with out a blink of an eye, amazing support.

I may sound bias here, but my reasoning is based on 3 facts, DragonLabs are in business to get the best posible tech out to market, for very little financial gain (if any at all) and to provide the best after sales support you can have.

Feb 17, 2012, 11:11 AM
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I have to disagree about rvosd setup. A lot easier and quicker to configure it than with its close competitors: ET and DOSD. RTH works out of the box but of course I'd not recommend buying it as the first OSD when getting into fpv if you want something simple and pnp
Feb 17, 2012, 11:17 AM
I Like Popcorn
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Granted that the DOSD is not as user friendly as some of the others out there on the market but its a continuosly evolving system and does need a clear head while planning and setting it up but the rewards far out way the time spent learning about the device and its caperbilities.
Feb 17, 2012, 11:33 AM
Fixed wings can be Drones too!
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Some great feedback so far and (as expected TBH) an evenly mixed response.

I do plan on getting in the air with goggles only before i make any more orders and it will be piece by piece (within reason) after that. I've got 'stages' planned before deciding to move on to the next.

1. Build first fixed wing : Complete
2. Learn to fly well LOS : In Progress
3. Short Range FPV, 5.8 and goggles only : Ordered
4. OSD/RTH/Stabiliser : TBD
6. Tracker/Higher dbi Patch : TBD
7. Frequency Change : TBD
8. Faster more aerobatic platform : TBD

I think 1-5 are certain, 6-8 may or may not happen depending on results and experience or even order may change. I just want to make sure when i get there i don't have to re buy items i already have and learn to use new kit again.

Its good to have a plan!
Feb 17, 2012, 11:35 AM
Fixed wings can be Drones too!
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double post, sorry
Feb 17, 2012, 12:51 PM
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Just flew the km race. 1:34. ill need some practise. I lost radio signal for a couple of seconds at the other end too. video will be up soon. i wont attempt it again until ive changed the transmitter arial to a patch antenna.
Feb 17, 2012, 01:17 PM
Great Britain
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Originally Posted by topgearuk
Yes that will work, just unplug all the ESC's servo leads and just do one at a time plugged in to the RX (when you apply power all esc's will turn on but only the one plugged in to the RX will get programmed.) Just take all the props off all the motor's.

I think your problem with one motor stopping and your quad flipping is the ESC's needs the setting changed to what I suggested above.
I flew the quad for months on the same escs before I sold him the quad, another change I made recently though was the addition of 2mm bullet connectors between motor/esc as I wanted it stripped down when I took to to Bali. I dont think the esc programming is an issue myself but worth a punt incase something got changed?
Feb 17, 2012, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by unialfred
Just flew the km race. 1:34. ill need some practise. I lost radio signal for a couple of seconds at the other end too. video will be up soon. i wont attempt it again until ive changed the transmitter arial to a patch antenna.
cool, assuming that was with a plane not a multirotor?

Its not the fastest time but its not bad, mike is winning

You guys have until the end of the month to get your entries in, fastest plane wins a quad frame and KK controller
Feb 17, 2012, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by MrBen.
I flew the quad for months on the same escs before I sold him the quad, another change I made recently though was the addition of 2mm bullet connectors between motor/esc as I wanted it stripped down when I took to to Bali. I dont think the esc programming is an issue myself but worth a punt incase something got changed?
It might well have worked fine for you, I'm not saying it didn't, but running different batteries of different makes or ages, when they are under-load could easily trigger the LVC. Even when there appears to be plenty of juice left in them.

On a side not this is right way to set-up the ESC's when running a Quad regardless if this is the problem he is encountering anyway! So would be good practice to do..

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