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Apr 20, 2011, 07:44 PM
Seattle, WA

No Flaps Flight Condition

Flight Conditions =
No Flaps

No Flaps takes priority, but this could be changed.
Positive camber on Left Slider, (LS).
No Flaps is on SW "D".
Normal, Launch & Reflex on SW "E".
Aileron to Flap coupling on SW "G" applicable to all Flight Conditions except No Flaps.
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Jul 08, 2011, 05:17 PM
are we there yet?
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Here is the program I use for my XP-3 DLG.

Flight Conditions:

flight modes are on switch E.

I have moved the momentary switch from the right to the left, by un soldering and resoldering them.

I have the flaps on the left stick. For the most part I only use Launch and Normal flight conditions. I use the flap stick to add camber. I have found that doing this I can adjust the camber as needed.
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Jul 13, 2011, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by nahum
When updating from V1.07 to V1.08 the cularis program was completely unusable.
It was much easier to start a new program from scratch.
So here it is
5 flight modes controlled by C and E.
Motor controlled by J3 in all Flight modes except Landing.
In landing mode: Motor off, butterfly controlled by J3.
Camber controlled by Lt with adjustment from CT (can be fine tuned separately in every flight mode)

Hi Nahum,

I have downloaded your template.
But I don't understand how in LANDING mode the motor is turned off and Butterfly is linked to J3 ?
I see only one mix in your setup but I really don't understand what is it for :

So in such a mix "AUX3->AUX1" , AUX3 (J3/THROTTLE) is the "master" and in all conditions except for LANDING, if the throttle is moved, AUX1 is moved of the same amount.
But AUX1 is NULL ....

Thanks for your help,

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Jul 14, 2011, 04:01 AM
What goes around comes around.
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Anyone have a setup guide for a multi copter, trying to set up a hexakopter with the Aurora9, not sure whats what, have had the new Aurora in my hand for a few days now but its still all new to me.
Aug 20, 2011, 06:50 PM
Registered User

Trex 250, 450 Pro, 550e 3GX profiles.

Here you go my 250SE-3GX, 450 Pro 3G, 550e-3GX Aurora 9 Profiles.

All of them still have 40% Expo since I was just learning and they're all FBL so they're fast enough at 40%.
Aug 23, 2011, 02:15 AM
Rangers Lead the Way
Anyone have a basic TRex 450 (SE V2) setup they can send me so I can understand the swash servo setup, EPA, etc. on the A9, thanks. This is a plain vanilla stock TRex with HS65s on the cyclic, Futaba tail servo, and GY401. I understand the part about neg. expo vs the Spektrum way. I cannot download any of these pgm files in here, so if I can get this in plain english, that would be great, thanks. Again, this is basic stuff: what servo goes to what channel, which need to be reversed, etc., and any quirks this radio may have with the gyro, vs the DX-7. Right now, I am learning hover - I'm a loooong time away from idle-up / 3D at this point.

Also, in terms of response, I noticed with my planes that the control inputs seem more responsive with the A9 than they were with the DX-7. I had gotten to the point with the TR 450 where I was hovering with almost all expo removed. Should I put some back in initially with the A9?
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Aug 28, 2011, 01:55 PM
...just an earth bound misfit
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Phoenix Sim setup for 3D/scale (Heli or Plane)

A setup that works for scale and 3d planes and helis in the Phoenix RC flight simulator. The setup is a superset of my crusty old DX6i, so I can use either TX on Phoenix.


Controls are as follows:

LS - Flaps

SW(A) - [0] landing gear down, [1] landing gear up

SW(F) - [0] high rates, [1] low rates

SW(G) - [1] COND "HOLD" - throttle cut for autorotations

SW(E) - [0] COND "Normal" - linear throttle curve, no smoke & rate mode gyro
......... - [1] COND "SMOKE/HH" - linear throttle curve, smoke & heading hold gyro
......... - [2] COND "IDLE UP" - flat throttle curve, heading hold & smoke
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Aug 28, 2011, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Dirt-Torpedo
A setup that works for scale and 3d planes and helis in the Phoenix RC flight simulator. The setup is a superset of my crusty old DX6i, so I can use either TX on Phoenix.
Tks, added:

Aurora - Simulator function Set-up

Alan T.
Sep 10, 2011, 06:15 PM
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Below are two Hitec Aurora 9 "Set" files for Heng Long & Tamiya IR 1/16 scale RC tank

The attached file for a Hitec Aurora 9 "Set" file which enables your Tamiya Tank to perform from your A9 Transmitter.

Set A9 on MODE 2

Right Stick:

Up = tank forward
Down = tank reverse
Right = tank right turn
Left = tank left turn

Left Stick:

Right = turret traverse right
Left = turret traverse left

Half way up = cannon elevates up
Half way down = cannon lowered
All the way up = cannon fires
All the way down = machine gun fire

The attached file for a Hitec Aurora 9 "Set" file which enables your Heng Long Tank to perform from your A9 Transmitter.

Set File for Infrared Heng Long Tanks modified by

Set A9 on MODE 2
Right Stick:

Up STARTS the Motor

Up = tank forward
Down = tank reverse
Right = tank right turn
Left = tank left turn

Left Stick:

Right = turret traverse right
Left = turret traverse left

Up = cannon fire IR
Half way down = machine gun file
All the way down = cannon elevation/depression
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Sep 10, 2011, 09:58 PM
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. Links are to the post containing relevant zip file, read pertinet notes before downloading.
. Requires use of Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer to Download/Upload files.
extract ".Data Transfer to From PC or Laptop - Internet Connection Is Not Required.- Pictorial Instructions."
. Some files set mode 1<>2 may need tweeks to suit your mode.

Aircraft (Acro)
Fun Cub EP (MPX)
Stryker F29Q with Dual Rudder Airbrakes (Proportional & On/Off).
Also suitable for the MPX Twinjet, MPX Funjet, SkyArtec/HK Funjet and other Delta or Flying Wing.

Glider - Typical Set Up., no Flaps Flight Conditions
Sailplane and Motorised (EP) Sailplane Typical Set Up.
Calypso (EP with 4servo wing)
Cularis - MPX - EP Fullhouse Glider
Enigma Hotliner
HyperDX 2.2. 4 Servo wing, X tail glider.
F3F Sailplane
F3J/TD Open Class Sailplane Stratos setups
Ibis-ET 3m Glider ( Art Hobby)
MIBO e-Wasp EP Mini Hotliner.
Omega 2.5 w/flaps
Pace DSH & F4
Pike Perfect - Standard tail with Launch, Crow, and the camb/reflex settings on a switch.
Radian Pro (Parkzone)
Radian Pro - 4 Servo wing, servos rejigged for max throws.
SpeedFire F5B - 4 Servo wing V tail F5B hotliner.
Spirit Elite (Great Planes)
TM Cz Stilleto - EP Speed 400 Racer.
Tanga F3B - especially designed for the competition flying.
Vento - V-tail with Crow and camb/reflex setting on the slider
VooDoo F5D-400 - EP Speed 400 Pylon.


Dynam E-Razor CF Edition 450
Mini Titan V1
Trex 450 Sport
Trex 250, 450 Pro, 550e-3GX profiles.

RC Rock Crawler
Rock Crawler programming, Reverse and 4WS (Thread, still await a zip file)

Heng Long (modified by
Tamiya IR 1/16 scale RC tank

Kanoh's Model Sailplane Workshop
. Aurora 9X - Kanoh's Model Sailplane Workshop
Whilst not zip type templates, refer to attached photos for model types.

. Aurora 9- Kanoh's Model Sailplane Workshop
Again whilst not zip type templates, refer to attached photos for model types
including those without drawings in box below.
That page also has good review and layout of the A9 transmitter.

Aurora - Simulator function Set-up
Phoenix Sim setup for 3D/scale (Heli or Plane)


This index, linked to FAQ page, will be regularly updated.

Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers & Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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Sep 22, 2011, 01:37 AM
Ian Downunder
Ian Downunder's Avatar
Hi. Got a link to come to this thread. Hope you can help.

I have just bought an Aurora 9 with its 'user friendly' 131 pages of instructions. I fly Mode 1.

I note that despite it coming set as Mode 1, the tranny is set up as:
Ch1 Aileron J1
Ch2 Elevator J3 (not J2 as you would expect)
Ch3 Throttle J2 (not J3 as you would expect)
Ch4 Rudder J4

I figure the radios are all set to Mode 2 in the gimble region only for programming purposes. I hasten to add, everything works correctly in Mode 1 as the radio came set up.

My Problem: I want to keep my flaps on the throttle stick as was done on my previous radio but I also want to use the 3-way switch 'C' to be able to have Aileron/Flap camber. i.e. on - up camber, middle - off, on - down camber.

Let's just work on the Aileron/Flap Camber procedure first. To do this, firstly I worked out that I had to use 6 channels otherwise the Aileron/Flap feature would not show up on the menu.

As I have it now the channels are set to.
1 Aileron
2 Elevator
3 Flaps
4 Rudder
5 Aileron2
6 Flap2

Digressing slightly, I wonder what is the difference between Flap and Flap2 and the like?

Anyway I did all this (and with one flap reversed) but only the flaps work (not the ailerons as well) and I can't change the + and - on the graph to alter the degrees of camber I require.

If anyone can sort out this feature I will be forever grateful.

Also, can I still have the flaps manually operated on the throttle stick as well as having Aileron/Flap Camber on the 3 position switch 'C'?

I have my slope soarer set on ACRO as opposed to GLID. Is this correct?

Perhaps I am asking too much but I bought this radio because I was told you can do just about anything on any switch.

By the way, I can't open the zip files here either. Can you please send any info via PDF, JPEG or WORD?

Oct 15, 2011, 09:38 PM
Registered User

Help With Mini Titan setup With Aurora 9

Hi all

Here is my setup file for the Mini Titan V1 with all stock ACE Radio gear and Trex 600E Pro EFL

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Nov 10, 2011, 05:00 PM
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Are there no wizz kids on here who could write a PC app to display and edit these .set files?
I am surprised hitec have not done it as a cool looking PC program would help sell thier gear.
Nov 11, 2011, 08:57 PM
Registered User
I am thinking about it. Something like what I wrote for the 4 button 4 function chargers with a USB port.

Going to take some access to Aurora design details (not likely but we can wish) or lots of making single changes to a setup and then downloading the set and comparing data to develop a road map. Once done it should not be hard to develop the code.

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