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Dec 01, 2011, 03:45 AM
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Ekranoplan Burevestnik-24 (6 min 10 sec)

The size of the top wing – 14,5 m. Length – 14 m. Height – 4,2 m.
Design weight – 3600 kg; Take-off weight – 6500 kg;
The engine (in the given design – BMW - 2 on 450 h.p.) – any ДВС with draft of the screw on a place of 2000 kg. Number of passengers – 24. Crewmen – 2.
Speed of flight from 0 to 250 km/h.
Aerodynamic configuration of "Petrel" - полутораплан with the bottom disk-shaped wing in the plan and top rectangular with flaps and элеронами. Engines are located on the top wing between its longerons
Pushing воздушнее screws with a rejecting vector of draft are established in ring channels of considerable width which play a role of ring wings. At an inclination of a vector of draft of screws ring channels settle down under positive angles of attack.

Operation of "Petrel" is calculated on work in four modes: an aerospeedboat (a boat with the air screw), a snowmobile, flight on the screen and in a plane way can carry out. A design on 80 % from composit materials.
The car represents a product кровосмещения two kinds of flying machines …
1) экраноплан (the bottom plane-platform)
2) the plane полуторапланной schemes (with the hypertrophied bottom wing)
«The mechanical hybrid» in which – without philosophizing crafty has turned out typical, aforementioned designs are crossed. In hope of reception of NEW quality …
Abilities to fly on a plane echelon (for this purpose the top, "plane" wing also is intended)
And, at the same time – maintenance of high transport efficiency, as at экраноплана. Plus безаэродромное basing - everywhere
In «an aerodynamic result», loss on all fronts has turned out:
On «a plane mode» - the device loses to classical planes (therefore as drags enormous volume \weight absolutely useless HERE, bottom «wings-platforms экраноплана» + the integrated floats)
And on a mode of screen planning, already top wing … appears «dead cargo».
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Dec 01, 2011, 03:54 AM
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The most safe and stable экранопланами, for today:

1) there was a flying boat on air cushion UH-18SPW Hoverwing ™
Discovery Channel HD - Universal Hovercraft UH 19XRW Hoverwing™ Ground Effect Hovercraft (4 min 3 sec)

flight on height from 2 to 6 foots and short-term rise to 20 foots for overcoming of the big obstacles. Doesn't demand the license of the pilot, and 800 Engine 170лс "On a turn-key basis" $85,000.00
is registered as a boat … 6 persons (1000 kg) the Maximum speed of 75 miles / ч Weight of the empty plane
UH 19XRW Hoverwing™ Ground Effect Hovercraft, (2 min 14 sec)

2) which is some kind of "intermediate link" between СВП and the present planes on ШВП
The given device is interesting to that is made serially and is on sale officially and it супербезопасен at midget height, because of impossibility of collision with a surface, thanks to constant поддуву шассии on an air cushion and to presence of a wide wing (double stability at midget height).
3) there was device Rudi Hemona
[img] [/img]
It and a boat on an air cushion, and the plane. The designer - new Zealander Rudi Himan (Rudy Heeman) has spent 11 years for construction of this device. Elevating weight of cargo - to 160кг, differently - only two persons. The basic motor the engine from субару as volume 1.8 liters when speed reaches 97 km/hour acts, wings and a boat are put forward is ready to launch. It is not required to the license of the pilot. Lifting over a surface - to 3м. It is obvious that is used приповерхностный effect - as at экранопланов. Maksmalnaja range of flight makes 225 km.
what it means? That this companion has actually solved a problem of creation of "aerojeep" - has created "the transitive" flying machine accessible in management for each DRIVER … and thus safe enough at midget height of flight (a landing mode – with reference to the plane).
Dec 01, 2011, 04:32 AM
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Перспективное воздушное судно (6 min 55 sec)

The project «family экранолет» on 4 persons:
The problem dares:
1) safe launch
2) stable flight at low height
3) the basic flight at the big height
4) the airdrome isn't necessary
5) small cost – in comparison with usual planes
The decision on points:

1) double stability on launch = covered the screen + the chassis an air cushion (as at Hoverving)

2) stability wing BOX WING – on take off and landing

3) wing BOX WING is the advanced direction of aircraft engineering

4) from the chassis on an air cushion – the airdrome isn't necessary to planes
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Dec 01, 2011, 04:59 AM
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5) small cost = application of automobile engines

трехскционный a mistral 300лс and six-cylinder лайкомиг 260лс
лайкоминг 400лс costs 145 тыс $.
2 motors an 200kc = aviaconversion Mistral will cost 25 тыс $ = 2500 hours of the guaranteed work
Dec 01, 2011, 05:11 AM
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The industrial-design group (with experience in firm Су) intends to make again developed ЛА the raised safety
Scope - 10000 mm
Length - 8500 mm
Height of 2100 mm
The area of wings 20,85 м2
The maximum take-off weight - 1400 kg
Обьем fuel - 300 liters
The maximum speed to 500 km/h
Cruiser speed of 260 km/h
Range of flight of 1100 km
Capacity of engines - 2х200 h.p. aviaconversion Mazda RPD
Useful loading:
1) 70-110 kg the pilot
2) Luggage of 300 kg for launch with field ВПП 100м

At launch from normal airdrome (running start 1км) useful loading to 3000кг
Running start/run - 100/120 meters with useful loading 300кг and 300кг fuel
Construction cost (including all З/П, rent and transport) - 54000$ (in case of 6 monthly constructions) / 47000$ (in case of 3 monthly constructions)

The design is developed with a priority on the decision of problems:
1) small landing speed, stability to flaws at the earth
2) controllability ЛА on small landing speed
3) ability ЛА to automatic "self-stabilization" at external indignations, and piloting errors - on the most dangerous modes (take off and landing)
Dec 01, 2011, 05:28 AM
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Finns already with might and main advance the version of "rhombus" in weights

FlyNano the Finnish engineer Aki Suokas has created. It has shown this single flying machine on air show Aero Friedrichshafen. Case FlyNano is made of a carbon fibre and (attention!) all design weighs only 70 kg. The device will be accessible in three variants: the equipped 20 kw the electric motor and with internal combustion engines capacity of 24 or 35 l. With. As to the price the most expensive model of 39 thousand dollars will cost. And the first orders will already arrive to clients in a month.
Wingspan FlyNano makes five meters, and the maximum lifted weight – 200 kg. It can fly with a speed from 70 to 140 km/h, and approximate range of flight makes 70 km. The most interesting consists that to fly on FlyNano it is not necessary in general for any license – it weighs to be considered as the serious flying machine too little.
By the way, 70 km, of course, can fly by on one tank the models equipped with internal combustion engines, as to the version with the electromotor it is possible to squeeze out a maximum of it of 40 km on one gymnastics. Nevertheless, at electric FlyNano there is one important advantage: it almost silent. Delivery of all this business will cost about 900 euros. Considering that Finland absolutely near to us, I don't see the reason on which it is impossible instead of the slow car which eternally stands idle in the Moscow stoppers, to buy easy and brisk FlyNano. v=l45ANVmPQ30&feature=related
Though at this car very problem launch.
FlyNano testsite 280911 proto planing (1 min 51 sec)

Because it has no "air cushion" as Hoverving
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Dec 01, 2011, 06:07 AM
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Hi qxev!

... and what is the point?

Dec 01, 2011, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by RdsG
Hi qxev!

... and what is the point?

Sense in that for a separation of a flying boat from water - are necessary the big effort. The big peak capacity of the engine...

The device which sits down on water should be much stronger than the usual plane of the earth

But Hoverving has no such problems.
It leaves in air already at zero horizontal speed.
That is - easy running start. Also there are no blows about water at landing

Sense in that the most favourable design экранолета is the combination (a wide wing + a constant air cushion, as at boats on a pillow)
And it - is proved
Dec 01, 2011, 09:18 AM
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The second sense.

Selling Ekranoplan Wing in ground effect Flying ship (10 min 36 sec)
I know people who can construct to you improved Wing-In-Ground on 4 persons crew...

(box wing On a chassis air cushion)

For $50 000
Dec 01, 2011, 10:11 AM
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Here the DISTINCTION bright example:
1) usual экранолетов
Ekranoplan (0 min 31 sec)

Using a principle of "contact basing» (водоизмещающая a boat-case)

2) actually the same экраноплан, but on ШВП (the air cushion chassis)

Universal Hovercraft - UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ Flying Ground Effect Hovercraft (1 min 49 sec)

To whom from them to fly up easier. A question rhetorical
Planes Brunelli – with the raised durability and effect «динамичекого the screen» on landing

Besides, imagine if to create on the basis of Burnelli type of extremely short take off and landing (ESTOL) the plane on a chassis air cushion?

… that it will be - big Hoverving with wings...
Essentially losing РЭКСу - on stability on a transitive mode
Dec 01, 2011, 12:33 PM
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I have found two pics of a model of a bigger version of the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau's Bixel-like aerodinamically off-loaded ship.

It reminds me one of my unsuccessful Bixel setup. As I mentioned I wasn't satisfied with my Bixel so I experimented with it a lot. Once I removed the stabiliser and I moved the CG forward. Its sidewalls just skimmed the surface, so it couldn't really take off. Of course I put it down as an unsuccesful flight, but actually it was a great working skid stabilized WIG :P

Maybe that is could be a solution to my problems with skid stabilized WIG on land. I always put the skid far from the wing, but if I put it under the wing,(but still far enough from the cg) it will damp the influence of surface. With a small, lightly loaded skid (or hydrofoil) behind the main wings LE allows to put cg further back, which would solve my AoA problems... At least in theory...

edit: +1 photo
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Dec 01, 2011, 10:31 PM
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Cool videos
Dec 02, 2011, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by David22
Cool videos
Näköharha vaihe 3 - Ohilentelyä (3 min 32 sec)

Dec 02, 2011, 07:08 AM
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RdsG's Avatar
This last video is new to me. Thanks!

Its stabilizer looks really small. I guess its stability would be gone if the engine stops suddenly.

Dec 02, 2011, 07:40 AM
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looks like stab has neg incidence relative to wing. if engine is, and probably is, creating some nose down moment counteracted by the tail it could be set up to maintain pitch in the event of loss of engine power.

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