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Jun 11, 2010, 04:13 PM
Hooper, full throttle!
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just saying...

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Nov 08, 2010, 10:32 PM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
I'm thinking on getting back to this and pulling the trigger on everything I need within the next 48 hours. Here's is: x6 x6
x6 5,000mah 6S 25-35C packs (already have)
26x10 props

Anyways this may blow over again... just realized I'm going to need more batteries though, I forgot about 12S
Nov 08, 2010, 11:33 PM
Registered User
If it does blow and couple of feet is all the altitude you need, how about this for the next iteration?

JetLev-Flyer Water Jet Pack Facts (1 min 20 sec)
Nov 09, 2010, 03:39 AM
Will fly for food
How is this a "jet" pack?

It is a small heli, that is all.

Might be fun though. Take videos when you fly it.
Nov 09, 2010, 12:18 PM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
Yes, jet pack sounds cooler than "helicopter backpack" (the technical term according to Wikipedia )
Nov 09, 2010, 04:25 PM
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Fanman to the rescue!
Nov 13, 2010, 10:31 AM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
I ordered some aluminum tubing this week and just received the first of two packages today. Unfortunately I'm still waiting on larger pieces because ups will only ship >7' via freight. So I guess I should expect a semi truck to show up with a wood crate next week at my door

I will deliberate this weekend over power system combos. Ive spent allot of time this week and I'm frustrated at the number of out of stock products at HK, along with the tinkering required for their other motors.
Nov 14, 2010, 04:13 PM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
Below is everything in my cart at HK.

Although I've spent four figures collectively at HK, I'm a little nervous buying this much gear from a website that sucks at returns. The batteries would be easy to resell as one-time used on RCG, however the motors and props will probably sell for half. I'll expect to lose at least $500 should I need to liquidate.

I'll get on their chat and see what happens when I ask for warranties about the pile of junk parts I'm buying...
Last edited by wise guy; Dec 08, 2010 at 08:03 PM.
Nov 14, 2010, 04:28 PM
Registered User
Damn! Thats an impressive cart you have there.
Nov 14, 2010, 08:51 PM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
Just pulled the trigger. Spent a little over $2,300. I'll be contacting HK, just to make them feel happy I spent allot of money on their store...hopefully that will encourage them to use extra bubble wrap, and give me the non-defective products in their warehouse
Nov 14, 2010, 09:48 PM
Registered User
HobbyKing's prices are great, but there packing is almost useless.

Looks like they have some even bigger outrunners! But there price almost tripled over the 7000 watt outrunner.
Nov 15, 2010, 04:54 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
But then, why do helicopters use big diameter blades instead of ducted fans ?.
Because it's more efficient at low speed. Thrust is proportional to the size and speed of air through a prop, power is proportional to the size and speed squared. So if you halve the size, you have to double the speed, which quadruples the power.
That's why ducted fans would be a bad idea.

It sounds like the plan is for a big hexacopter

There are a few people building these in the VTOL forum, but no one has tried anything on this scale!
Nov 15, 2010, 05:51 PM
Wake up, feel pulse, be happy!
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Well, if the flying thing doesn't work out you are set to build one MONSTER of an electric scooter

Actually not a bad idea, really, especially after you break both your legs trying to fly You would be the fastest guy in the rehab center running a 10,000W wheelchair

Best wishes on this project, by the way. I hope to see it succeed, if almost solely for fear of what it'll look like if it fails. Not a great vote of confidence but what can ya do?

"Every man with a new idea is a crank until his idea succeeds" -- Mark Twain
Latest blog entry: Jeti ESC resto-mod
Nov 15, 2010, 06:06 PM
"Where are the shovels?"
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Thread OP
The safety factor has been bugging me...I feel like I will be a FDR for the rest of my life

The objective is to get a few feet above the ground and make some great footage/photos. Obviously I'll run up all six motors on a test stand before assembly, and I'll have at least two buddies spot me in case I go over, or if the thing goes full throttle and I fly away (wouldn't that be something) autogyrotarion with this thing, gotta keep that in mind...

I'm not sure what else I can do as far as safety, besides not build the thing
Nov 15, 2010, 06:11 PM
This Calls for a Sexy Party
StewieRC's Avatar
build some kind of safety stand out of wood ( strong one ) then hang yourself a few ft above the ground with a big rope so if your thing cut out mid flight, the rope will hold you back.
if you get way to high the rope should pull you back, give you enough time to lower the throttle.
good luck, i wish i have 1/10 of what you just order at hk

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