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Jul 02, 2010, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Prime_8
4 servos ( 3 if i get it linked rite )

motor is a 2409 12T , 24a for 60 sec but other places rate it 23 a steady with no ill effects or over heat

the cell is a 1300mah 30C ~39a DR lipo ( safe there )
and the esc is 30a continuious mag 8 (35 A burst )

yeah, i'll prolly get the watt meter any how now. looks like it's all a go

. i will order a UBEC & v tail mixer chip in a few months down the road.
I have a bec that is not in use , but i need to dig up it's info . it was on a 9.6 V rig but i think it's good to input of 24v .

depends how / what controls i add to this build.

Just wanna say big thanks to all you guys help. I would not have got back into RC flying agin without it . Now if i can keep & improve my happy flight VS forced landings ration .LOL

oh some progress pics , & a fun thing i made from build scrap ... thing is scrape plane flys wicked good . ( has me thinking 5x size build of it later ) . it hovers in to land on belly , or glides rite in nice and smooth . very fast , flys wicked good for a brain fart.
Sorry been a little busy to post lately, but i am keeping tabs on the build very closely. So far liking what i see. I hope you will make a standard set of plans out of this !!
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Jul 02, 2010, 03:37 AM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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well we have to see if it fly's LOL

i will be installin rudder(s) & elevator linkage , and doing a un-powerd chuck test .
with no equipment , all servo linkage just taped in place .
i want a airframe weight & i want a sans electronics CG & a calculated center of total surface area . i want to know the foot print it has in the air .

that wee one i did with the cheap lifting body . it hovers so well . made me think vtol candidate LOL ( few years of reasearch / trial&error more like it ) .

standard set . LOL i could prolly put measurments and patterns .
i used to make my x-plane // brain fart planes just from scrap balsa and images form popular mechanics and RCM .
some times i just have a feel or an idea that something might fly well . never know why , but some times i just look at a bit of scrap , and i can see a flying object . LOL

I can tell you i can't wait to try FPV out next year or so . I fugure i will have enough stick time again to give it a go . and a titan is a good cheap starting point .
but now i'm like .. hmm the bins are starting to get empty .. better buy a few more. .
& i need to make a longer hot wire . i want to cut out some long blue or pink foam wing cores n such .
now that servos are dead cheap , if i get a new micro sized rx and such i cam make loads of test wings on a light glider base system/fuse.

? has anyone done a twin & added a bit of yaw mixed into one of the motors ( or both )?
thinking of thrust steering , like my toy AH jet set on top of A R E setup . infact i suppose one could exclude a rudder totaly . ( well no yaw without thrust . hmm )

depending on pay today , i know what i'm ordering tonight . can't wait .
from what i have fugured my P/W ratio will be better than 1:1 . and that means i should have some good low throttel flight power. I'm not looking for speed again ... yet .

but if you ever need crazy aircraft mod ideas , that just may work... you know i will have 1 or 2 on the go. LOL
one of the guys , who has a super cub LP , (? name) , was flying in some wind i did not thing was possible & rain to boot . LOL
he said touch of fog and rain never slowed him . told me to get my glider and he would tow it if i had guts to fly it in wind.
i did one run . after almost flying into the ball catching net at the end of the end of field(about 30ft up) , i was done for the day . It was nice to get a high start . ( very high vs me chucking ) .
i had it nose heavy hoping to fight wind . and i was fast , but at ~22 oz , the wind near groud was hard on it . i could dip and drop for speed into the wind and then it was thrown back up .
normaly i would kill for that , but ... just was a funky feeling and the glider version , was losing head way , that is the wind was moving it back over towards car lot ( empty but big rough gravel ) . I try to stay up wind when i fly .
but i think i was at my limit . The wing tips flexing even though it has a spruce spar, i was almost as nose down as i have ever been to get it down , then teh wind cought it and slammed it down almost all the way , hmm. lucky , stupid but lucky.
well was fun . lost some paint from funny spot(s) under wing . ( flexing stress i think )
i will post when i get home.
( man i need a 808 cam or such )
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Jul 02, 2010, 10:42 AM
Newton and I are good friends
Vyas welcome back man...agree I think prime shud definately do templates where possible and some plans...very cool ideas he has

Prime yw man, glad i cud help some...been doin this over 40 yrs but im still learning the electric all changes when u dont have a slimer to contend with...

Im doing two titans one with a pwr house motor mounted on front and the others gonna be a edf...ive been doing detailed photos on them, so if they do work out to fly really well, ill be able to pass on what i did to all the great guys we have doin the bash...happy bashing and flyn... DJ
Jul 02, 2010, 08:42 PM
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LOL well i got a 1000mah 1cell lipo & charger fopr $10 .. but it had this attached to it ...
it was store display a kid broke thr lower rotor set screws . i'll fix em .. almost done .

i placed my order so this heli should keep me busy for a few weeks while i wait .

and again big thanks guys .
if you ever want a template for one of my crazy things let me know .

:: heli fixed and flying ...
.. nothing special just anice fly past in a slight breez with a supposedly dead heli.
Salvaged a $80 Heli from scrap pile for $10 (0 min 39 sec)

:: working out some best linkages for tail surfaces . prolly have to use some belcranks , for relyable control & lower binding chance . just using bailing wire may not be responsive enough as it can get stiff and sluggish with micro servo .

: yep gonan use plywood mini belcranks
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Jul 03, 2010, 10:05 PM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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excited .. Jeff at HU said my order left this AM , so..... in the normal world end of next week arrival depending on customs.

but as i live on the wonderful rock ( NL ) , even though we have our own international airport x2 on the island , it may be + 2 weeks .LOL

but I'm excited LOL .. & i have somethings that fly sin the back yard , to keep my stick time. Now if only i convert one of my old brushed hydros over to a 3cell Lipo and brushless. LOL then i will have land sea & air back working.
. I may just use the brushed motor again .

If any of you guys are into coding & game making or scifi
my site . I have not fixed it up in a bit but my gallery has a small bit of my current 3d projects .

I think these new brushless power and low weight , will let me make some of my 3d space ships actually fly .
I would die to see one of my cruisers lift of as the body of a Chinook , or simply as a lift body.
but i still see so much more get out of the titan frame . toys R us had them on for $10. and all the small air hogs stuff 25% off for Canada day to 4th sales. I'm prolly most lucky my wife thinks its all cool . especially if i can make her a flying heli kitty ? LOL

any how , tonight i will be working on a hat mount for may cam . and remembering to select "fine" mode on cam's video . LOL

thanks all.

Man i have to say i think SNice should pop off some placement and cut dimensions for his fun jet conversion . That thing is sick .

:: slimer memories. i was going through my nuts & bolts box and such my fingers in a batch of hex bolts , all coverd in that sticky wax like stuff that builds up on real old nitro parts. i could smell it . On the bright side the caster oil part kept the engine mount bolts from any corrosion.
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Jul 04, 2010, 04:17 PM
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new jet

I really wanna see the twin boom pusher. I took a few steps back from the titan for a while because i was really interested in the Raptor f22 foamy scratch build i seen at So i bought some pink fan fold foam and made this.... heres some videos flying. motor id a 2409 12t on a 4" prop and its beautiful, loops, verticle, high alpha.... on 2 servos, 2 gyros...and the standard.

In this videos i didnt cross the 50% trottle because i was just checking this thing.
Fan Fold F22 raptor flight running on 2909-12T 3 cell (0 min 35 sec)

F22 CObra touch n go.AVI (0 min 11 sec)
Jul 04, 2010, 04:52 PM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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dude wicked. ( do you have a thread for it ? )

I have same motor coming , but 7 and 8 inch props. LOL
? what is fan fold foam ?
:: it just floats man . nice .

: i wanna' see close-ups . post link to your shots LOL

i printed F22 plans in mini , I'll make a mini from foam plate ( 1.5 mm depron like foam ) . LOL
if i only i had some good tri views of paint , i could print a skin too.


after taking a nite to watch FPV vids , and looking at the 1g cam kit , I can't believe how far it has all come and for the low $$ involved to have some nice results.

I hope my booms version is ok , else it will get converted to park jet LOL.

else i may convert it to inverted V tail . they can work real good , and make actual good use of prop wash .

Happy 4th , for all my friends down south of the border & every where . We had our Canada day on 1st , but i have so many American friends , it's like extra party for me.
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Jul 04, 2010, 10:48 PM
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Hey Prime, nope i dont have a thread for it. I am a mechanical engineer, i just get some coffee, open some books and go at it all night and have it ready by the morning. I cant do the take pictures and follow up stuff. This plane few great, more like better than i ever expected. But i was glitchy with the controls, once i set the gyros in and got used to it...look at this
scratch built raptor F22 (1 min 5 sec)

I built it from the foam insulation sheets available in home depot, 40 bucks for 50' x 4' and its enough to build like 7-8 planes out of. THe 2409-12T is great. Now that i used the throttle upto 70% this is what i flew it like.

nice.AVI (0 min 38 sec)

Happy fourth.
Jul 05, 2010, 12:06 AM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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again nice man .
LOl , fan fold foam . hmm, wonder if my home depot has it .
is it actualy folded, and look & feel like meat tray foam ? . if so i know the stuff.
used to insulated crawl spaces n such , but it's allready shaped and "folded" so i passed it up . LOL

hmm . i do love working with foam over balsa alone . i have enough ply wood n balsa now for many projects , and it was all scraps from old built up projects . LOL

never mind FFF, lol fell out of my chair. laughing at my self .
( ps i was thinking it was that pink depron like stuf fthey form into sheets for crawl spaces )

oh my .. i use it in .5 inch , pink for my taill booms. LOL
i have never found it thinner than .5 inch . not yet any how . .25 would be d'a bomb for me . LOL
i wish depron was in HH as a underlay sheet . LOL

HMM after reading thepink foam 200, i got should have been 300 . (was on shelf rite next to it )
the 300 is a higher density ( heavier ) , thought the 200 , is strong / very strong for bits under 8 inches , like stabs and ruders , it's lower density , is what makes it flex as it does.
the 300 version has way less flex . and if you can find the under foundation & roa& runway versions , with density # in 1000-5000's well they are almost hard like good grade balsa .
i bet laminated , they would make good foam cores for real ulatralite aricraft .
but some FFF , would be nice in the 300 - 400 density range .
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Jul 05, 2010, 09:23 AM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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ok in pic you can see how i plan to use "belcranks" . now only thing is there is a dowel in the hinge point, and it is not just one solid bit of ply'.
i was more worried about bottom of teh wing than how it was on top . so one of teh dowel pathes is off a bit ... but in a way it will allow servos to mount offset just enough for tehm to use less room. LOL

there is air flow from nose to motor mount . so i can put ESC and all inside and not worry about lack of cooling .

It is very solid wing section . I dropped it and it was just fine .
teh taill boms are extra stiff with aft plane glued in place.
I may still add to teh elevator , but if i link canards , i may not need it.

if/ when i put in ailerons they will be very close to how these went in .

I keep thinking tha inner wing TE segement would hold / be a good flap / spoiler.
Jul 05, 2010, 02:58 PM
Flying high
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Hey guys! Just got back in town and it looks like I'm a bit behind!

Well, I got out for a few minutes yesterday at least. I took the stock frame with the RET and gave it a larger motor. The 10 gram motor really wasn't much fun, but it flies much better now. the main thing I wanted to get out of this is whether I would have any bad tendencies from the top mounted motor. I mounted it with a bit of downthrust and I flew really well even at higher throttle. I think I will go with the top mounted motor for a version with tricycle landing gear and possibly one to fly my camera with. Anyway, my friend got a video of it. Now to decide what to do next.

Stock Titan With 24 gram outrunner (3 min 0 sec)
Jul 05, 2010, 06:34 PM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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nice man . and that is with just tailerons / elevrons . nice.

i woudl be happy if i could make eithe rof my planes fly like that .
LOl my smallest prop is 7 inch , so that a tall motor boom , if i do that on my glider .
( still may)

and the boom one may be best , but it is 100% experimental . LOL ( could be a flying potatoe . )
need to glide test it . ( if wind dies down )

-hope all had a good 4th.

:: see funny test chuck pic
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Jul 06, 2010, 07:23 AM
Lawn dart pilot/builder
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ok a more serious post .
1 chuck test revield that canards are not needed & even hazardous.
- crash & did damage as they cause a stall , even with a bit of down , they will either cause hard nose down , or a bad stall .
it's mostly because they are not a a symetrical areofoil .
any how canards are gone .

2 found it flys well without canards , as good or better than org body did un-mod.
except now it stays very level , and without canards , it hovers rite in.
- now i could still cut carads (small ones) from the old tail surface , and i prolly will , after i get it flying without them first .

just too-much going on to isolate trim issues , with them.

but even with broken rudders , it flew nice (touch nose heavy LOL )

included a blank fuse image in case you guys want to draw any ideas , use as you need.

glid test with fixed rudders shows they are very effective with minimal throw . just a whole load of surface area on them. as long as there remains enough dihedral , i may skip ailerons for now .
new link rod works well.

the elevator controll surface , works good even at slow chuck speeds , so i may not need to extend it .

0 i wish i had foam wheels , i have dubro rubber wheels from my old nitro planes 3inch & 2 inch & 1in rubber and a few tail wheels .
i may salvage them just for heavygear test flight .. LOL

i found this config is very hard to hand launch / chuck . kept hitting hand on tail plane (inverted V woudl solve that , but then your hand would hit prop )
see motor mount/ pod idea pic.
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Jul 06, 2010, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Prime_8
see motor mount/ pod idea pic.
Whats the need for so much open space / air flow in the pic? Just concerned thats going to weaken the frame.
Jul 06, 2010, 12:10 PM
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Prime, Enough is enough! I need to see that thing in the air already! lol...cant wait cause if its a success, i wanna make one like it for my camera FPV. When are your motors and all coming in? going with the same 2409-12T like you mentioned?

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