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Jun 10, 2003, 06:20 AM
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Got my Hangover yesterday, and all I can say is..

” How in the world do you make any money” off this kit! Not that I want the price to be higher or anything or would be willing to pay 20 more dollars for the kit, (after seeing what was included maybe I would) but when I opened the box and saw aaaalllll those sheets of balsa, the huge piece of ply, the gosh darn micro connectors (FOR BOTH ENDS!!!) , the heavy gear wire along with push rods and the tubes, detailed instructions with lots of great photos, VELCRO!!! , and gosh darn rubber bands!!!! I really had to wonder.

I was putting the finishing touches on the 3DX and spent 23 bucks for just about all that stuff and a prop. My scratch build Dandyback (named by drivie) has about 10 bucks in wood alone.

All I can say is, thanks for producing what seems to be a high quality kit at a very good price. Talk about value and a happy customer. The build is going to take me some time because I don’t have any gear to install, but I should have it framed up by the weekend. If anyone is worried about spending $45.00 on this model should feel like there buying stock material off the shelf from there LHS.

The micro connectors really throw me back, and I almost forgot, the cowl... and SERVO SCREWS??? I really needed some more of them… LOL..

Thanks again

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