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May 14, 2010, 01:56 PM
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STM8s Quad-copter "Quad-radic"

Hey Folks,

New guy to Quad-copters and anything flying realy, after getting an idea from a co-worker and coming across this extensive collection of Quad-copter and Tricopter builds I decided to make one, 1st it was gonna be the basic all hobby parts, but that same co-worker talked me into using Accelerometers and a gyro, at any rate down to the info.

Component list:

Controler: Turnigy 9x with LED backlight mod (more o nthat later if anyone is interested)

TX: Coronna CT8J DHSS or FHSS? V2

RX: Corona came with the tx

COntrol Board: STM8s DIscovery with Custom Made breakoutboard

Stabilizers: Sparkfun 6DOF Mainboard (1x 3-axis accelerometer, single axis yaw gyro)

ESC's: Turnigy 40A (Wanted to have some head room incase I needed bigger motors)

Motors: HK Hacker style 2020L

Power: Flightmax 5000mAH 3s

BEC: Turnigy 5A 40V 5-6v out

Lipo-alarm Novak smartstop 3s

Test chasis so far is 1/4" thick 600mmX600mm ( I originally said 200x200, its actually 600mmX600mm ( 24inch wing span))

Props: GWS 3-blade 9.5x4.5 (something like that)

So far I have gotten it to lift off and be rather stable but I have to give it constant commands since I have the stabilization code disabled because I can't get it to work just yet, I'll include a video after I shorten it but until then some pics of the progress, also the final design will use aluminum tail boons and carbonfiber main decks.

Side shot of the test rig.

Close up shot of the breakoutboard BEC, Lipo-alarm, and RX.

The Turnigy Control before the mod.

The control after teh mod.

And a close up of the screen wit hthe backlight on.

EDIT: Also if any of the arduino\pic\basic stamp guys read this mind giving some helpful hints on how to at minumum get the yaw gyro to stabilize the rudder?
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May 14, 2010, 02:51 PM
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You have bare wires all over and two serverely beat up 5Ah lipos, you're playing with fire!!!
May 15, 2010, 01:13 AM
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The lipos aren't that beaten up the shrink wrap on the ends are just cracking apart, the white tape on the one was just for my reference with my lipos I had 4 and I wanted to keep track of which pair of batteries I was using one of the cells died in the other white tape battery, and yes the wiring is a bit atrocious I should have it fixed plus strengthening my frame for more testing.
May 15, 2010, 05:05 AM
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Please be careful.

And keep us posted on a great looking project.
May 17, 2010, 04:09 AM
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As promised heres the trimmed video I cut it down from 20min to roughly 2mins considering most of its get an inch off the ground and have it careen to end of the limited flying space I had, so I'd have to stop and recenter in the middle of the room to try again. Also as of this video I have since changed the mixing portion of the code since it was very difficult to control, plus I had the stabilization code disabled because it's not incorporated correctly and the code is wrong also.

Quadcopter Flight Test 1.wmv (2 min 52 sec)

Also since I don't feel like possibly getting into trouble for double posting.

Next up I decided to just dive in and make my carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, with the driver board installed, also because I was thinking that since the plexiglass flexes considerably on take off the it was causing the quad to have slightly hard controls.

And of course On request or plea from bas10an I trimmed up the wires and connections also made a slightly more secure battery compartment for the lipo I still need to add some foam padding for the battery tho I'll do that after these uploads .

Also heres the pics of the finished chassis with motors and all electronics mounted The motor mounts were originally gonna be carbon fiber also but the CF I was using didn't like the way I was drilling the wholes and split in two pieces so I decided to use my already drilled out plexiglass ends and make a few more since I need 2 pieces per motor.

Last but not least a video of the quadcopter with the new chassis and the revised mixing code still no stabilization code yet and I need to make some wider landing gear for it since it wobbles.

Quadcopter test flight 2 (3 min 53 sec)

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