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May 10, 2010, 08:33 AM
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Largest Fixed Pitch Electric Heli

I own the Blade MSR and the Blade SR. I love my fixed pitch MSR but I have a lot of trouble with the SR.

What is the largest fixed pitch heli available that flys as well as the Msr?
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May 10, 2010, 09:11 AM
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The Hirobo SRB Quark flies better than the MSR. However, it's not that big (about 15") and pretty expensive ($300). It's the best performing FP heli you can buy; it just doesn't handle much wind. It's also very durable and reliable. The MSR and Quark are the only helis made with 45 degree offset heads. This adds tremendous stability and smooth, fast response. Check this out:
Hirobo SRB Quark Outdoor Antics (5 min 22 sec)

There is a very large FP heli that many people enjoy flying, the LM Corona. It's no longer being made, but new version called the Multiplex funcopter is due out any time now; in fact it's overdue. It's not as easy to fly as an MSR, but it's size and head design provide good stability, decent response and excellent performance. The complete price, with radio, batteries and a charger, should be about $600. See it here:
Multiplex Funcopter (2 min 29 sec)

These next 3 helis are the same size as your Blade SR:

A third possibility is the Walkera UFly S. It has a 3 axis gyro that greatly improves stability. However, it's head design yields mushy and slow response, so it's something of a mixed bag. Walkera helis also have high maintenance and upgrade requirements, kind of like your SR.

The last possibility is the ESky HBFP V2. It not easy to fly. It's not stable. It won't handle much wind. But, it is very cheap, very durable and you will learn a lot without spending a fortune and countless hours making repairs.

As an alternate to the FP helis, ESky will be releasing a flybarless HBCT heli, with a 3 rotor head and 3 axis gyro soon. On paper, this looks like a real winner. It should provide very smooth and granular response with excellent stability.
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May 10, 2010, 02:55 PM
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The Walkera Ufly is probably the biggest fixed pitch heli and it looks to be pretty stable with a three way gyro stablization system built in.

I think at the moment that the Nine Eagles Free Spirit is a fiarly large one too. But I can't tell you how well it flies yet.
But it is inexpensive and they have parts for them too.

A long time ago there used to be several large fixed pitch heli's. there used to be the Cricket heli a long time ago. I had a .40 size engine powered one from Hobby Lobby when they used to sell them years ago (circa 1986). I had a Fox 45 engne in it. LMH Lite Machines had some fixed pitch heli's I still have one of their early model LMH 100 Cox .049 powered versions from many years ago. But they may be out of the heli-business now and doing government work instead. But the LMH110 and LMH120 looked to be fixed pitch still. Hard to tell from the pics I saw of the electric one. I did buy some parts from them for my LMH example last year though.

Oh yeah Kyosho had a cool two channel version they sold a long time ago. I still have one and some parts for it. I added a throttle to mine instead of the stiff wire pendulum power switch. You had forward and back and left and right for the controls. It used a 90 degree swashplate if I remember right.
I have thought about doing a larger one using 400 size components but finding a swashplate/rotorhead assembly or parts for just using two channels is tricky. So I have been contemplating maybe just somehow using CCCP without using pitch and lock the pitch adjustment in place or something. But those two channel helis are great fun, albeit the landings can be tricky.
So if someone has some ideas on doing up a two channel setup for the rotorhead, I am listening or reading so to speak.
Hummm, the Walkera UFly is fixed pitch, I might have to price out the rotorhead assembly and stuff and see if it is feasable or not.
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May 11, 2010, 04:00 PM
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You may want to check out this link:

I don't owned this heli, but own two other Walkera helis and two of their 2801 radios and really like the product and support. Also, replacement parts are reasonably priced.

Walkera is also coming out with a more stable version of the 180D called the 180Z. Both are large fixed-pitch helis.
May 11, 2010, 04:33 PM
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The Walkera CB180 is considerably tamer than the MSR. It flies like a coax. An MSR has far more movement authority and much faster response.
May 12, 2010, 01:34 AM
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as a point of interest, a large fixed pitch was made by Walkera (and others) called the Dragonfly 4. it has a rotor span of 510mm and is 470mm long.
it is a 4 channel also. I have one which I bought as a base kit (no electronics) and still have not done anything with it, but there are a lot of threads on this and other forums about it.
probably be difficult to find them new anymore, although skyartec make a slightly smaller version of it called the wasp v1, with a 410mm rotor span, the mechanics look identical.

just an update....
I found that the Dragonfly 4 is still being made by yet another company, it's called the Dynam Phoenix FP.
also now has a 2.4ghz tx with it and is an accurate clone of the DF4.
of course, it depends whether you are actually interested in a heli of this type, it still comes with crappy brushed motors front and back, upgrading to brushless is really not worth the extra expense and all the headaches on this heli (i.m.o)
the new Walkera CB180Z, due out anytime, uses a single brushless and shaft driven tail combined with a 3-axis gyro system which can be enabled/disabled with the flick of a switch to provide added stability for nervous learners or windy days.
I have the CB180Q which is ok but this 180Z should hopefully solve all the shortcomings of the 180Q/180D.
after doing some more research, it seems the Walkera UFly or UFlyS models are the pick of the large fixed pitch at this point, 520mm rotor span, shaft driven tail (the only walkera release I've seen with tail rotor on left side).
hope some of this info is useful.
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