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May 09, 2010, 02:13 AM
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P-51D: The DSR2-46T Titan Electronic Retracts

The DSR2-46T Titan Electronic Retracts, The Global VQ P-51 oleo struts, and The Robart 2 3/4" Goodyear diamond tread 8-spoked tires & wheels!

I already had 2 sets of the EPF DSR2-46T Titan metal gear Tricycle E-Tracts before I ever ordered the P-51. I was elated when I started the build and found that the DSR's would work out perfect with this plane! In actuality the hardest part about installing these retracts was building the re-enforced bases covered earlier in the Blog. Once they were all mounted, it was just a matter of running the wires to the controller, plugged the battery in, flipped the switch, and watched them cycle up and down! I didn't have to wire in a speed reducer, spend extra money trying to find a servo that had enough torque to run the Global VQ P-51 oleo struts, set servo throws and end points, install magnets and on & on.....! The weight is comparable to the stock retracts when you figure in the additional servo and linkage. On top of that, I'll prefer metal over plastic anytime! I figure, if and when that "bad landing" ever occurs, all I'll have to replace (if it breaks at all) will be the stainless steel strut leg!

What I will cover here is how I adapted the DSR's to both the stock struts, and later to the VQ oleo Struts.

The DSR-46C controller requires at least a 4.7v input to run the 3 retracts. The EPF schematic shows the need for an extra 6v battery, but all I did was run a lead off the BEC/RX input (See Electronics post) and that solved the need for any extra batteries. As you can see in the attached videos, the DSR's tuck those VQ's in the wheel bays nice and secure at a scale speed! I might add here....to date they have cycled up & down at least a 100 times, and still perform flawlessly!
NOTE: I replaced the springs in the VQ struts with these: Servalite (ACE Hdw./Lowe's/Home Depot etc.) #24u 2 1/4"L x 7/32" Dia. .030ga
Tom Hunt used these springs in his struts: Steel Compression Spring Znc-Pltd Spring-Tempered, 2-1/2" L, 1/4" OD,.029" Wire

UP-DATE 5/26/2010: The New DSR-46 Aluminum side plates & Hardening Steel legs! I've also included EPF pics illustrating the progression of the DSR-46's from conception to date!

UP-DATE 6/05/2010: Upgrade build of the DSR-46 retracts to the new Aluminum side plates & "Hardening Steel" 5.5mm legs....With video!

UP-DATE 11/30/2010: I have the Robart 2 3/4" Goodyear diamond thread tires with the scale 8-Spoked wheels installed on the 'Stang now!

UP-DATE 1/12/2011: I've up-loaded some additional pics of the brackets I made for the VQ struts to wheel cover/skirts.

P-51 Mustang Retracts (2 min 49 sec)

P-51 Mustang_BenchTest (2 min 43 sec)

VQ oleo Struts_P-51 Mustang (1 min 1 sec)

DSR-46 Upgrade.m4v (1 min 46 sec)

Here is a list of the EPF part #'s for the Titan replacement parts:

DSR-46 Titan Tricycle Retract Replacement Parts Up-Grade:

(1) R46304 DSR-NR46 Steerable Metal Leg        
(2) R46305 DSR-R46/L46 Metal Leg                      
(2) R46314 DSR-NR46/R46 Metal Plate                        
(1) R46315 DSR-L46 Metal Plate                    

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