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Sep 27, 2001, 08:45 PM
Registered User

E-Plane, First flight(s) & First crash

Got the adrenalin going with this most exciting plane. Flew at lunch with Mitch & damaged the ESC, went home & fixed it to try again in the failing light of evening. Flew great for about two minutes, racing along doing loops and rolls with ease defying the wind. Then lost orientation while 100' above concrete and ... well, you know the rest!

It a jkaerotech foamie, so the only damage was the motor/esc/prop/spinner combination, and a little bit of pink foam. Strange, why I am feeling lightheaded?

It came in alittle heavy at 24 oz. (Long can 400, MAS 5.5 X 4.5, 8 X 600AE) but climbs at 45 degrees. Gonna fix it and try again, reducing throws to 30% (was just 60%). This plane is awesome - I'll get there yet...

This time , I remembered to take pictures before the first flight.

Hey, thanks Mitch, Sal & Hoppy for all the useful tips!
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Sep 27, 2001, 09:16 PM
I ain't got it!!!
Nice job on the E Plane! I hope you are able to get it flying straight and true.

I drove my JK Aerotech P-51 into the ground yesterday and actually broke the fuselage in half. I didn't find the damage until today (I broke it yesterday). It was an impressive hit though, and the fuse broke under the canopy (where I had cut it) and above the wing, so keep an eye on that area.

Do you get to fly with Sal at lunch?

Adam "Flying Low" Lough
Sep 27, 2001, 09:29 PM
Giddy up!
Sal C's Avatar

Nice job on the E-Plane (the looks not the crash ).

I was out at about 3:45 but then had to rush home because the wife had an emergency with her dad. Never did get to try the Extra, I have a CG problem. I have to make up some special packs (configuration) to get it balance correctly. Hope to try tomorrow, I may take the afternoon off.

Repair that thing & I'll see you out there, good luck!
Sep 27, 2001, 10:47 PM
Mitch G's Avatar

Re: E-Plane, First flight(s) & First crash

Originally posted by rkrishnan
Flew at lunch with Mitch & damaged the ESC, ....
Hehe, you make it sound like it was my fault .

I'm happy to hear you had a good flight this evening.

See you out there soon,

Sep 28, 2001, 02:34 AM
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Tsk... TSk... Further post mortem reveals good news and bad news - the ESC is fine tho the motor is shot. The bad news is that the wing cracked close to the fuse on one side. This is to be expected considering the extreme lack of consideration concrete shows to other materials. The CF spars & strapping tape held it quite well so I did not notice it. Spent a few hours patching it up with two additional chopstick spars and good old Probond. Leaving it to dry overnight. I think this wing will be good for a few more flights yet. I may also brace up the fuse a bit near the wing root.

Yeah, Adam, I try to fly with Sal and/or mitch but we can seldom sync up due to various commitments.

E-zone is great therapy for a guy like me, whose building : flying : repair ratio is about 100:1:200

Thanks for the compliments guys.

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