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Apr 28, 2010, 06:25 PM
crashology student
Happy- our posts overlapped ... I just finished uploading the changes that you first had ... do they stay in as well as the 2 changes in your 6:10pm edit?

With you original changes + second change to one tab and a change to the 2_6 tab: still no solid blue and in HyTerm (after I realized it also needed changing to 9600) I saw the familiar scrolling data and with servo tester at 3-4 saw "###STABILIZE" and "###MANUAL" etc but no "no GPS for 20s"?
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Apr 28, 2010, 07:59 PM
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rshep, did you make both changes and hit save on each tab? The Arduino Editor is very goofy. It should save all tabs when you hit the compile button IMHO.

If you're no longer getting the "no GPS for 20s" then the GPS is sending something. How long do you wait? It might take 3 minutes to get a lock (or longer if ever indoors).

EDIT: upon further review, the no GPS message means nothing came in on the serial port. It could all be jibberish (wrong baud) and it won't display the message. I think we need a message saying we're getting messages, but no lock yet...
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Apr 28, 2010, 08:13 PM
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chaosMurphy's Avatar
What is the purpose of the servo tester?
In lieu of servo tester can I provide receiver output from CH 6 flap knob?

Apr 28, 2010, 08:24 PM
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Look for these lines around line 211 in the GPS_NMEA tab
if(GPS_fix >= 1){
     GPS_fix = VALID_GPS;
     print_telemetry = true;
     Serial.println("no lock on GPS"); //ADD THIS LINE
     GPS_fix = BAD_GPS;
If you can see the words "no lock on GPS" in the Hyperterm then it's getting valid data from the GPS, only you don't have a lock yet. If you don't see that then the stuff coming in on the serial port is garbage (wrong baud rate). If you see the message "no GPS, last 20s" then nothing's coming in on the serial port.

chaos, yes you can use your RX is you want. The servo tester just saves you from having to fire up all of your radio equipment.
Apr 28, 2010, 08:24 PM
crashology student
Happy - yes I did save the edits (and uploaded them) and now just verified the edits were in the pde files.
The scrolled messages were about ardu - I saw a version verification as I played with the servo tester dial and there were the RLL etc on most of the lines. There was no gibberish (once I realized I needed 9600 in Hyper Terminal. I did solder on the 4 GPS pins but it is hard to not solder them in correctly. Is there any pin continuity I can prove to know each of the 4 pins is NOT the problem?
I had waited more than 15 minutes to get GPS lock ... to no avail ...

I just did the above edit change - save - upload - reset - run and use HypTerm and at 3:32 later SOLID BLUE LED LOCK. Something that we will never know is if moving my wireless router 2' (instead of 10" away from the GPS about 45s before getting a lock) had anything to do with getting the lock!

Success Happy - at least for Step 1 ...
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Apr 28, 2010, 08:54 PM
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Wow, that's a strange one! Well, at least it's working now! I'm still working on an oddity with Step 3.... and the ArduIMU in binary mode.
Apr 29, 2010, 10:19 AM
crashology student
Happy ... moved the wireless router back to the GPS and tests showed it has no affect on the GPS locking. So my finally getting a lock was a result of your code changes - only.

Good luck on #3 ...
Apr 29, 2010, 11:38 AM
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Thanks. The issue I'm fighting right now is the parsing speed for NMEA. In a 5 second window, the ArduIMU will parse 11-14 uBlox messages. In the same 5 second window it will only parse 2-4 NMEA messages. This could be really problematic for getting this system to work with a NMEA GPS!!!!

Time to re-write the NMEA parsing routine!!!
Apr 29, 2010, 12:44 PM
crashology student
Excuse my possible ignorance but is Sirf binary talk the same as that of the uBlox? I seem to remember, when bench testing the IR sensors with the ardu that my EM406A had both NMEA and binary sentencing ...
Apr 29, 2010, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by rshep
Excuse my possible ignorance but is Sirf binary talk the same as that of the uBlox? I seem to remember, when bench testing the IR sensors with the ardu that my EM406A had both NMEA and binary sentencing ...
No, Sirf is it's own thing. There are 3 protocols supported in the ArduIMU and ArduPilot, EM406 (Sirf), uBlox and NMEA, however, uBlox is the only one they test and really support.

I'm hoping to post Step #3 tonight. I still have some stuff to add to the ArduIMU test app and I still have plans to try and re-write the NMEA code to get better than 1 message every 2 seconds.... but that's going to have to wait.

Apr 29, 2010, 03:17 PM
crashology student
It's looking good Happy, but at my 9600 Baud that means 1 message every 8 seconds and some of my flights don't last that long ...

I really do hope you find a way to speed up the data translation.
Apr 29, 2010, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by rshep
It's looking good Happy, but at my 9600 Baud that means 1 message every 8 seconds and some of my flights don't last that long ...

I really do hope you find a way to speed up the data translation.
I believe I have a fix for your 9600 baud issue. With Step #3 (working on posting it now), you can set the speed to 38400 (or any other baud you want)
Apr 29, 2010, 10:54 PM
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hightechelec's Avatar

Very kewl!

I'm working on a similar project to control via internet wireless broadband (cellphone network) using a Acer Revo Atom 330 'puter/Verizon Wireless Broadband USB dongle, and ServoCommander software controlling a Servo16 microcontroller- sending data from my 'puter 3D joystick to the remote- and receiving 2 video streams back (using SKYPE and Yahoo! MyVideo concurrently)- 1 cam for piloting, 1 cam on a PTZ mount (640X480 w/50X optical zoom). Observation Cam weighs 12 oz- other cam weighs 2 oz(Hercules Optical Glass).-whole setup weighs less than 3 lbs. Lotsa extra bandwidth for both RX and TX- (there's a 'puter right in the plane for additional serial).

I was hoping to apply negative feedback to the 3 axis, using input from digital tilt-chips-and attempt a fly-by-wire setup (in tandem with an onboard GPS) sending data to the host-(to set waypoints), manipulate the data- and send data to the remote w/servos- and keep an eye on speed, altitude...whatever. Fly-by-wire. I'm thinking of stuffing it all in a TeleMaster 12'. Money. More money. I need the $1600 to get the ARF....workin' on it!

Here's what I got sofar:
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Apr 30, 2010, 01:04 AM
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Wow, nice! My senior design project in college controlled 2 stepper motors and some LCD displays across the internet. I used ActiveX controls loaded in a webpage and could have up to 10 clients connected at a time. No real-time video... but it sure was a learning experience. I wrote all the stepper control stuff in assembler as well as the serial interface and some of my more "fancy" functions on the LCD display.

Have you done any range testing with your wireless broadband connection? You might also want to try rotating things because you might find that polarity is a problem... just a suggestion. I know there have been some college UAV teams that have made use of broadband routers to transmit data so it's definitely possible.

PS, steps #3 and #4 are ready to go for those of you following this thread....
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Apr 30, 2010, 06:58 PM
crashology student
Happy - re Step5 and "This step is also going to require a couple 'custom' wiring harnesses.... which is always fun." ... since purchasing the Hansen crimper and a variety of connector parts I have been eager to make new and different "custom cables" that fit my own setup requirements.
Besides it will give me something to do while awaiting delivery of the DIY Drones order. (PS: order took 10 days to Canada - not a bad timing ... )
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